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BEDFORD rn| | F r Tl nM 

Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Comet 
John Page in 1737 by King George II of 
England, was carried by his son, Nathaniel 
who fought with the Bedford Minutemen at 
the Battle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 






Juan Armengol 

Savannah Armstrong 


"There is something beautiful in all 
of our imperfections" 
~ Crazy/ beautiful 

"...we have to. .succumb to., the 
feelings we can never face" 

" Spread love, Kill hate." -Me 

Alexia Arocha 


"Everything is relevant... I want to 
become a ballet dancer." - Darryl 
"Omg! I have to tell you something... 
but I forget." - Mandy 
"Wait, wait, who am I?!... Be 
rational..." - Gorski 
"We may change our path, choose 
our future, but our beginnings stay 
with us forever." - Anonymous 
"What we do in life echoes in 
eternity." - Gladiator 
"And how can I stand here with you 
and not be moved by you?"-Lifehouse 

Meagan Asp 


"How awkward!" -The gang 

"We will be friends until forever, just 

you wait and see." - Pooh Bear 

"You are the wind beneath my 

wings" - Bette Midler 

"Keep it together 
Can we keep it together 
We're singing a new song now 
And everything starts today" 
- Guster 

No Photo 

Sheldon Ayala 

No Photo 

William Ayers 

James Babcock 

Amanda Baggett 


"Look around and chose your own 

For long you live and high you fly 
And smiles you'll give and tears 

you'll cry 
And all you touch and all you see 
Is all your life will ever be." 
-Pink Floyd 



Ricky Barbato 


Abigail Belknap 
Jonathan Beckley ABBY ABS ABSTER 

Britta Bell 

"I'm stunned by your keen grasp of 
the obvious." -Mr. Venkatesh 

"Ease your mind, have a banana 
or two." -Dispatch 

"To live will be a great 
adventure." -Hook 

Amanda Besselman 

"Though nothing can bring back the 

Of splendor in the grass, 
of glory in the flower; 
We will grieve not, rather find 
Strength in what remains behind" 
- William Wordsworth 

"She's probably picturing everyone 
as a piece of food!" - Meg 

Diana Bickford 


"One shoe can change your life 
And "If you keep on believing, the 
dreams that you wish will come 
true. "-Cinderella 

"The best and most beautiful things in 
this world can neither be seen nor 
touched, but can be felt with the 

"We all take different paths in life, but 

no matter where we go, we take a 
little piece of each other everywhere." 
"Life is not measured by the number 
of breaths we take, but by the number 
of moments that take our breath 

Alexia Bililies 

Never doubt a Harris 1 " 
- Meg 

"The choices we make dictate the 
life we lead." 
- Renaissance Man 

"Everything happens for a reason" 

Harley Blumenfeld 




Christine Boynton 

Erika Briere 

Alex, that's tentacles. TENtacles. 
You don't get Zach Quality with 
Imitation Harley. 
Can I ride your rack? 
No, they said a little crack won't hurt 

Sometimes a missile is just a 

The secret word is "banana". 

Sarah Brun 


"We all take different paths in life, 
but no matter where we go, we take 
a little of each other everywhere." 
— Tim McGraw 

"Laughter is an instant vacation." 
— Milton Berle 

"Open the gates and seize the day!" 
— Newsies 


Tara Busa 

Michael Buttrick 

"In three words I can sum up 
everything I've learned about life: it 
goes on." -Robert Frost 

"I feel I should drop my pants to 
break this awkward silence. "-Matt 

"Sleep is for the weak." -Jamie 
"Hey Mike, your E-brake's on." -Pat 

"Back-right!!" -Eric 
"You won't do it." -Joe 

Danielle Carey 


Shoot for the moon. If you miss, at 

least you will land amongst the 
stars. We have to succomb to the 
feelings we can never face. 

I love you not only for what you 
have made of yourself, but for what 
you are making of me. 
(Roy Croft) 




William Casey 

Laura Cederberg 
Anastasia Ryan Chan Moy 

Chambers Maher 

No Photo 

Mingli Chang 


"A work is never finished, but rather 

it reaches the limit of its own 
possibilities. "-Antonio Lopez Garcia 

Dude, is that your Journey Project? 
-Various art class people :P 

"Oh my GOD! He just flashed me 
with a Kermit doll !!" -anonymous 

Sonia Chheda 

Ruth Cook 


"What flavor hush puppies do you 

like?" -Amanda 
"Never waste an opportunity to tell 
someone you love them." 
-H. Brown 
"Learn from yesterday, live for 
today, hope for tomorrow." 
- Anonymous 
"The doors we open and close each 
day decide the lives we live." - 


Jason Coombs 


"If you don't know what you want, 
you end up with a lot you don't" 
- Fight Club 

"All morons hate it when you call 
them a moron" - Holden Caulfield. 

"I'm a firm believer in the philosophy 
of a ruling class, especially since I 
rule" - Randal Graves 

"We accept the love we think we 
deserve" - Bill 

"If you don't know, you weren t 
meant to" - The Explosion 


.Scott Dalrymple 

"Neither fire nor wind, birth nor 
death can erase our good deeds." 
"Those who give up essential 
liberty, to preserve a little temporary 
safety, deserve neither liberty nor 
safety." -Benjamin Franklin 

"I have not yet begun to fight!" 
-John Paul Jones 

"Dude, it was like you were eating 
her face!" -John W. 

-The 17 Boy's State Crew 

Alec Danaher 

Jack Davis 


"It's only after you've lost everything 
that you're free to do anything." 
-Tyler Durden 


Ashley Davison 


"There are three kind of friends: 
best friends, guest friends and 

pest friends." -anonymous 

"I don't know anything about 
inspiration because I don't know 
what inspiration is, I've heard about 
it, But I never saw it." 

- Faulkener 
"Wait... I don't get it?" - Me 

Rachael Deak 

Marissa Deluca 


"But whatever road you choose I'm 
right behind you win or lose" 
-Rod Stewart 

"If they cant see the good in you 
then you don't need them in your 


Philip Demeo 


"An optimist is a person who sees a 
green light everywhere, while the 

pessimist sees only the red 
stoplight. The truly wise person is 
color blind." -Albert Schweitzer 

"Success is a journey, not a 
destination. The doing is often 
more important than the outcome." 
-Arthur Ashe 

"You guys don't have a can of 
gasoline in the woods or anything 
right?" -Rangeway Cop 

Ashley Depietro 


"If you think small things can't make 
a difference try going to sleep with a 
mosquito in the room" 

"A heart will never be practical until 
it can be made unbreakable." 
-Wizard of Oz 

"Shoot for the moon even if you 
miss you will land among the stars" 
-Les Brown 




Michelle Eaton 


"Regret for things we did can be 
lessened with time. Its the regret for 
things we did not do that is 
inconsolable." - Anon. 

"Stay right where you are, and 
you'll be half of who you were." 
- Guster 

"Eat it in one bite!" - Kate W. 

"Its just water... Mostly" 
- Jenny W. 

"How Awkward...!" - All of us 

Nadia Diaz 


Don't cry because its over, be 
happy it happened. 

Advice is what we ask for when we 
already know the 
answer but wish we hadn't. 

Your heart understands what your 
head cannot yet conceive, trust your 


Candice Duprey 



No Photo 


No Photo 


No Photo 

Omar El-jahmi 

Lisa Faber 

Christopher Dutton 


Td walk through hell in a gasoline 
suit to play baseball." 

- Pete Rose 

"Aces are larger than life and 
greater than moutains 

- Mike Caro 

"Why, I have know clergymen, good 
men. kind-hearted, liberal, sincere, 
and all that, who did not know the 
meaning of a flush. It is enough to 
make one ashamed of the spe- 
cies." - Mark Twain 

Acacia Fernandez 

Do the things you really want if you 

possibly can. Don't wait for 
circumstances to be exactly right, 
you'll find they never are. 




Michael Folsom 


"one word. ..god" 



"We could take her" 

Emily Frank 


"To give anything less than your 
best is to sacrafice the gift." 
- Steve Prefontaine 

"You can't deny laughter; when it 
comes, it plops down in your 
favorite chair and stays as long as it 
wants." - Stephen King 

Matthew Gagnon 


"It's easy to stand still and let life 
pass by; Real courage is taking 
that first step and living". 

"The moral of the story is: Never 
try" -Homer Simpson 

'Before you criticize someone, you 
should walk a mile in their shoes; 
that way when you criticize them, 
you're a mile away and you have 
their shoes." -Jack Handey 

No Photo 

Cody Gibson 

No Photo 

Britta Gocht 


"When you finally accept that you're 
a complete dork, your life gets 
easier. No sense in trying to be 

Katherine Gorsky 

Ben Gould 

BEN. G, "G" 

"It's honorable to do what is right, 
however unpopular it seems." 
- Fortune Cookie 

"Jerk!" - Art Class 



Colby Gregory 


"If the sight of the blue skies fills you 
with joy, if the simple things of 
nature have a message that you 
understand, rejoice, for your soul is 
-Eleonora Duse 
"Kindness is the language which the 
deaf can hear and the blind can 

see." - Mark Twain 
"Time is desks." - CMSgt Edris 
"Don't bunch up! One grenade will 
kill us all!" 
-CMSgt Edris 

Cori Gross 

Michael Hall 


"Half kidding, quarter kidding, not 
really kidding" 

"You killed it 1 

Meghan Harris 


Life isn't about getting what you 
want, its about wanting what you 
have - Anonymous 

I'm not mean. I just retaliate 
-Alexia A 

Can black people blush - lax team 

Victoria, could you please pass the 
Courvoisier - myself 

Lets go rob McDonalds - Frankie 

My mom's gonna kick your mom's 
butt- Diana 

Owen Harris 



"Hey, check your pants. 

"Drek, you're fableizing!" 

Jonathan Hart 

Jason Haynes 


"I don't remember ordering 
- Amanda Bagget 

"Imitation is suicide" 
- Thoreau 

Douglas Higson 


"You'll never find it. if you're looking 
for it"- The Used 

"Riiiigggghhhtt"- Ryan M. 

"Promise? 1 "- Megan 

"Whazz!"- Tara 


Derryl Holliday 

Oh billy! 
Its on!!! 
I wanna rock... in college 
Yachmar Yachrebutek!!! 
Nuooooo-the great Mr. Agyemang 
Queer Queer McLimpwrist! 
BAM!!! Strawberry shortcake... 

Alexander Hudzik 

Michael Hurley-Dorof 

MIKE, Ml KEY, Ml 1 1 1 EEEEKEY, H, 

"Well, for a million dollars..." 
- Dan 


we're doin' pretty good. 
- Drek 

"Hey! That's my... donits!" 
- MIB/Fanny Pack 

- Max and Ryan 

Alastair Ingram 


"Go back to Scotland." 
- pretty much everyone 

"The road to success is always 
under construction" - Unknown 

"If you are caught on a golf course 
during a storm and are afraid of 
lightning, hold up a one-iron. 

Not even God can hit a one-iron" 
- Lee Trevino 

"One hundred percent of the shots 
you don't take don't go in" 
- Wayne Gretzky 

Jay Johns IV 

Mario Johnson 

Ramal Johnson 

Brandon Kennedy 




Eun Jin Kim 

Christopher Kiely 

Jacob Lafo 

mikelandau, mikey wikey, Thomos Lane 


Yea... Not now - Nate 

Ohhhhh Billy! - Dan 
There are no snakes in 
Mantasachusetts - Me 
BOOMSTICK - Harley and Nate 

Yahmar, Yahrebutek - Me 
Wave your phalanges - Samuel L. 
Nuooooo, it is Uii! - Mr. Agyemang 
Mr. McGlorgan! - A.J. 


"I am going to eat that moth" 

"Are you calling me Fat 9 " 

"Hailey your such a I" 

"I have 80 cents in quarters. JAJA" 
- MR 

"New Experience makes you 
be STRONG." 

Duffman is thrusting in the direction 
of the problem- Duffman 

Does anyone have a quarter so I 
can flip? - Brad 

Next time I come for you, I'm gonna' 
want some cocktail.. FRUIT 1 - 
Nasty Nate 

You know I was thinking we could 
go back home... have some dinner 

and pop in the Sisqo CD no 9 
Weren't thinking that 9 Ok. - Frank 
(Will Ferrell) 

Miana Libby 


"Beaver-like thingy (woodchuck)" 

"Oh no you didn't ...snap-snap 1 " 

"Alright we'll make sure your blood 
is drained before we bury you." 
- (Forensics Class) 

"Those who bring sunshine to the 
lives of others cannot keep it from 
themselves" - James Matthew 



Amy Lin 


"Today is your day! Your mountain 
is waiting. So... get on your way." 
-Dr. Seuss 

"The most wasted of all days is one 
without laughter." -E. E. Cummings 

"When I'm happy, I like to wiggle!" 

"Proud to be an Infidel!" 
-Mr. Reynolds 

"Woe is me!" -Pat 

Chris Long 

No Photo 

Lucy McRobert 

Simone Lorrain 


"A woman needs a man like a fish 
needs a bicycle." — Gloria Steinem 

"Romeo and Juliet died at the end?" 
- Ashley D. 

Gary Lucas 

Ryan Manita 

Michelle Manning 

"... the only people for me are the 
mad ones, the ones who are mad to 
live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, 
desirous of everything at the same 
time, the ones who never yawn or 
say a commonplace thing, but burn, 
burn, burn like fabulous yellow 
roman candles exploding like 
spiders across the stars and in the 
middle you see the blue centerlight 

pop and everybody goes "Awww!"" 

-Jack Kerouac 



Lisa Mara 




Joseph Martin 


No Photo 

Ashley McNulty 

"There's really no fun in being 
sensible all the time...." 
- L.M. Montgomery 

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn 
is to love and be loved in return. " 
- Moulin Rouge 

"Two points for honesty." 

"Doesn't everything you sit on feel 
like underwear?" 

Meghan McConnell 


"The thing is Meg.'re a pimp" 

-A. Bess 
"Any philosopher will tell you that 
today is the tomorrow that you were 
worried about yesterday" 
- Anon. 

"You are here to enable the world to 
live more amply, with greater vision, 
and with a finer spirit of hope and 
achievement. You are here to enrich 
the world" 
- Woodrow Wilson 

Colleen McGovern 


"Make me pretty!" -Jenny 
Coll ..his grandma has the same 
car... " -Lisa 
"Kid, you'll move mountains." 
-Dr. Seuss 
Hitch your wagon to a star and do 
not go where the path may lead; Go 
instead where there is no path and 
leave a trail." -Emerson 
"This bond will remain 
Together until the end. 
For the love we share is so special 
It's the love of best friends." -Lisa 

Erin McGowan 

"Always do right - this will gratify 
some and astonish the rest ' 
- Mark Twain 

"In three words I can sum up 
everything I've learned about life It 
goes on." - Robert Frost 

"No one can make you feel inferior 
without your consent' 
- Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Hailey Mello 


"I always knew looking back on the 
tears would make me laugh, but I 
never knew looking back on the 
laughter would make me cry." 

"Be who you are and say what you 
feel, because those who mind don't 
matter, and those who matter don't 
-Dr. Seuss 

Wayne Minnich 

Dan Mondello 



i Hannah Murphy 


I "Those who danced were thought 
nuite mad by those who did not hear 
the music." -?? 

| "Hannah banana in the deep blue 
(sea, you swim so wild and you swim 
so free, heaven above and the sea 
below, with a little Hannah on the 
go." -mostly Simone 

Derek Nener-Plante 


"There are two paths you can go by, 
but in the long run, there is still time 
to change the road you're on." 
-Led Zeppelin 

"And if you listen very hard, the tune 
will come to you at last. When all 
are one and one is all, to be a rock 
and not to roll" -Led Zeppelin 

"Ah, Bunch of Slobs!" 
-Weird guy at Boston Market/ Dan 

" I think he's the most thug because 

he has a face" -Dan x- 

Michelle O'rourke 

Lindsay Parham 

"All this talk about holiness now 
It must be the start of the latest style 
Is it all books and words 
Or do you really feel it? 
Do you really laugh? 
Do you really care? 
Do you really smile 
When you smile?" 
- Joni Mitchell 

Brittany Perry 


"I love you?" -ME- 
"Life is all about giving people 
second chances" -Frankie Tanner- 
When lying the only person you are 
truly lying to is ...YOURSELF" 
-Copeland, "Man of Steel"- 
"Sentious" -Dad- 
QUEEEWWWWWW" "How do you 
spell that?" -ME- 
"Can I get a HELL YA?" 
"Good times!" -JOEY- 

Dominic Pespisa 

Jeff Picton 

Mike Pietrasik 


Ryan Potter 

No Photo 

Mike Prescott 


"Actions speak louder than words" 
- Tick Tick Boom 

"...and that's how we play 
'Will it Float'!" - David Letterman 

"It's a simple question: 
would you eat the moon if it were 
made of ribs?" - SNL 

"I'm not trying to be rude"- Sheinfeld 

"I've even got the headline: Activity 
Participated in by Some'" -Simpsons 

"It is illegal ! I-L-L-I-" - Mr. Agyemang 

Amanda Reader 

Patrick Reed 

"eh, it's a Honda" -Mike Buttrick 

"Storms a-brewin..." -Jamie 
"Captain-Wussypants" Dorer 

"So I Declare, A Holiday, Fall 
Asleep, Drift Away!' -Radiohead 

"Pat Reed is my favorite person in 
the world." -Michael S. Hall 

Elliot Rabinowitz 


"Welcome to my ... kitchen. Have a 
... meal." - Mike H-D 

"It's exponentially cool!" 

- Mr. Venkatesh 

"Always do what you are afraid to 
do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"We should call it porno math." 

- Mr. Venkatesh 

Erika Reiss 


"First they ignore you. then they 
laugh at you. then they fight you. 
then you win." 
- Mahatma Gandhi 

I base most of my fashion taste on 
what doesn't itch. — Gilda Radner 

Only those who risk going too far 
can possibly find out how far one 
can go. — T. S. Eliot. 

"Ricky, how's my butt?" 
— Mr. Berlino 

"Whodahadawhata?" — Me 

Ben Ratichek 


No Photo 

Ben Reynolds 


"Fan-tastico 1 " 
"Papa Smurf can I..." 

"Guns don't kill people, people kill 
people." (BUT I THINK THE GUN 
HELPS. I mean, a monkey could kil 
people too. IF IT HAD A GUN) 



Mercedes Renoso 

Daniel Richichi 


"Thought I had it" by Drek 

"Sloth loves Chunk" by Sloth 

"Get lost going to.... Dunkin 
Donuts" by the fanny pack substi- 

Daniel Richter 


"Winning isn't everything, it's the 
only thing!" - Vince Lombardi 

"The Constitution only gives people 
the right to pursue happiness. You 
have to catch it yourself." 
- Benjamin Franklin 

No Photo 

Will Rose 

Montana Ross 


"I don't scratch my head unless it 
itches and I don't dance unless I 
hear some music. I will not be 
intimidated that's just the way it is." 
- Remember The Titans 

"I'd rather die like a man than live 
like a coward." 

"Reality is wrong. Dreams are for 
real." -Tupac 

Jillian Russo 


"Anyone who thinks sunshine brings 
happiness has never danced in the 
rain."-Paul Simon 

"Of all the words of tongue or pen, 

the saddest are these... it might 
have been."-John Greenleaf Whittier 


Natasha Sanoja 

Ryan Santos 

Where is my button?-Me 

Don't touch that, what are you 
touching that for boy?- CKY 

Nice one brothaa! - anonymous 

Catriona Savage 


"Sit down before fact as a little 
child, be prepared to give up every 
conceived notion, follow humbly 
wherever and whatever abysses 
nature leads, or you will learn 
Thomas Huxley 
"To be nobody-but-yourself -- in a 
world which is doing its best, night 
and day, to make you everybody 
else -- means to fight the hardest 
battle which any human being can 
fight; and never stop fighting." 

"Give a hoot and read" -Zach 



"Music is said to be the speech ol 
angels." - Thomas Carlyle 

"Goals are dreams with deadlines 
- Diana Scharf Hunt 

"Chocolate is, let's face it, far mor 
reliable than a man." 

Miranda Ingram 

Josh Scotton 





"When one door of happiness 
closes, another opens; but often 
we look so long at the closed door 
that we do not see the one that 
has opened for us." -Helen Keller 

"Today, if you are not confused, 
you are just not thinking clearly." 
-U. Peter 

"Steph... you're late!" -Christine 

William Shao 


"What is popular is not always 
right; what is right is not always 

"By doubting we come at truth." 
- Cicero 

"Am I not destroying my enemies 
when I make friends of them?" 
- Abraham Lincoln 

Blessed are they who can laugh at 
themselves, for they shall never 
cease to be amused... SMILE! 
Jesus Loves YOU! =) 

Cory Shaw 


"The only ones for me are the ma 
ones, the ones who are mad to 
live, mad to talk, mad to be saved 
desirous of everything at the sam 
time.. . "(see Kate) 

"I'm making a dice alternative.' 
-Kate Willsky 

"You must have a lifetime 
supply of poster board and stick; 
in your basement — you're alway: 
fighting for or against something. 


Marisa Siegel 

Jennifer Spencer 

Kathryn Springer 


"Oh Snap" - Lisa C 

"How many sig digs are in...?"- 

"She's probably picturing everyone 
as a piece of food!" - Megs 

"There is only one happiness in life, 
to love and be loved" 
- George Sand 

"The most beautiful discovery true 
friends make is that they can grow 
separately without growing apart" 
Elisabeth Foley 


"If you follow all the rules, 
you miss all the fun," 
-Katherine Hepburn 

No Photo 

Philip Stone 



"How Awkward!"- Us 

"Good times good times"- Us 

"yeah So I had to let her down 
gently... I'm a player what can I 
say?" Jimmy Babs 

Patrick Sullivan 

"What the hell are we gonna tell 
your dad? -to Ryan 

"Actually, I don't know my friend's 
name" -to Gary 

"What the heckkkk" 

Frank Tanner 



Corina Tom 


"Happiness is an attitude. We either 
make ourselves miserable, or happy 
and strong. The amount of work is 
the same." 
-Francesca Reigler 

"You know what the best entertain- 
ment is... the misery of other 
people." -Sky Daddy 

"I guess idiots die too." 
-Mr. McGowan 

"Proud to be an infidel!" -JR 

"How Awkward." -everyone 

Brianna Tropeano 

Valerie Varney 

Scott Wanamaker 

Jessica Watro 


"The only time success comes 
before work is in the dictionary" 

"Nearly all born leaders of men are 

"Money isn't everything, but it's the 
best subsitude for credit" 

"Just pick one there are only 51 
states" - Ashley 

"God I miss the screamin" 
- Harry Potter 

Jennifer Waldron 


"How awkward!" - The Gang 

"I'm so smart." - Mitch 

"Bah!" - Chris 

"I'm going to eat that moth." - Tom 

"I hope tomorrow is like today" 
- Guster 

Josh Wert 

Never sat "OOPS." 
Say "interesting". 

The men who really believe in 
themselves are all in lunatic 

Everything that can go wrong, 
already has. 

There are no accidents. God's just 
trying to remain anonymous. 

Don't hate yourself in the morning. 
Sleep until noon. 

Vuja De: that uncanny feeling that 
you've never been here before 

Taryn Westerkamp 


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 
stop and look around once in 
awhile, you could miss it." 
-Ferris Buehlar 
"Let me tell you something. .. The 
man may be the head of the house, 
but the woman is the neck. And 
she can turn the head any way 
she wants. "-My Big Fat Greek 
"I think your friends are crying for 
you... "-The Chairlift Man 
"Taryn. Taryn. sit with your 
utensils upright, the food comes 



Laura Whallon 

Jessica Whitley 

Jennifer Whittington 



"No temptation has seized you 
except what is common to man. 
And God is faithful; he will not let 
you be tempted beyond what you 

can bear. But when you are 
tempted, he will provide a way out 
so that you can stand up under it." 
- 1 Cor. 10:13 

"Somebody told me how frightening 
it was how much topsoil we are 
losing each year, but I told that 
story around the campfire and 
nobody got scared." -Jack 

No Photo 

Ben Williams 

Alexandra Wilson 
Katherine Willsky ALEXI SOLID Ivy Wilson 

"Never doubt a Harris" -Meghan 

"Wait... I don't have to suck at all." 

"I only had a little!" -Alexia 
"My Mexican blanket!" -Tasha 



William Wilson 

Whatever happens... 
happens for a reason." 

"There's a difference between 
knowing the path and walking it." 
-The Matrix 

"Everything that has a 
beginning... has an end." 
-The Matrix 

Joe Wissler 


"the time has come", the walrus 
said, "to speak of many things, 
of shoes and ships, and ceiling wax, 
of cabbages and kings, 
and why the sea is boiling hot 
and whether pigs have wings." 

Dave Woolrich 



Mr. Rinaldi 

Layout Editors 
Mingli Chang 
Mike Prescott 

Photo Editor 

Jessica Watro 

Under Class Editor 
Jamie Chin 

CD Editor 

Mike Landau 


Jay Altschuler 
Phil Stone 

General Staff 

Christine Boynton 
Erika Briere 
Melinda Corssino 
Ashley Davison 
A.J. Deveaux 
Luke Fougere 
Miana Libby 
Matt Poe 
Mike Poe 
Mansi Shelat 
Emily Siegenthaler 
Drusilla Szeto 

Out of the Ordinary, the 2004 Yearbook of Bedford High 
School was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing 2505 
Empire Drive, Winston-Salem North Carolina. The Jostens in- 
plant consultant is Jana Poplar and the regional representative 
is John Neister. Thanks for all of your great help and pointers 
throughout this tedious year. 

The cover art was produced by Jostens Creative Re- 
sources. The official Yearbook photographers were Burlington 
Studios, and various student photographers. 

All Headlines were of the font AvantGarde and Garamond 
Book Condensed in assorted sizes. Body copy for Clubs was 
set in Joanna MT, size 10. Body copy for Sports was set in 
Arial, size 8. 

The final deadline was sent out February 18, 2004 



r O 


Savannah Armstrong 

Alexia Arocha 

Meagan Asp 

Amanda Baggett 

Ricky Barbato 

Abby Belknap 

Bntta Bell 

Amanda Besselman 


Diana Bickford 

Alexia Bilihes 

Timmy Bisamra 

Christine Boynton 

1 * A 

Mike Buttrick 

Danielle Carey 

Laura Cederberg 

Mingli Chang 

Ryan Chan-Moy 

Sonia Chedda 

Ruth Cook 

Scott Dalrymple 


Alec Danaher 

Ashley Davison 

Marissa Deluca 

Phil DeMeo 





Jack Davis & 
Ivy Wilson 

Fabulous Flirts 

Jec Danaher 

Corina Tom 

Audacious Athletes! 

Hailey Mello 
& Chris Long 

Pat Sullivan & 
Natasha Sanoja ^ 

Dangerous Driver ! 



/what we saw) 


Clockwise from top-left: 

- Britney Spears, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera in their 
now infamous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 
at Radio City Music Hall on August 28, 2003. 
-- Candles from supporters of Michael Jackson cover his 
star on the Hollywood walk of fame in November of 2003. 
Jackson was facing child molestation charges. 
-- Martha Stewart leave US District Court on November 18, 
2003 in New York, where she is accused of insider trading 
and deceiving her stockholders. 

-- Michael Jackson waves the peace sign as he leaves the 
California police station where he was officially booked on 
child molestation charges. 

-- Trista Rehn, star of ABC's "The Bachelorette" and her 
fiance, Ryan Sutter, at the American Music Awards in 
November. The two are stars of one of the many reality 
series that have flooded the airwaves in recent years. 
-- Paris Hilton, hotel heiress and star of FOX's "The Simple 
Life," poses at the Teen Choice Awards in August. 





Joshua Adamowich 

David Adams HI 

Katherine Amato 

Lauren Badia 

William Bamett 

Stephanie Barounis 

Robert Basile 

Monica Beamon 

Nicole Berke 

James Betz 


Craig Brown Marjorie Bruce Dale Mark Busa Matthew Bushnell 

Amanda Costa Alyssa Cox Shreya Dave Christian Dispena 





Doug Stoner Sabrina Stucka Kenneth Sutton Eric Taylor Natalie Taylor 

Alyssa Theodore Daniel Tillman Andrew Tolman Austin Trigg Cassandra Urquhart 

Laura Valente Erin Van Pelt Matthew Wallace Kelly Walsh Shelly Wanamaker 




James Abisamra Hemang Acharya Sarah Adams David Ahern O'Neil Anderson 

Kathryn Arabasz Grace Armstrong Rebekah Armstrong Shawn Ayala Lara Backman 


Erica Christin David Churella Amv Clark Seana Colman Kaitlin Connell 



Cherie Freyre Geller Adam Gart David Gelinas Dominic Gibson Ashleigh Gonzalez 


Derek Johnson Gregory Johnson Travis Johnson Glenford Julien Terri Kachelmyei 

Taline Kalantari Deidre Kalenderian Mark Karanovich Laura Kelly-Bovvditch Benjamin Kosler 



Brittney White Amanda Whitley Tanya Wiley Jakoya Wilkins Christopher Wilson 


toss Officers 

Jimmy McNamara 
Alison Miley 

Monica Beamon 
Jocelyn Egan 
Maggie Brogan 


Vice Presidents 

Alison Neff Treasurer 
Scott Rossi Secretary 

Amanda Costa 
Laura Valente 
Becky Moschini 

Mr. Walsh & Mr. Boschetto 

Prom Committee 


Lauren Mazel President 

Michal Ferro Vice President 

Robert Pooley Treasurer 

Stephanie Davison Secretary 

President Erin McGowan 

Vice President Kate Willsky 

Treasurer Colleen McGovem 

Secretary Katie Springer 

Prom Committee Diana Bickford 
Chris Sullivan 
Sheldon Ayala 
Amanda Besselman 

Advisors Mrs. Billouin 
Mrs. GiU 

President Andiony Baggett 

Vice Presidents Ellen Le 
Cheng Li 

Treasurer Stephanie Russo 

Secretary Devin Smith 

Advisors Mrs. Danaher 
Mr. Stevens 




Alexander Arruda Loren Ayers Marianna Ballou Michael Barbacano Matthew Basile 


David Byun Amber Callais Katherine Carmichael Sheila Chheda Frank Cogliano 

Donald Cohen Elissa Cohen Thomas Colgan Kendra Collins Steven Collins 

Emily Corbett Desirae Cornwell Danielle Creagh Krista Crennan Neha Dave 


Perry Fotis Christina Freccero Samantha Galler Michael Gaman Lisa Gocht 

Anthony Gong Michael Guanci Alicia Haigh Devon Hankins Ian Hannaway 





Rex Loperena Gabrielle Lynch Cristian Machado Jessica Mack Andrew Macrobert 

Robert McConnell Marcus McDonald Andrew McGavern Jeffrey McGrath Aston McKenzie 

Christopher McNulty Emily Mello William Mello Jacqueline Melton Christopher Mercurio 




Michael Wilson Laurie Wissler Justin Wood Timothy Young 





Above: New England Patriots kicker Adam 
Vinatieri stands on a Duck Boat in down- 
town Boston during a victory celebration 
after their Super Bowl win. For the second 
time in three years, his field goal won the 
big game in the last quarter. 
BHS Yearbook Staff Photo 

r \A/ Rncfnnn,.,!/^,..,. . 

Above: New England Patriots quarter- 
back and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady in 
a victory parade in downtown Boston, 
holding the coveted Lombardi trophy on 
February 3, 2004. The team rode Duck 
Boats down Boylston and Tremont 
Streets, headed for City Hall Plaza, where 
a rally was held in front of thousands of 
cheering fans. 
BHS Yearbook Staff Photo 

Above: 1.5 million Patriots fans crammed the streets of Boston to 
welcome the team home after their Super Bowl win two days before. 
Many students, including several dozen from Bedford, skipped school 
to attend the event, much to the dismay of education officials. 
BHS Yearbook Staff Photo 

Below: The Florida Marlins celebrate after defeating the New 
York Yankees 2-0 to win Game 6 of the 2003 MLB World Series. 


, * y ^m^.^ 

- * ff . 

Above: Andy Roddick holds the men's singles 
championship trophy after winning the U.S. Open 
tennis tournament in New York on September 7. 

Above: Cleveland Cavaliers' 
LeBron James dunks the ball 
against the Denver Nuggets on 
November 5, 2003 in Ohio. 

Left: Lance Armstrong poses at 
the Tour de France on Saturday, 
July 26, 2003. Armstrong finished 
third overall in the race. 

/what we saw\ 







As we all know, the seniors are not the only members of the high school to be graduating this year. The staff and 
the school is parting with Mrs. Rull, Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Reynolds. Whether you loved them or hated them, 
whether you're crying or partying, the school will miss them. The 2004 Bedford High School Yearbook proudly 

presents the teacher thanks and portraits. 

Dear students, 

It seems hke the beginning of my 3 5 years 
(12.783.7S days, 102,270 hours, 6.136.200 minutes. 
368, 1 72.000 seconds) of teaching the students of Bedford was 
just yesterday. However, since the time from yesterday to today 
is only 24 hours, that would be a mathematical impossibility. 
Now, don't misunderstand me, I have nothing against imagi- 
nary numbers or null sets. It's just that I prefer to communicate 
in REAL time. 

Seriously... wait a minute. ..can I really be serious? 
Those who know my sensitive side know that I can. Will I miss 
teaching? When you spend 35 years laughing and crying with 
kids, one can't help not to miss it. I hope I have always 
challenged those that have had me in class, but more impor- 
tantly, I hope I have been there to support you when you 
needed it. Although it's difficult to do, try to put others before 
yourself. I think if more people did that, the world would be a 
much better place. 

May your lives be filled with happiness and love! 

Mr. Hunt 

When one passes the baton you hope that the person 
receiving has a sure and permanent grip. For me, it is a 
comfortable feeling to know that the talented new 
teachers I have met who are now replacing the old 
guard at BHS, are ready to continue on a journey that is 
the challenge of a lifetime. I remember having that kind 
of energy myself at one time. Thank God when I was 
hired all you needed to demonstrate was that you had a 
pulse. Louise Davis, my original department chairman 
and mentor, instilled in me the practical notion that, "If 
you are not part of the solution, then you are part of 
the problem". I'm not sure I had a hand in equipping 
many students for always formulating the right solu- 
tions, but I can tell you it was fun trying. 

"Ytt. im«), itm* dsy >»* tm uiU wmUn 
uhal tin htil lift ii all *kmt; iben y— lt 
am it bukmt flnm." 

To My Students, 

I will miss your youthful energy, 
your creativity, your willingness to sing 
in Spanish and dance the "salsa", and 
even your complaints. I hope that you 
will find as much fulfillment in your 
careers as I have in mine. 

I wish all of you, the administration, 
faculty, and staff of Bedford High 
School the very best! 

Marjorie M. Rull 




Back Row: Mingli Chang, Marybeth Corbett, Adrianna DiStaolo, Alicia 
Haigh, Ben Gould, Josh Davis, Tim Pietrasik, Lindsay Gravina. 
Middle Row: Emily Corbett, Victoria Nemiah, Caitlin del Castillo, Anthony 
D'Andragora, Brenna Quinn, Eliza Rosenberry, Hyun-Joo Lee. 
Front Row: Kaylyn Klatt, Stephanie Russo, Lauren Grace, Laura Townsend, 
Katie Neff, Shara Norton, Cheryl Shao 

82 ARTS 

84 ARTS 


Best New Actor - Craig Bayliss (2006) 

Best New Actress - Taylor Besselman (2006) 

Best Supporting Actor - Alex Arruda (2007) 

Best Supporting Actress - Maxine Lopez-Keough (2005) 

Best Actor - Tom Lane (2004) 

Best Actress - Caitlin Chapman (2005) 

Best Ensemble - Romeo & Juliet (Modernized) (2007) 

Best Play - The Reunion (2004) 



The Reunion 

Director: Mr. McDonald 

The Cast (As Themselves) (In no particular order) 

Ben Reynolds Emily Frank Tom Lane 

Sarah Brun Jessica Watro Mike Hurley-Dorof 

Simone Lorrain Abby Belknap Erin McGowan 

Kate Willsky Alexia Bililies Jill Russo 

Erika Briere Diana Bickford Michelle Eaton 

Ben Williams (Fish) Mike Prescott 

Jeff Picton Stefanie Scaglione 

Lindsay Parham Hailey Mello The Principal 

Crew: Mike Hall, Chris Sullivan, Alec Danaher, Corina Tom, Mike 
Buttrick, Jenny Waldron, and Matt Gagnon. 


Emil You're Going to be a Dog 

Director: Mr. Chinosi 

The Cast (In no particular order) 

Milo MacPhail Designator Tori Casey Ella 

Naomi Ingram Christy 

Nick Marshall Neil 

Taylor Besselman.. Beth 

Ching-tzer Chang Seth 

Emma Stuhl Alexandra 

Audrey Lin Dorothy 

Stephanie Russo.... Tara 

Alex Huxsaw Art 

Laura Kelly-Bowditch Mildred 

Kristen Sarson Rita 

Hannah Reynolds... Milissa 

Grant Harrs Jim Race 

Laura To wnsend.. Harold 

Craig Baylis George 

Ariel Stimson Aaron 

Mike Poe Emil 

Sara Bushnell Olivia 

Maniac Mansion 

Director: Mrs. Budka 

The Cast (In no particular order) 

Caitlin Chapman. Alex Emmet Kelty Mark 

Katie Neff. Juliet Dan Waters Romeo 

Nicole Berke Mrs. Buffington Sabrina Stucka Selena 

Peter Johannesen Basil Shelly Wanamaker Hilda 

Cheryl Shao Gertie Becky Moschini....Evette 

Maxine Lopez-Keough Tabitha Alan Bittenson Egor 

Kayla Scaglione. ...Emily Kelly Walsh Camille 

John Warwick Jerome 

Crew: Shreya Dave and Nicole Carignan. 


Romeo & Juliet (modernized) 

Director: Mr. Berlino 

The Cast (In no particular order) 

Katie Neff. Juliet Dan Waters Romeo 

Max Hurley-Dorof. Paris John Brady Clint 

Steph Miller-Hendry Nurse Tony Gong Abe 

Alex Arruda Old English kid & Principal Esculas 

Brenna Quinn Janitor Julie Pietrasik Brittany 

Stacey Watro Nerd 1 Eliza Rosenberry...Nerd 2 

Marriana Ballou....Nerd 3 Ryan Kring Shim 

86 ARTS 


Chamber Singers 

Far Back Row: Dave Basile, Lauri Baudanza, 
Bretta Bell, Deepa Bharat, Sarah Brun, Tara 
Busa, Mike Buttrick, Dedra Calandarian. 
Back Row: Sonia Chheda, Tim Churella, Keith 
Egan, Amanda Finestone, Emily Frank, Britta 
Gocht, Amy Lin, Audrey Lin. 
Middle Row: Michelle Manning, Ashley 
McNulty, Brittany Nener-Plante, Jenny Owen, 
Pat Read, Jill Russo 

Front Row: Katie Springer, Genevieve Stander, 
Ariel Stimpson, Corina Tom, Rebecca Trigg, 
Laura Valente, Jessica Whitley, and Lisa 

ack Row: Jimmy McNamara, Ben Gould, 
Uiot Rabinowitz, Ben Williams, John Warwick, 
lan Bittenson, Randy Kring, and Mike Hurly- 

ront: Emmet Kelty. 


Mens' Octet 




Double Sextet 

Left-to-right: Carolyn Dunlea, Nicole Berke, 
Stefanie Scaglione, Maxine Lopez-Keough, 
Emily Siegenthaler, Abby Belknap, Tara Busa, 
Jill Russo, Michelle Manning, and Caitlin 

Not Present: Laura Whallon and Dinah 




Wind Ensemble 


Alphabetical Order: Lauren Anderson, Meagai 
Asp, Monica Beamon, Joe Bigda-Peyton, San 
BushneLl, Mike Buttrick, Nicole Carignan. Meg 
^ Callais, David Churella, Kevin Conway, Ami 
Dalrymple, AdriannaDistaolo, Ian Dudley -Marling 
Kevin Swell, Britta Gocht, Lisa Gocht, Anthony 
Gong, Grant Harris, Mike Hall, Ben Johnson, Marl 
Karanovich, Ryan Kring, Ashley Labrie, Carl Larsson 
Cheng Li, Nick Marshall, Erin McGowan, Chri 
McNulty, Jackie Melton, Ji-hyen Ok, Lindsa 
Parham, JeffPicton, Pat Reed Ben Reynolds. And- 
Saladino, Kaylan Scaglione, Chris Sullivan, Dav 
Thorsen, Corina Tom, Laura Townsend, Alexandr 
Vinica, Jenny Waldron, and Jessica Watro. 

Alphabetical Order: Abby Belknap, Nicole 
Berke, Alan Bittenson, Sarah Brun, Jackiet 
Bumbaca, Tara Busa, Carolyn Dunlea, Ben 
Gould, Mike Hurley-Dorof , Randy Kring, 
Maxine Lopez-Keough, Dinah Macphail, 
Michelle Manning, Jimmy Macnamara, Elliot 
Rabinowitz, Stefanie Scaglione, Natty Smith, 



and John Warwick. 




Alphabetical Order: Rebeka Armstrong, Me- 
lissa Barnett, Justine Beecy, Lindsay Bernardo, 
Ryan Chan-Moy, Hanson Christen, Erica 
Christin, Kendra Collins, Stephanie Davison, 
Josh Fine, James Graessle, Patrick JefTery, Jason 
Kennedy, Erin Kiel). Kaitlan Kilduff, Jajaine 
King, Gary Lucas, Megan Lynch, Jake Mahoney . 
Leah Micu, Jenna Mitchell, Tranea Perry, Kristin 
Peterson, Amanda Pike, Brenna Quinn, Amy 
Siegenthaler, Nigeria Sims, Brittany Transue. 
Sarah Warwick, Britmey White. Katie Wilkins, 
and April Williams. 





\9 A ' - ^F^^^ 


Alphabetical Order: Lara Backman, Marianna 
Ballow, David Bryan, Neha Dave, Shreya Dave, 
Prashanth Haran, Sarah Jaffer, Daniel Jamison, 
Patrick Jeffery, Taline Kalantari, Laura Kelly- 
Bowditch, Randy Kring, Sarah Lam, Michelle 
Manning, Olivia Osgood, Elyse Purchia, Ben 
Reynolds, Hannah Reynolds, Natty Smith, 
Sabrina Stucka, and Laurie Wissler. 

.s JL 

Back Row: Neha Dave, Catherine Land, 
Sarah Jaffe and Patrick Jaffery. 

Front Row: Natty Smith and Michelle 


Chamber Orchestra 



Concert Band 


No Photo 


Alphabetical Order: Mike Barbacano, Jenn) 
Champney, Sheila Chheda, Rory Cltristensen, 
Elissa Cohen, Rachael Deak, Antonion Diaz, 
Will Eggert, Samamha Galler, Brian Gleason, 
Lauren Grace, Kevin Harkins, Stuart Jones, 
Kerry Marasa, Lauren Marino, Jon Merlo. 
Wayne Minnich, Courtney O'Keefe, Pat O'Neill, 
Julie Pietrasik, Tim Pietrasik, Danny Richter, 
Michelle Richter. Jackie Roe, Elizabeth Rose, 
Daniel Rossin. Brett Shofner, Kate Southard. 
Ashley Theodore. Brant Turner. Stacey Watro, 
and Jacob Wert. 



r 21 

Front: Mike Hall, Laura Whallon, Britta Gocht, Amanda Besselman, Ashley 
McNulty, Sonia Chheda, Amanda Baggett, Miana Libby. 
Middle Front: Ruth Cook, Colleen McGovem, Jullian Russo, Corina Tom, Amy Lin, 
Lisa Mara, Erin McGowan, Meagan Asp, Diana Bickford, Ricky Reiss 
Middle Back: Dan Richichi, Abby Belknap, Sarah Brun, Bretta Bell, Owen Harris. 
Jacob Lafo, Kate Wilsky, Ben Gould, Mingli Chang, Scott Dalrymple, Ben Reynolds, 
Colby Gregory, Eilliot Rabinowitz, Derek Nener-Plante, Pat Reed. 
Back: Mike Buttrick, Dan Richter, Alastair Ingram, Chris Dutton, Mike Hurley- 
Dorof, Chris Kiely, Matt Gagnon, Will Shao, Tara Busa, Alexia Bililies, Michelle 


Club Leaders: Will Shao and Sonia Chheda 

Advisor: Doc. Haswell 



Student A* 

Top Row: Michelle Manning, Colleen McGovern, Meghan 
McConnell, Chris Sullivan, Matt Gagnon, Erin McGowan, Jill 
Russo, Ricky Reiss, Abby Belknap, Jon Sepp, Ashley Rowley, Mike 
Landeau. Front Row: Scott Daunrple, Diana Bickford, Amanda 
Baggett, Lindsey Parham, Ashley McNulty, Ryan Potter, Chip 


Bottom: Julie Miller 
Hendry, Allison Neff, 
Sabrina Stucka, Shreya 
Dave, Nicole Berk. 

Middle: Emily 
Siegenthalor, Tony 
Gong, Alex Gaman, 
Micheal Pabian 
Top: Peter Johanassan, 
Jamie Dorer, Peter Betz, 
James Betz, Eric Taylor, 
Nick Young 

Not pictured: Ryan 
Kring, Nicole Carignan, 
Jamie Chin, Rob Posley, 
James Pooley, Peter 
Sheppard, Todd 
Boghigian, Chip 
Zuckerman, Joey 
Mizzoni, Jon Sepp, Nick 
Chambers Maher, Dan 
Waters, Tom Colgan, 
Matt Poe, Joe Bidga- 
Peyton, Alex O'Brien, 
Bobby McConnell, 
Andy McGavern, Robert 

Student Govt. 

Back: Jamie Dorer, Eric Taylor, Mike Buttrick, 
Peter Johannessen. 

Front: Shreya Dave, Rebecca Hart, Tony Gong, 
Alex Gaman 




f Junior Me^torj 

Back Row: Carolyn 
Dunlea, Jocyelyn Egan, 
Monica Beamon, 
Maggie Brogan, 
Jamie Doer, 
Brendan WiLkerson, 
Peter Sheppard, 
Joe Bigda-Peyton, 
Katherine Amato, 
Jimmy MacNamara, 
Bemie Pekala, 
Middle Row: 
Nicole Burke, 
Rory Christensen, 
Alex Grebnev, 
Becky Moschini, 
Sheena Mahoney, 
Ahni Morradian, 
Jonathan Hempton, 
Amanda Costa, 
Kristen Merlo, 

Alii Lua Front Row: 

Alyssa Cox, Deepa Bharat, Mike Pabian, Julie Miller-Hendry, Kelly Walsh, Sabrina Stucka, Nicole Caringnan, Kayla Scaglione, Shreya Dave 

Front Row: Britta Bell, Diana Bickford, Allison Neflf, Britta 

Middle Front: Natasha Sanoja, Miana Libby, Sheldon Ayala, 
Chris Sullivan, Dan Richichi, Michelle Eaton, Jillian Russo, 
Kate Wilsky 

Middle Back: Phil DeMeo, Amanda Baggett, Colleen 
McGovern, AJ Devaux, Benjamin Williams, Alex Danaher, 
Katie Springer. 

Back Row: Mrs. Billouin, Chris Dutton, Caidin Chapman. 
Alastair Ingram, Laura Whalon, Meghan McConnell, Ms. 
Supprise, Brendan Wilkerson, Lisa Mara, Jon Sepp. 


Back Row: Simone Lorraine, Maxine Lopez-Keough, Jay Jones, Alii Sutsko, Adam Gart. Kriste 
Merlo, Ellen Le, Kristen Sanson, Amy Dalrymple, Lindsay Parham, Elissa Cohen, Dina MacPhai 
Neha Dave, and Jon Merlo. 
Front Row: Hemang Acharya, Dan Jamison, Corina Tom, Peter Johannessen. Travis Johnsor 
Britta Gocht, Nicole Burke, Kate Willsky, Jill Russo, Lara Backman, Hannah Reynolds, Tara Bus* 
Elliot Rabinowitz, Le Crocodile, and Madame MacKay. 

Not Pictured: Joe Bidga-Peyton 
(President), Chris Chapman, 
Dan Curtin, Aran Elliot, 
Alexandra Grebnev, Matt Hagar, 
Sarah Ingegnieri, Cat 
Iwanchuck, Eun Jim Kim. Chris 
O'Brien, Monica Parks, Ricky 
Reiss, Dan Richichi, Dan Rossin, 
Emily Siegenthaler, Brian Spen- 
cer, Chris Stone, Chris Sullivan, 
Ashley Theodore, Cory Waite, 
Laura Whallon, and Brittney 



Back: Michaela St. Onge, Katherine Amato, Brandon Kennedy, 
Megan Kercher, Ben Waite, Colin Penta. 
Middle Back: Mike O'Reilly, Alyssa Theodore, Mark Sargent, 
Evan Rosse, Andrew Parham, Jim Foltz 

Middle Front: Sean Hannaway, Gabrielle Lynch, Sarah Adams, 
Todd Boghigian, Adam Shuman, Montana Ross (Vice President) 
Front: Chip Zuckerman (President), Brenna Quinn, Ashley 
Ruggiero, Christine Hill, Tony Gong, Erin Kiely, Chris Champney 

(Treasurer), Ms. Henoch. 

Front Row: Amanda Harris, Sabrina D'Agostino, 
Amanda Costa, Becky Moschini, Laura Valente, Alex 

O'Brien, Mike Pabian. 
Middle Bottom: Jessica Parra, Rory Christenson, Erin 
Kiely, Michelle Richter, Emma Stuhl, Ellen Le. 
Middle Top: Russell Reni (sp), Jimmy McNamara, 
Cheng Li, Carolyn Dunlea, Krista Crennia, Drusilla 

Szeto, Ann Dunlea. 
Back: Mike Guanci, Olivia Osgood, Max Hurley- 

Dorof, Mrs. Rull. 

■ m 

Front : Micheal Stephan, Caroline Dunlea, Drusilla 
Szeto, Hanson Christen, Jamie Chin. 
Middle: Josh Caryer, Kelly Walsh, Julie Miller- 
Hendry, Dominic Gibson, Danny Dvinov, Mrs. Allen. 
Back: Jenny Spencer, Nick Chambers Malicr, Chip 
Zuckerman, Naomi Ingram, Ariael Stimson, Greg 
Johnson, Audrey Lin. 




Matt Pearson. 
Jieying Peng, Scott 
Dalrymple, Andy 
McGavem, Mr. McGowan, 
Taec OK. Jimmy Babcock. Joon 
Hee Lee, Niel Tembulkar, JefT 

Bottom: Cheng Li, Drusilla Szeto, 
Daniel Jamison, Ji-hyen OK. Will Shao. 


Jimmy Babcock. Chris Chapman, Nate 
Rifkin, Wayne Minnich, Mr. McGowan. 
Bottom: Will Shao. Cheng Li. Dylan Gart, A.J. 



Front: Craig Baylis. Mike Stephan. Mike 
Pietrasik. Phil Galler. Dan Cullen. 
Back: Davey McGavern. Matt Pearson. 
McGowan. Jimmy Babcock. Brendan 



Lara Backman, 
Cheng Li, Mingli 
Chang, Jamie Dorer, Will 
Shao, Chingtzer Chang. 
Bottom: Peter Russo, Josh Fine, 
Doc. Haswell, James Grassie. 
Unpictured: Randy King, Tony- 
Gong, Dominique Tracy, Monique 
Tracy, Prashanth Haran, Greg Johnson, 
Mike Poe, Andrew Moran, Kevin Grant, 
Dominic Gibson, Audrey Lin, Jamie Chin, 
Ian Dudley-Marling, Peter Sheppard, Nick 
Young, AJ Devaux, Erin McGowan, Eun Jin 
Kim, Scott Dalrymple, Owen Harris. 

Bedford Anime Society 

Josh Caryer, Elissa Cohen, John Wills, Kevin 
Harkins, Steward Jones, Jeffery Suddan, 
Francis Harkins, Benjamin Johnston. 
Middle: Ellysa Cohen, Alex Arruda, Kenny 
Hill, John Jaillet, Jacob Wert, Isabella 

Bottom: Jamie Chin (the Obaka-san). 

Miana Libby, Kenny Hill, Josh Wert, 
Chris Stuart, Scott Friedman, Mingli 
Chang, David Gelinas 



Back: Shawn Ayah, Richard Spillane, Kristen Sarson. Justin Pespisa. 
Sheldon Ayala. Derek Johnson. Ed Peticpas. Monica Beamon. Bryce Miller. 
Alastair Ingram. Christian Dispena. Adam Traganos, Jocelyn Egan. Maria 


Back Middle: Cheng Li. Tim Feeley. Jimmy McNamara, Laura Whallon. 
Lauren Pappas, Hailey Mello. Amanda Baggett 

Back Front: Chioe Prescott. Lauren Johnson. Jenny Spencer. Christina 
Freccero. Liz Hunt. Allison Miley, Amanda Costa. Tim Abisamra. 
Front: Jessica Wattro. Joon Hee Lee. Lauren Anderson. Alexia Bililies. 
Courtney Wissenbach. Chns Sullivan. 

Standing: Dominique Tracy, Glenford Julian, 
Julissa Shortte, Teneisha Jackson, Larry Howard, 
Jessica Jenkins, Monique Parks, Anthony Styles, 
Lauren Ayers, Ramal Johnson, Steve Martin 
Kneeling: Amber Callais, Sophia Arrocha, Katie 
Taylor, Allisno Sutsko. 

100 CLUBS 

Standing: Jamie Doer, Mike Hall, Alec 
Danaher, Chris Sullivan, Audry Lin, Abby 
Belknap, Corina Tom, Pat Reed, Ben "Fish" 

Sitting: jenny Waldron, Diana Bickford, 
Hailley Mellow 

Kneeling: Matt Gagnon, Mike Buttrick. 

Ben Gould, Lucy 
McRobert, Lindsey 
Parham, Cory Gross, 
Randy Kring, Ryan 


i . ' — _ . i r , 

'fit It* 

Make A Wish 

Marissa Siegel, Milo 
McPhail, Devin Smith, 
Tony Gong, Alex 

CLUBS 101 


Help us raise FUND 

Top Left: The New England Patriots parade down Tremont Street in downtown Boston in February. The entire yearbook editorial staff was on hand for the event, 

snapping pictures - I mean, they were home with a terrible cough. Yeah, that's it. *cough, cough* See? 
Top Right: Editor Mingli Chang watches over his kingdom as another day comes to a close. 

2nd Row Left: "Slowpoke," our old reliable printer, was brought out of retirement when our new printer. "Moonunit." failed us mid-way through the year. 
2nd Row Right: "Tw o males don't make a womens!" exclaims staff member Jay Altschuler as he tries to fix one of our ailing computers. 
Above Left: Our new, spacious, warm, non-smelling, carpeted yearbook room in upper E-hall. 

Above Right: In November, 2003, we sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts to raise money for the book. The event was a success, netting over $250 for the book. 

Below Left: The yearbook page awaits completion on our workhorse computer. "Condoleezza Rice." 

Below Middle: The sexiest yearbook adviser in history (Mr. Rinaldi). 

Below Right: Drusilla fights off sleep as she searches in vain for a student's name. 




r l 


Now that I have your attention, it's time to get down to business. Where are my Krispy 
Kremes?? What do you mean I ate them all? I only had -- oh, wait. I did eat them all. Oh well, 
I'll just eat some of Rinaldi's rock hard pretzels. OK. Now let's get down to business. What 
a year it has been! The yearbook returned to its pre 2000 home!!! No more sharing the room 
with everyone in D-hall who "owned" the small bathroom inside the yearbook room... No more 
panicking when the toilet overflows... No more freezing and sweating in extreme New 
England weather. 

The staff put in a LOT of work over the summer of 2003 to get the room operational and get 
the book rolling. Mingli and the editors brainstormed some great layout ideas that, for the most 
part, were later deemed too complicated and time-consuming to use. Mingli is one of the best 
editors the yearbook has had in recent memory, and the one person who carried the entire 
book on his shoulders. He always knew what was going on. Thank you for putting in so many 
hours -- you should have been paid for it all!! Jessi reorganized the photo department and got 
us all going and kept us on track and driving us all over creation in search of whatever we 
needed for yearbook, and your constant supply of decent food for snacking. Jamie put in so 
many hours getting our computers up and running, and organizing all the clubs and various 
tasks, as well as accepting Jessi's creative criticisms with unbelievable bravery. Mike Landau 
came to yearbook from the west coast with fresh interesting ideas scouted new yearbook 
territory to and laid claim to the newly minted title of CD Editor. Other staff members included 
Phil Stone, Erika Briere, Ashley Davison, Christine Boynton, Jay Altschuler, Luke Fougere, 
Stefanie Scaglione, Drusilla Szeto, Melinda Corssino, Emily Siegenthaler, Matt Poe, and 
one of you, this book would not be in your hands right now. There is not enough space to thank 
each individual student, custodian, teacher, office personel and parent but these contributions 
are the fabric of this memorable book. Thanks to Mike Prescott who without his intelligence, 
charm, wit, improvisational comedy bits, and, of course, dancing, this book would have been 
a 20-page photocopied mess. Well, enough for the self indulgents. Last, but certainly not 
least, I have to thank Mr. Rinaldi for putting up with us, all our attitudes fear of working. Without 
your unbelievable patience, knowledge, and assistance, we couldn't have done it. We have 
all learned so much in this process and will always remember all the time we spent slaving 
away in the "sweat shop" that is the yearbook room. 

That's all for this year... Best wishes to Jamie and the 2005 yearbook, and I know he will make 
a phenomenal book, especially with the help of our talented cast of underclassmen. Crop on! 
- Mike Prescott 

Top Left: Editors Mike Prescott, Mingli Chang, 
Jessica Watro, and Erika Briere at the 2003 senior 
class picture on Sabourin Field. 
Above: Editor James "Chop Suey" Chin on 

Above: Mr. Rinaldi's multi-million dollar estate 
in York Beach, Maine, paid for with mismanaged 
yearbook funds. 

Above: Our door, before new fire codes. 

Left: Mr. Rinaldi: Celebrating 90 years as BHS 
Yearbook Adviser. 

Far Left: The Mikes tackle a problem in our 
spacious new upper E-hall room. 









A.S. 3, C/oss 7 

Back Row: Megan, Callais, Ken Sutton, Ashley 
LaBrie , and Sean Griffin 

Front Row: Colby Gregory, Josh Carver, Matt 
Gagnon, and John Warwick 

J hil Stone, Andrew Mevlenberg 


A.S. 2, Class 1 

Back Row: Antonio Diaz, Sean Hannaway, Joe 
Wissler, Brad Davis, Patrick O'Nell, and Phil 

Front Kneeling: Tristan Bard 
Missing: Alec Danaher 

A.S. 1, Class 1 

Matt Smith, Ian Hannaway, Dan 
and Glenford Julien. 

Front Row:Brittany Dryman, Alex Ander- 
son, Jeff Sudd) , Laurie Wissler, and Justin 

104 CLUBS 

. ; F 


it » 

A.S. 3, C/ass2 

Back Row: Lauren Badia, Alex Grebnev, 

James Betz, Dave Woolrich, and Ken Nelson 


Front Row:Alexia Arocha, Rebecca Hart, 
Scott Dalrymple, John Warw ick, and Peter 

A.S. 2, Class 2 

Back Row: Akash Ramnanan, Mario Johnson, 

Patrick Green, and Dominique Tr 

Front Row:Chris Stone, Andrew Moran, 

David Gelinas, Sarah Wolfgram, and Ai 
thony Stiles. 

> Moran, 
and An- 

A.S. 1 , Class 2 

DelCastillo, Tim Young, Will Rose. Alicia Haigh 





L-to-R : Coby Gregory, Alex Grebnev, 
Jessica Mack, and Tristan Bard 


Back Row: Alicia Haigh, Tim Young, Peter Betz, 
Alec Danaher, Matt Gagnon, Brad Davis, and Patrick 

Front Row: Jessica Mack, Lauren Badia, Alex 
Grebnev, John Warwick, and Andrew Moran. 

Kneeling:Rebecca Hart and Alexia Arocha 


Back Row: Tristan Bard, Patrick O'Neill, Brad 
Davis, Sean Griffin, and James Betz. 

Front Row: Anthony Stiles, Andrew Moran, Alex 
Grebnev, Dominique Tracy, and Colby Gregory 



— — v * * - • n: 

v * ft* ll*- v*. 

The 2003 football season was 
a trying one for the Bucs. 
Through it all no one quit and 
they played their hearts the 
entire year. Outstanding in- 
dividual performances were 
turned in by Bernie Pekala at 
wing back, Mike O'Rielly and 
Dominic Gibson at running 
back, and Chris Champney 
on defense. The team was 
led by the excellent leader- 
ship of junior captains Scott 
senior captain Danny Rich- 
ter. This years squad was 
made up of a majority of un- 
derclassmen. They came to- 
gether and will be an out- 
standing team next year. 

Danny Richter 

Coaches. Dan Maclsaac. Frank Husch, Jimmy Sullivan. Vincent McGrath, Mike 

Back Row: Josh Caryer. Ben Waite. Pat Green, Brad Davis, Andrew Parham. 

Andrew Moran. Jimmy Liang, Dan Park 

Middle Top Row: Phil Mischler, Sateesh Venkatesh. James Abisamra, Dan Curtin. 
Kenny Russell, Tim Modello. Derek Johnson, Matt Hagar, Anthony Baggett 
Middle Lower Row: Chris Chapman, Dominic Gibson. O.Neal Anderson, Justin 
Papisa. Brendan Barrett Bernie Parkala, Mark Stander, Nick Park. Chris Braley 
Middle Lowest Row: Nate Perron, Chris Champney. Mike O'Reilly, Chns O'Bnen, 
Craig Brown, Matt Murry. Mark Sargent, Doug Stoner 

Front Row: Rob Basile, David Barnett. Ricky Barbato, Scott Rossi. Danny Richter. 

Jeff Hughes. Jay Johns. John Hartwell, Jim Foltz 

n hi ill 1 1 

Captains Danny Richter Jay Johns Jeff Hughes. Scott Rossi and 
Ricky Barbetto 





Back Row: Coaches Mike Sullivan and Vincent McGrath, Mike Ferro, Ian Hanaway, Billy Mello, Luke 
Jarvis, Chris Larsen, Mikhail Ingram-Ruben, Tony D'Alleva, Rob Montalto, Tyler Harrington, Matt 
Smith, Bobby, McConnell, Coach Bill Rimsa 

Middle Row: T.J. Pagenetti, Brian Rose, Chris Machado, Matt Basile., Anthony Santos, Scott Steed, 
Chris Mercurio, Justin Porter 
Front Row: Colin Pespisa, Craig Larsen, Johnny Merlo, Jeff McGrath, Wyatt Hudzik, Mark Wilkerson 


Back Row: Capt. Ruth Cook, Capt. 
Amanda Baggett, and Valerie 

Front Row: Capt. Alexi Wilson, 
Diana Bickford, and Laura Whallon. 

Winter Cheerleading 

L-to-R: Ruth Cook, Laura Whallon, 
Alexi Wilson, Amanda Baggett. and 
Emily Frank. 



Below: The varsity team takes a break 

Junior Varsi 


Back Row: Jeremy Cogliano, John Sepp, Jeff Raymond, Peter Stern, Jeff 
Vatter, Nick Plugis, Robert Sun, Coach Kovacs. 
Front Row: Devon Ryan, Adam Shuman, Chris McNulty, Kyle Rober, Matt 
Poe, Matt Pearson. 

Above: Ben Kessler 


Above: Scott 

Below: Evan Rosse 


Back Row: Robert Sun, Perry Fotis, David Byan, Coach McGowan, Taec 
Yun Ok, Bill Eggert, Jeremy Cogliano. 

Middle Row: Nick Plugis, Xavier Pickett, Alex Anderson, Neil Temblekar, 
DJ Cohen, Cory Leckband. 

Front Row: Luke Davis, Dan Waters, Devon Ryan, Alex Washer. 





FGirls Soc 

The Bedford Girls Soccer Team had 
a super season. The team adapted 
well to a new coach Aaron Mathieu. 
The kicking Bucs worked extremely 
hard, had some good plays, close 
games, and ultimately tons of fun. 
The senior captians were Jenny Spen- 
cer, Natashya Sanoja, and Erin 
McGowan. Leaving the team this 
year are the senior captians and Cory 
Shaw, Amanda Besselman, Meghan 
McConnell, and Katie Springer. Al- 
though we may not have had the best 
record it did not reflect the hard work 
and good time we had. 

Above: Left to Right: Kaft Springer, Meghan McConnell. Enn 
McGowan, Jenny Spencer, and Natahya Sanoja 



Fourth Row: Courtney O'Connor, Stephanie Davison, Victoria Sanoja,^^ 
Lisa Coppola, Jen Morse, Shallon Silverstrone, Katie Whallon, AlishaF 


Third Row:Amanda O'Rourke, Sarah Heinrich, Kristen Merlo, Kathryn 

Amato, Laura Valente 

Second Row: Erin McGowan, Natahya Sanoja, Jenny Spencer Meghan 

McConnell, Katie Springer. 
First Row: Stephanie Lima and Alison Miley. 


Left: Jen Morse 


Third Row: Coach Burns, Amber Callais, 
Ashley Rudd, Jackie Roe, Alyssa Cox, 
Ashley Theodore, Sabrina Stukka, Emily 
Siegenthaler, and Erika Christin. 
Second Row: Amanda Pike, Taline 
Kalantari, Justine Besy, Lara Mann, Bethie 
Miller, Juliett Bickford.and Natalie Taylor. 
First Row: Melissa Barnett, Julie Miller- 
Hendry, Beth Rogers, Kendra Collins, and 
Catherine Karmkell 

Above: Katie Whallon, 
Courtney O'Connor, and 
Jenny Spencer 

Right: Jenny 

,riif'7«rr'irVj- v. 


Left: Natashya 
Sanoja and 





Field Hockey 

Bedford Field Hockey was at its best this 
year. We had a really close team and the 
season was a lot of fun. None of us will 
forget our first win in several years, mul- 
tiple ties, and putting up a good fight in 
every one of our games. The varsity team 
was made up of eleven seniors, three 
juniors, and two sophomores, led by tri- 
captains Colleen McGovern, Meagan Asp, 
and Jill Russo. Congratulations to DCL All- 
Stars Lucy MacRobert, Colleen McGovern, 
Meagan Asp, Jill Russo, and Rebekah 
Armstrong. Thanks to Coach Barton and 
all the field hockey girls for this awesome 
season. Good luck to next year's team, led 
by Becky Moschini, Lauren Badia, and 
Maggie Brogan! GO BUCS! 

Left: Back Row: Rebekah Armstrong, Becky 
Moschini, Jenny Chapney, Lauren Badia, and 
Maggie Brogan. 

Middle Row: Britta Gocht, Sonia Chheda, Jessica 
Watro, Sarah Brun, Stephanie Shamel, CorinaTom, 
Lucy MacRobert, and Ashley Davison. 
Front Row: Megan Asp, Jill Russo, and Colleen 




Left: Lucy 

Below: Megan Asp 

Above: Jenny Campney 

Junior Varsity 

Back Row: Leah Micu , Kristin Peterson, Deidre Kalenderian, Britni 

O'Connor, Emma Stuhl, and Ashleigh Gonzalez. 

Middle Row: Naomi Ingram, Jessica Reynolds, Kathryn Arabasz. 

Audrey Lin, Michaela St.Onge, and Sara Bushnell. 

Front Row: Jenny Oien, Stephanie Larsen, and Cheryl Shao. 




Above: Coach Barton giving 
a pep talk to the team. 

Back Row: Elizabeth Rose, Katherine Southard, Lisa Rossi, Sarah Jaffer, 
Kaylyn Klatt, Coach O'Connor. 

Front Row: Lisa Gocht, Lindsay Bernardo, Katie Wilkins, Sheila Chheda. 



Back Row: Jennifer Larino, Cassie Tavema, Coach McGee. Carolyn Dunlea, 
and Deepa Bharat. 

Middle Row: Ann Dunlea, Kristen Sarson, Ji-Hyen Ok, Jacqueline Melton, and 
Katie Purnell. 

Front Row: Christine Boynton. Danielle Carey, and Savannah Armstrong. 

Above: Danielle Carey 

Above: Savannah Armstrong 

n l^tn I O ^ Above: Christine Boynton, Danielle 
v>l |^ I I IO Carey, and Savannah Armstrong. 

Above: Ji-Hyen Ok 

Above: Kristen Sarson 


Junior Varsity 


Back Row: Coach Larino.Gabrielle Lynch, Christine Hill, 
Kaitlin Connell, Liz Davidson, and Jennifer Kehoe 
Front Row: Elysa Purchia, Amy Boshco, Drusilla Szeto, 
Jenna Mitchell, and Sarah Lam. 


Above: The team during servin 

g practice. 

The Volleyball team had an extraordinary season this year. We 
had more team spirit (keep those hands clapping and feet 
stomping!), better skills, and a stronger desire to win. The 
season ended with the best record our volleyball program has 
ever seen. The varsity team was captained by our three 
Seniors, Christine Boynton, Savannah Armstrong, and Danielle 
Carey. The JV team had an advantage with all of their 
experienced players. The team was captained by Drusilla 
Szeto and Amy Boscho. This was our first year with a freshman 
team, who had a solid season. They were captained by Stacey 
Watro and Katie Neff. All three teams played exciting games, 
and every match had our fans (and coach!) on the edge of their 
seats. The whole team put in 100% effort and the upcoming 
season looks very promising! 

1 ' M ) 

Above: The team during 
an intense game. 


Jennifer Larino 
nd Kristen 

Left: Back Row: Coach Gle< son(?), Jessica 

Mack, Shara Norton, Oliva Osgood, and Lauren 


Middle Row: Eliza Rosenber ' 
Juile Pietrasik. and Catherine I 
Front Row: Marianna Ballou, Stephanie Miller- 
Hendry, Stacey Watro, and Lai in Marino 


Cross Country had a great season this year. 
The team was dedicated and individuals im- 
proved drastically over the season. Coach 
Soloman Chebor helped both teams to be- 
come even more competitive, with the boys 
team shutting out Boston Latin, wining 15-50. 
Thoughout the season, only three team mem- 
bers were sent to the "corner. We had the 
best practices of any fall team, including wal 
tag, football, and trick-or-treat runs. BHS XC 
is the way to be! 

Pat, Emily, Abby, and Owen 

Cross Country 


Back Row: Mike Buttnck. 
MaR Gagnon. Capt Pat 
Reed, Capt. Owen Harris, 
John Hart, and Elliot 

Front Row: Capt Emily 
Frank, Capt. Abby Belknap. 
Ashley McNufty, and Hailey 

mml m k m 


Back Row: Eric Taylor, Partrick Reed, Elliot Rabinowitz, Greg Johnson, Owen Harris, Jamie Dorer. John Hart 
Pabian, Kevin Grant, Prashanth Haran. Daniel Cullen, Kevin Harkins, and Coach C 

Middle Row:Mart Gagnon, Mike Buttrick, Russell Rennie, Ian Dudley-Marling, Adam Gart, Cheng Li , Am 
Churella, and Mike Barbacano. 

Front Row: Ellen Li, Emily Frank, Abby Belknap, Ashley McNulty, Taylor Besselman, Ariel Stimson, Michelle 



y Criscione, 



Above: Owen Harris 
:low: Kevin Grant 



The first two lines, which include Scott Rossi. Mark Sargent. 
Chris O'Brien, Dave Ahern, Brandon Sheehan. and Colton Sullivafli 
really lead the team. Goalie Storm Tillman stepped up and played 
a good season, surpassing many expectations. Defensemen 
John Feurstein, Mike O'Reilly, and DJ Cohen made many im- 
provements and were an essential part of the team. Those who 
saw fewer shifts include, Rob Basile, Brian Spencer. Kelly Walsh, 
Steve Collins, Craig Larsen, Mike Wilson. Matt Basile. Sam 
Grainger, and Brett Shofner chipped in when they could. 

The team would also like to thank head coach Mike McGrath 
and assistant coach Steve Mead for a great year and always 
sticking with them through the thick and thin. Thanks also to the 
team manager Justin Porter for always being there to help out. 
Good luck to next year's team! Remember to play every game 
as if it was your last because the season goes by so fast and 
before you know it, it is gone. 

Senior Captain, 
Billy Wilson 


Below: Mike O'Riely waits 
for the golden opportunity. 





Left: Dave Woolrich 
goes for the shot. 



Girls Basketball 

varsity j 

Back Row: Coach McConnel, Torri McGee. Vicki Sanoja. Cassy Taverna 

Jenny Champney, Jen Morse, Coach Cody, Taylor 

Middle Row: Jakoya Wilkins. Meghan McConnetl. Kate Gorski. Vicki 


Front Row: Natasha Sanoja. Meghan Harris 

IP C1 in 

Seniors: Captain Natasha Sanoja. Meghan McConnell. Kate Gorski. 
Captain Meghan Harris 





Junior Varsity 

Above: Back Row: Coach McConnel, Amanda O'Rourke, 
Melissa Barnett, Stephanie Barounis, Kristina Peterson, Shallon 
Silverstrone, Dennis Taylor Middle Row: Natalie Taylor, 
Stephanie Woolrich, Juliette Bickford, Amanda Pike Front 
Row: Lauren Marino, Alisha Silvestrone, Rebecca Armstrong, 
Grace Armstrc 

w Km vuLi ■ 

i i 

Above: The Bedford varsity basket- 
ball team gets pumped up for their 

Above: Cassy Taverna observes the 
ball as it bounces off the hoop. 

Above: Meghan Harris tries to pass 
through the blockade of her opponent. 

Above: Jenny Champney reaches into 

Above: Vicki Blanchard goes for the 
penalty shot. 

Above: Vicki Blanchard and the rest of the 
team cools off after their intense game. 




the team 

Back Row: Sean 
Hannaway, Tom Colgan, 
David Thorsen, and Brad 

Middle Row: Kaitlin Connell 
Lauren Anderson, Brenna 
Quinn, Catherine Land, and 
Lauren Mazel. 
Front Row: Coach Blake, 
Meagan Asp, Ashley 
McNulty, and Coach 


Above: Catherine Land, Brenna Quinn, Meagan Asp, and Kaitlin 

Catherine Land and Lauren Anderson get ready for the race. 


Above: The team talks with Coach Blake 

Left: Meagan Asp gracefully speeds ahead. 



Rifle Team 

Above: Matt Buttrick stands 
sharp as he demonstrates the 
proper standing posture 

The Rifle Team had a season 
transition this year as Chief Edris 
took over as coach and the 
League adopted new rules. 
Unfortunately, a five year unde- 
feated streak was snapped by 
Gloucester. In spite of this, how- 
ever, the team finished the sea- 
son with an outstanding record. 
Although seniors Mike Buttrick, 
Colby Gregory, Matt Gagnon, 
and Josh Wert will not return 
next year, the future looks brigh 
for the Rifle Team. 
-Mike Buttrick 

i Above: Colby Gregory takes 

Seniors: Matt Gagnon, Colby Gregory, Mike Buttrick. and Josh Wert. 




Girls Captians: Katherine Amato and Kristen Merlo 

Below: Captians Jason Haines, Bernie Pekala 
and Montana Ross 

EM ^ 

it? A 

Across 2004 Track tea 
Sixth Row: Coach Al Doherty. Davi 
Churella, Sateesh Vankatesh, Andy Cnscion 
Kevin Grant, Kevin Harkir 
Fifth Row: Sheila Chheda, Michelle Richte 
Jon Merlo, Will Eggert, and Luke Dav 
Forth Row: Michaela St. Onge, Luke Fouger 
Melinda Corssino, and Alex Gama 
Third Row: James Dorer, Alex O'Brien. Nk 
Young, and Phil Stembe 
Second Row: Anthony Baggett. Ben Kesle 
Chris Champney, and James Folt 
Front Row: Kristan Merlo, Jason Hayne 
Bernard Pekala, Montana Ross, and Kathenr 



junior varsit 

Back Row: Billy Wilson, Nick Young, Bernie Pekala, Dave Barnett 
Joey Mizzoni, Paul Rossi, and Colton Sullivan. 
Middle Row: Dustin Waller, Ben Jones, Matt Hagar, Pete Sheppard, 
Stepher Baker, Chris Champney, and Big JR (Coach Reynolds). 
Front Row: Mike Pabian, Tim Mondello, Sam Grainger, Craig 
Brown, and Cheng Li. 


W>« w ^ 

Back Row: Coach Sabourin, Matt Murray, Ricky Barbato, Brendan 
Wilkerson, Brandon Kennedy, and Coach Sullivan. 
Middle Row: Gary Lucas, Dave Ahern, Danny Richter, Jason 
Kennedy, Chris Dutton, and John Hart. 

Front Row: Scott Wright, Tim Brady, Ian Sullivan, Adam Chan, and 
Richie Volpicelli. 



girls' Softball 

The only time success 

comes before work is in 

the dictionary' 

"We made it into the play- 
offs for states and we only 
lost 3 games. It was a 

great season!" 

-Megan Asp 

^ * i 



Far Back Row: Coach Wilson, Cassy Taverna, Melinda Corssino, Rabekah Armstrong, 
Grace Armstrong, and Coach Gullage. 
Back Row: Meagan Asp, Kristen Merlo, and Alii Lua. 

Middle Row: Courtney Little, Lindsey Hartwell. Katherine Bentley, and Lauri Baudanza. 
Front Row: Sam Blanchard, Nikki Lua. Sarah Armstrong, and Michelle Hagar. 


This past season the Bedford High Boys Lacrosse 
team had a good season. Along with their one year 
coach, Kevin Tyska, the team struggled to play as 
hard as possible and give it their all. The team 
captains, Steve Mclain, Mike Lynch, and Gregg 
Gannon always made sure the team was on their 
toes. Every win or loss was a gain to the Bedfrord 
Boys Lacrosse team, as they came out of each 
game mostly loosing to another team by no more 
than 2-4 goals. The team had taken valuable time 
to try different cominations of players in each 
grade to put together a strong fighting force. After 
a long season of stressful practices and games 
they came out with a team full of potential. 

- Luke Fougere 

Derek Johnson (center) and Luke Fougere (right). 

Sean Roe, Gregg Gannon (captain), Steve Mclain (captain) 
Sam Deans, Keith Collins, and Mike Lynch (captain). 



xv Hey, we broke our 
3 year losing streak 

to Newton-South ! 

-Matt Gagnon 

Craig Baylis clearing a saved shot. 



Far Back Row: Shawn Roe, Scott Rossi. Steve Mclain, and Coach Tyska. 
Back Row: Matt Lynch, Mike O'Reilly, Chris O'Brien, and Mike Lynch. 
Middle Row: Matt Gagnon, Jonney Hempton, Greg Gannon, and Keith Collins. 
Front Row: Craig Balis, Sam Deans. Jeff Vatter, Derek Johnson, and Mark 


Not pictured: Brian Chen. John Hartwell, and Luke Fougere. 

i u nip r varsit y 

Back Row: Coach Read, Chris Goyette, John Hartwell 

Nicholas Park, Pat Reed, and Kevin Conway. 

Middle Row: Sean Hannaway, Matt Poe, Emmet Kelty 

Owen Harris, and Jack Davis. 

Front Row: Dimitriy Kogosov., Matt Bushnell, Rob 

Basile, and Dave Churella. 




Gregg Gagnon, 
and Jeff Vatter. 



-V-* A - 


I Far Back Row: Daniel Jamison. Nick Marshall, and Mark Karnovich. 
Back Row: Tristan Bard, Andrew Moran, Kevin Grant. Ryan, and Dan 

Middle Row: Chris Braley, Travis Johnson. Paul Paik. Brad Davis, and 
Hemang A. 

Front Row: Ben Waite, Corey Waite, Eric Butler. Tim Petnasic and Milo 





Back Row: Sheena Mahoney, Sabrina Stucka, Jackie Roe, Rorey 
Christianson, Kayla Scaglione. 

Middle Row: Ashley Davison, Stefanie Scaglione, Beth Miller, Jessica 
Whitley, Marisa Siegal. 

Front Row: Amanda Besselman, Michelle Eaton, Christine Boynton, 
Stephanie Shamel, Hailey Mello, Sarah Heinrich, and Coach Baker-Siroty. 



yson McConnel and Jen Strachan 
Not Pictured: Whitney Dorer 

Far Back Row: Michelle Mendel, Tracy Raymond, Lindsay Foy, 
Kristin Sarson, and Coach Sarah. 

Back Row: Taylor Besselman, Jenny Olen, Lauren Grace, Sarah 
Bushnell, Emma Stuhl, and Elizabeth Davidson. 
Middle Row: Leah Micu, Stephani Lima, Tori McGee, Naomi 
Ingram, and Ann Dunlea. 

Front Row: Ellen Le, Audrey Lin, Katy Arabaz, Erica Christen, 
Ellyse Purchia, Ariel Stimson. 

'Girls Lax is the most spirited and fun team in the school!!' 

-Britta Gocht 


Roys 1 1 



Back Row: Brett Boghigian, Dave Arzumanyan, Mark Annate i 
Kachelmeyer, and Sam Morgan-Cleveland. 
Front Row: Varsity Captains Phil DeMeo and Chris Kiely. 


Far Back Row: Coach Geilfuss, Alex Gaman, Matt Pearson, Alex 
Harasim, Anthony Stiles, Prashanth Aaran 

Back Row: : Chirs Long, Peter Johannessen, Elliot Rabinowitz, Peter 
Stern, Keith Barbato 

Middle Row: Chris Redmond, Mark Amato, Chris Kiely, Eric Kachelmeyer, 
Adam Gart, Sam Morgan-Cleveland 

Front Row: Adam Shuman, Dave Arzumanyan, Brett Boghigian, Phil 
DeMeo, Brian Spencer, Will Shao 


This past season the Bedford High 
Boys Tennis Team dominated league 
play. Led by Coach John Geilfuss, 
they compiled a record of 16-0 an 
went on to win the Dual County League 
Championship outright. Chris Kiely, 
who compiled an outstanding record, 
made key contributions at first singles 
Freshman Chris Redmond stood tal 
at second singles and a combination 
of Elliot Rabinowitz, Brian Spencer, 
and Eric Kachelmeyer played well at 
third singles. At the first doubles, 
DCL All-Stars Brett Boghigian and 
Phil DeMeo dominated every match 
and went undefeated for the season. 
The second doubles team of Chh 
Long and Peter Johannesen had a 
great season as well. 


"One point at 

a time girls. 


- Kate Gorski 

A Bedford player shows her mettle and aims for 
another victory on the court. 

Seniors: Left to right -- Kate Gorski, Lisa Mara, 
Jenny Spencer, Taryn Westerkamp, and Tara Busa. 

Artist's Rendering by Ben Reynolds 

Over the past few years, the girl's ten- 
nis team has really evolved into a com- 
petitive team in the DCL. The girls nearly 
missed the tournament cut off, by two 
matches, although they put up a good 
fight, teh team expects to see some 
good new freshman coming up and 
there will also be some returning se- 
niors. The girls intend on gontinuting to 
work ard to make the tournament next 
year and they are sure they can do it. 
Here we go girl's tennis! One point at a 
time girls!! Yeah Tigah!!!!!!! 

-Kate Gorski 


Carey St. Onge 

Jim 11 


Kim Bernardo 


Lisa Mara and Jenny Spencer 


20 03 spring 

Kate Kerwin 




Far Back Row: Sateesh Venkatesh, Kyle Rober, Jimmy landoli, Mike Waters, 
Jim Foltz, Cheng Li, and Gregory Johnson. 

Back Row: Andy Criscione, Jon Sepp, Joe King, Ian Dudley-Marling, Jamie 
Dorer, Montana Ross, and Ben Kessler. 

Middle Row: Coach Stott, Tim Churella, AJ Lusby. Phil Aiken, Anthony 
iBaggett, Ricky Gomez, and Coach Dougherty or Sharkey? 
Front Row: Derek Castellana, AJ Lusby. Alex Iwanchuk, Corey Baggett, 
Tyler Gray, and Jeff Tate. 

J % X' ^ ^ 

ft rllW 

Bedford High School's 2003 Outdoor 
Track was one of the best the school 
has ever seen. Several individuals 
qualified for the state meet, and se- 
niors Derek Castellana, Tyler Gray, 
Tim Churella, Phil Aiken, and Jen 
Caban qualified for the All-State Meet. 
Many team members also broke 
school records. Jen Caban and Sa- 
rah Caban were the core of the girls' 
team, scoring more than half of the 
team's points. Hopefully next year will 
be another successful season, though 
with the loss of so many talented 
seniors, it will be hard to match this 
great year. 


Left to Right: Derek Castellan, Tyler Gray, Tim Churella, Phil Aiken, 
Corey Baggett, Alex Iwanchuk, Jeff Tate, and AJ Lusby. 



Back Row: Katilin Connell, Dedre Kalenderian, Jessica Para, Alyssa Cox, 
Nicole Berke, and Coach Greenwood. 
Middle Row: Jenny Waldron, Sabrina Stucka, Shelly Wanamaker, Lauren 
Badia, Miana Libby, and Sonia Chheda. 

Front Row: Sarah Caban, Ariel Carmichael, Alex Grebnev, and Jen Caban. 

Caban Twins 


Savannah Armstrong 

I just want to give a quick shout out to all of my friends 
and family who have been here for me throughout the 
years despite everything. To my family I love you all 
more than words can say! To my friends, you mean 
the world to me and I could never have gotten 
through high school without you. Yall rock my 
world!! To charles, Mr. Dan Hunt and my favorite 
librarians Mrs.P and Mrs S. You have all been so 
wonderful and made me a better person for knowing 
you, thank you so much. And especially to mom, 
Noel, Buddy, Siah, Hailey and Daniel for always 
loving me! One love BHS! Xoxo P.S. Thanx dad for 
always watching over me! 143 blackjack! 

Alexia Arocha 

First, I'd like to thank my family for all the support and 
encouragement through these years. To my friends, 
thank you for the memories. Thanks for always being 
there and for the fun times. I wouldn't be the same 
with out all of you: Bee, Babushka, Tash, Ralfy, Savy, 
Meg, Kim, Darryl, Springer, Jay, Folsum, all my 
ROTC friends (Mike!), Ashley, Whoolrich, Nadia, 
Brit (Josh!), Party of Five. . .everyone obviously isn't 
listed but I hope all you others know who you are, 
thanks for everything. 

Meghan Asp 

Oh jeez here we go Mom and Dad- 1 don't know how 
I could thank u enough for all that u have done. U have 
supported me to the fullest extent. Thank u for 
coming to all of my games and marching band 
competitions. I have been able to excel in life because 
u have been there for me and helped me when I 
needed it. I love you guys Charlene- .1 don't know 
how you put up with me for the last 1 8 years, but I 
give you a lot of credit for that. Although we may have 
not always got along, I appreciate the fact that you 
were at all my games and supported me through all of 
my decisions Thank You Gamma- Thank you for 
being there for me. I appreciated u coming to all of my 
games and my odier numerous activities without me 
ever asking or expecting u too Its alphabetical order so 
no one feels slighted! Alec: Lunches were sweet 
finding different ways to make fun of Ashley Amy: 
Asian #2, thanx for keeping pat in line and for helping 
me out widi all my AP Bio questions Ashley- We have 
had endless amounts of classes together. I can't imag- 
ine joining Colorguard without u, these past 4 years 
have gone by quick but I always managed to spend at 
least one day of the weekend at your house. Thanx for 
being my friend and helping me when I needed it 
most Britta-Thanxfor being die target of Filed Hockey 
Humor, I loved giving u rides to G cubed Chris: 
Thanxfor being the best drummajor ever and for just 
being crazy Chris, thanxfor opening up ur house to us 
every weekend Colleen- Being Co- Captains what a 
great Season!! Field hockey would have been no fun 
if it weren't for u falling all the time and constantly- 
harassing Meg with me Corina Asian # 1 , thanxfor 
being so smart and for being such a good paint crew 
manager Diana: Thanxfor being someone I could 
always talk to. I wish we had more classes together but 
we makeup for that lost time on die weekends when 
I'm at ur house Erin- Wind ensemble would have 
been so boring if it weren't for u hitting on me and 
mike Jill- what would I do without u whimpering 
next to me in math. Thanxfor being one of my co- 
captains, this year was fun and wouldn't have been 
widiout u Jenny: MEH, we had some fun times sitting 
at Michelle's house till 9:30 every Tuesday night and 
annoying Dotty to no end at swimming, Thanxfor 
being creepily funny and doing weird things, u 
always made diings more enjoyable Kate: Thanxfor 

being totally and completely creepy Katie- We had 
some crazy time widi our colorful pants. Thanxfor 
making me join Colorguard life would not be the 
same without you guys. You helped me out a lot and 
I really want to thank you for it Michelle- My love, 
thanxfor being you with ur laugh, and ur strut, 
starting up g cubed was superb what else would I do 
on Tuesday nights Mike B- You're so crazy some- 
times, ur love for physics scares me, thanx for just 
being crazy cool Mike Buttrick Mike H- sometimes u 
scare me with ur creepiness. Thanx for wearing ur hot 
pants all the time. I don't know what Wind would 
have been like widiout you!! Pat- Ohh princess pat, ur 
giggle always made tilings better Sonia- Ur the coolest, 
thanxfor the goldfish Tom- It was cool being in some 
of ur classes over the years. Marching Band wouldn't 
have been the same without u chasing me around 
trying to give me hugs Dotty: How could u put up 
with me for 4 years letting me hang out in your room, 
making me birdiday cakes, being the best swim coach 
ever. Thanxfor everything u have done forme Felker- 
Thanxfor putting up with me for 4 full years of 
Marching Band, u always made those cold night on 
the field fun, u made us laugh and u were someone we 
could always talk to Jackie- Thank you for being the 
Marching Band's number one fan and for doing my 
hair numerous times for proms etc.B.K. Reagan- 
Thanxfor making my eighth grade year of Marcliing 
Band so enjoyable, the experience made me more 
outgoing and changed me for the years to come, and 
dianx for putting up with me for my years of high 
school Colorguard Girls: our gossip sessions, 5 years 
of excellent memories wouldn't give it up for the 
world, 4 STAHS Marcliing Band: being a family for me 
and for always making me happy and for making my 
years of high school enjoyable Coaches: You have 
shaped me in ways that I cant explain; I have learned 
how to work with others ad in some cause led my 
peers, these are the lessons that will stay with me 
forever A special thanx to the class of 2003 for 
hanging out widi me on the weekends and for being 
some of my closest friends: Chris, Keidi, Colleen, 
Brian, Lauri, Becca, Betsey, Whitney, Nikki, Lisa, 
Michelle H, Nick, Tim, and Phil And also thank you 
to Becca, Grace, Maggie, Amanda B, Emily, Sarah, 
Mrs. Irving, G Hunt, Ms. Farrell, Elliot, Danny, Matt 
G, Becky, Amanda C, Kristen, Allie, Hailey, Alexia, 
Taryn, Lisa, and Laura. High School would not have 
been die same with out u!! 

Amanda Baggett 

Mom & Dad, thank you for always wanting the best 
for us, for all the devotion, for being the parents that 
come to every game. I appreciate everything you've 
done for me. I love you! MOM-Helping me get ready 
for beauty pageants to helping me get ready for the 
prom, picking out my clothes to sharing clothes, for 
always being there to talk to, and all your comfort. 
DAD-Practicing softball, editing my essays, and all our 
good-bye waves when you left for work. I'll always be 
daddy's little girl. Corey & Anthony, I'm so lucky to 
have such awesome brothers. From lemonade stands 
to high school car washes we've stayed close. I don't 
know what I would be without you guys. COREY-I 
hope you don't end up in jail someday for stealing 
mints. If you ever become a movie star and live in the 
mansion you've always dreamed of, share the wealth. 
You've always been there for me, always motivated 
me, and you continue to be my role model I'm glad 
you're having fun at Notre Dame. I miss you! AN- 
THONY-Always making fun of me, especially since 
you're taller than me now. I'm proud of how you've 
adjusted after all the hardships of moving. Stay strong. 
Remember, my music is better! ALEXI- Freshmen year 

and it's many excitements! I miss everything, espe- 
cially yellow candy hearts. RUTH-I'd have to think, 
the pool, Spanish videos, South Carolina, everything! 
We've been such good friends these past few years. I 
knooow.DIANA-You're the true definition of a friend. 
You've always been there for me, but most impor- 
tantly you've always understood. You care so much 
about others, and it's greatly appreciated. I can't wait 
to see what the future brings us. I know we'll always 
stay in touch. LAURA-Sophomore year! Hanging out 
after work, cutting your hair, and our adventures to 
find a salvation army. There's no way I can fit all our 
insiders. RYAN S.-The first guy I met in Bedford. Our 
online conversations at 2am, watching our brothers' 
football games (making fun of the cheerleaders), 
kidnapping you on your birthday, and all the basket- 
ball bus rides. You're always so happy, and so much 
fun to be with. EMILY- Wendy's, AP Chem with 'our 
best friend', the many bus conversations/stories, and 
In da Club. Keep laughing! RYAN C.-All the notes/ 
phone calls, dying your hair, and making me cds. 
You're such a kind person and a great friend! BESS-Co- 
AB, we're totally ivy-bound, tanning at the pool, our 
note cards, muhaha. You're one cool chick! TARYN- 
Maybe we'll become athletic trainers some day, or 
not. We'll be at a Kenny Chesney concert! PHIL- 
You're the most dioughtful person I know. From 
freshmen health to peer leadership, algebra II to 
calculus, and all die classes in between, drivers ed., sat 
prep, the semi, valentine's day, ice skating, the prom, 
last summer, the riddle, all the movies/conversations, 
flipper vs. lily, ccd and much more to come! It's been 
so meaningful to share all these memories with you. 
You've been there through diick and thin and you 
truly bring out the best in me. You always heighten 
my smile you're simply amazing! Thank you for being 
you. Love always. To everyone else who has had a 
huge impact on my high school experience: Danny. 
Montana, Derek, Jon, Mike, Dan-you're all great 
guys! Thanks for being so much fun to hang out with. 
Hailey, Katie, Sheldon, Will, Sonia, Jill (I was hiding in 
the back of Owen's car!), Jack, Alastair, Owen, Elliot 
(caution: flying chocolate chip cookies), Ricky, Alex 
H, Chris D. Brendan, ChrisS (Hey Band!). Britta. 
Michelle, Brad, Scott, Jason, Frankie, ChrisL, Danika, 
Alexia, Meghan H, Pat (I'm so glad you moved into 
the neighborhood. Thanks for all the pranks pal!), 
Chris K, Gary, Colleen, Lisa, Meagan A, Alec, Jenny, 
Maria (for always doing my hair, thanks "sloth") 
. . .Thank you for being such amazing individuals and 
awesome friends. You'll always be in my thoughts. 
Good Luck you guys! Shout out to the class of 2003: 
I miss you Alex, Adam, Brett, Steve, Tyler, Peter. 
PhilA, Greg, Richie, Jen, Jeff, Whitney, Sarah, Sam. 
Scott. Mr. Hunt-Thanks for all your encouragement! 
Thank you and best wishes to: LABBB. Best Buddies 
(Lauren J), Interact, St. Michael's, Bedford Farms, all 
the cheerleaders and my lacrosse teammates. You'll all 
be missed. Take care! 

Ricky Barbato 

Mom and Dad. thanks for your support threw these 
last four years. I wouldn't be the astute gentleman I 
am today without you guys. 

Abigail Belknap 

LILIAN for liking Ben and Luke, making classical 
music videos, letting me be the baby but teaching me 
how to grow up. stopping at green lights, and 
(blowing me down the stairs. JESSE Hey Mr. Belknap! 
Look! for teaching kids like Eugene, cheering on the 
Sox at Yankee Stadium no matter how many people 
throw things at you. and being a nigger. MOM 
Gregory the Green Grasshopper, good night, I low 
you, see you in the morning, letting me steal your 


clothes. DAD for bike trips, canoeing, helping me 
speak more eloquently, and driving a VW Bug up 
Harvard stairs at 4 am. JEN for intellectual discussions. 
JIM for running talks. HONKUS and JENNIE for being 
my adopted big siblings. CORINA falling out of 
physics, mrah!, road trips, skydaddy, wind, Alba- 
nians, back of math classes, and driving the bat mobile 
EMILY bhsxc2k!, alternate energy days, I have a 
headache! KAREN marshmallows, bubble days, 
forever&always SARA staying friends even 2000 miles 
away, freddy ELLIOT script writing, krispy kremes, 
living in the counseling office MIKE all-night script 
writing parties, apes TARA alto power, sex tette, being 
nymphs MICHELLE exhausting our love for chocolate 
in 2 foods classes, twin day shopping, madrigal JILL 
book awerow, having crazy fun SARAH newsies, 
ethan hawke hamlet, Coach Johnson. We brought Pat 
and die OC BRITTA G loving sleigh ride (and making 
it into your cellphone ring) , being Swedish BRITTA B 
never once having a class together and still being 
friends ASHLEY finally joining xc, weddings AMY jd 
got facts, weddings KATIE& KATE Montessori school 
STEF being adorable, script writing, flying, now8 
SONIA for always being really sweet PAT xc bus rides, 
eating 6 bowls of hot&sour soup in one sitting ALEC, 
being teenies MIKE B being a sackbut-playing super- 
fluous monkey, super AP physics TOM drama crazi- 
ness, BHS Live JIMMY MAC always knowing every- 
thing IAN xc, liking buena vista social club and moxy 
fruvous, being an old man JOHN WARWICK surviv- 
ing madrigal weekend DAVE breathing my car's 
morning fumes NIKKI B being fiona apple TIM 
coming back to xc meets NICK G always having hugs 
MARK wind, prom, everything. Thanks to my teach- 
ers, especially JD, McGowan, Huff, and Griffin. Thanks 
to everyone from GBYSO and Kinhaven, I love you all. 
Thanks to the class of '04 (or was it '09?) for being 
incredibly smart and spirited. To everyone I forgot: 
Make me sign your yearbooks. Again, thank you. 

Diana Bickford 

I'd like to thank all my family because widiout them 
I wouldn't have made it anywhere and diey are the 
backbone(or sternum)that keeps me togedier. MOM- 
Thank you for "breakfasts before school", shopping, 
letting me drive the CRV, always sticking up for me 
and understanding what I was going through, know- 
ing that sometimes I just needed my friends. I can't tell 
you how much I appreciate you and all you've done. 
I could only hope that one day I as great a mother as 
you are. I love you. DAD~Thank you for always 
helping me with my homework, making me use scrap 
paper, telling me not to rush, pushing me to try new 
things and to not give up, skiing, for being die father 
that I could truly talk to about anything, supporting 
and giving us everything we needed. I am so grateful 
to have you as my father. I love you. JULIETTE ~I am 
so proud of the woman you have become. You are the 
best litde sister ever! "If we were friends, we'd have 
the best insiders". We are! I love you Bum Bum. JILL 
F~My "other" sister, "forever young" I love you. 
NANA AND OMA- For being the best grandmothers 
I could ask for. Love you. Clucks/ Carriers/ Degs- 
You all mean the world to me. Love you. AMANDA 
RAE~ I am so grateful to have you in my life; you 
mean so much to me. What would I do without you? 
Sunshine! You always know when somethings wrong 
and are right there for me. You always make me smile, 
there to listen, laugh, and cry. Don't forget SHAL! You 
are the bestest best friend. I love you. 
MEGHAN-Friends Forever is really us. We have been 
through 6 th grade trauma, crying@dances, pen po- 
lice, Stuart, our band/colors, Sweet 16, mall, I'm 


hungry, Barbie's. Thank you for believing in me, 
always understanding, listening to me and always 
being my best friend. I love you. KATIE- "Thanks for 
making me a fighter". You are the bravest person I 
know and I admire you. You always make me laugh 
and are always there. Driving me illegally, girls night 
posters, CVS-soccer scrunchie and Ben Jerry's, Mr Jr., 
don't put your head there, C, peprally, chicken 
sandwiches, fashion, White Chicken Chili, Michael 
Vartan, Freddie, Drive-by's. I love you. HAILEY~ The 
Queen of Changing Subjects, driving me illegally, 
ACT's, one/many guys, Swimfan. Although we've 
had our disagreements, you make everything fun. I 
know you always care. Love you always. FINKELSTEIN 
-Everytime we get together, we think of something 
new and fun to do. You are such a great person to be 
around. Thanks for mall trips, guy talks, books, 
Vanilla Sky, kickboxing, and my amazing party. You 
have been so understanding and willing to listen. I 
love you. MEAGAN -Thanks for stalking teachers 
with me. spending tons of time at my house, my car, 
for really knowing when I needed you there and being 
extremely nice, taking after me and my shopping 
habits, stealing my clothes, AE, mishy, Irv, summer in 
NH. Thank you for being such a great friend. Love 
you. MONTANA-You have always been a great 
friend and have always cared about me. You can 
always make me laugh. Your friendship has meant so 
much to me. You are a truly a great best guy friend. 
DANNY-Gizmos and Gadgets-no classes senior year. 
We've been through alot. good and bad. You've 
always cared so much about me and been there to 
listen and advise me. Thanks for being a Great friend. 
PHILIP- Litde Mermaid, calling me man. Rozen, 
annoying person. You've made my days better and 
more fun. Thank you for being such a great friend. 
DEREK- Thank you for taking me to Junior Semi and 
Prom. We've been through a lot, have been great 
friends; you've always been there. JON~ for pingpong 
and great memories. MANDA BESS- Glad you de- 
cided to like me! You always know why I'm upset and 
the right thing to make it better. Eating at Denny's, 
your hair is better, promcommittee. Luv ya. MICHELLE 
-We have been friends for a long time. Thanks 
making me laugh, sticking up for me. and knowing 
how to make me feel better. Love you. USA -Thank 
you for completely understanding what I was going 
through. You always knew just what to do and say. 
Thanks for being a great friend. Luv ya. TARA -The 
creator of DBick! Luv ya. MANDA C -My spendicular 
rwin! Thank you for being a truly amazing friend. You 
are always there when I need someone and cheer me 
up. I love you. CHRIS M(for all the great memories 
and for being a wonderful part/person in my life.)& 
KEITH E&MICHELLE H~for making my junior 
year(film!)awesome and being really great. CARA-For 
always being there and making everything fun. BECKY 
-When you read this, you will have an awesome 
purse. Thank you for being a good friend. CHRIS S 
-Thanks for Denny's. ALEC -Thanks for the long 
talks/car rides, nicknames. MIKE H -You're always 
there to listen. JENNY W -Rozen classes! ASHLEY- 
Procrastinators! TOMMY -I'm alive! CHEERLEADERS 
-For welcoming me and being awesome girls! G- 
CUBED-I will think of you girls every Tuesday night! 
Thanks to Ruth, Laura, Siegs, AlexiaB. Erin, Natashya, 
Taryn, Amy, Jessie, Savy, Dani, Alexi, Kelly. Allison. 
SarahP. Special Thanks to Ms.Farrell. Mrs. Irving, Mrs. 
Kurzman, Mrs. Rozen. Sorry to anyone I forgot. You 
know I love you all. Thank you Class of 2004! 

Alexia Bililies 

First of all I would like to thank God for blessing me 
with such a wonderful life. To my Mom and Dad, I 
would have to buy much more space in this yearbook 

to properly thank you for all the love and support thel 
two of you have given me throughout the years.l 
Mom, although we have our days, I love you verw 
much and thank you for everything I have today. I wil 
never forget our shopping days, litde chats about lifej 
or chasing you around the house forcing you to 
proofread my papers. Dad, my business partner, youi 
always say the right things to both inspire and cheal 
me up at the same time. Thank you for all the advice 
about school and life, which has made me a stronger! 
person today. Charles, a.k.a. Gordito. Blanket, etc] 
thank you for all the laughs we have had together, foil 
always protecting me. and for being the best older 
brother a girl could ask for. To the rest of my family, 
thank you for all the great times we have shared 
together. To my friends: ERIN-the sister I never hadl 
I value our friendship so much. I always know that I 
you understand me when it seems like the rest of the 
world does not. Since first grade. I knew that we could 
get through anything together, and we have. Our trip 
to Italy is one that I will remember for the rest of my 
life. Chasing monks, meeting sketchy Italians (Vinny), 
and the Elisa song. We have experienced some won- 
derful times together, and hopefully many more are 
to come. The fearsome foursome- Thank you girls for 
making high school something to remember. I know 
that whenever we are together, we have an awesome 
time. Thank you for all the memories (Waterville 
Valley, Andy, Car War) and for always being there 
when I need to talk. I will miss you all very much! 
ALEXI- my twin, thank you for the memories that we 
have shared from church school, to skiing, our past! 
has recendy brought us so much closer. I value thd 
connection that we have and how we understand eachi 
other so well. I will not forget taking Andrew places, 
going to the mall (The bird is perched), and our longi 
chats about everything. NATASHYA- we have be- 
come so close the past couple of years, which I am very 
happy about. Sleepovers (homecoming). Hampton 
Beach. Happy Birthday song, work; we have shared 
some great memories. Good luck in Florida. I will miss 
you very much. MEGHAN- my sister- thank you for 
all the things you have taught me during these past 
couple years. We have so many inside jokes together. 
Coach Carroll. On Star, and that cat from the Mounds. 
TARA- a.k.a. Pearl- my high school experience would 
not have been the same without you. You have always 
been able to make class fun. Although we joke around 
a lot. I know I can count on you if I really need to talk 
and I thank you for that. Buenas Suerte and keep in 
touch. CORY- from fifth grade to twelfth, we have 
remained good friends. I will miss the times we shared 
together from that camping trip we took with Mr. 
Waldron and Jenny, to the cheese poster we were 
going to steal from Mrs. Allen. JENNY W- from book 
club to concert band to Law class, we have had some 
funny times together. You really are an amazing 
person, and I wish we had spent more time together 
during high school. I wish you the best of luck in the 
future and keep in touch. FRANKIE- although we had 
our days, we did have a lot of fun together from 
nursery school to high school (Your red hair. Natashya, 
Car War. Law class) JENNY S. AND KATE B. - thank 
you both for an awesome childhood. We did every- 
thing from playing teacher to making up dances 
together. I will always look back on my childhood and 
think of the wonderful moments we shared. JASON 
COOMBS- You are. by far, one of the coolest people 
at Bedford High School. I really enjoyed getting to: 
know you and hopefully we will continue to hold a 
friendship in the future. Before we graduate, you, 
Erin, and I are going to go laser tagging again! To the 
BEST BUDDIES OFFICERS- thank you for all the time 
we have spent working together, we have created a 

program that has changed Bedford High School. MS. 
FRANK- thank you for all the support you have given 
me throughout the years. You have taught me some 
very valuable lessons that I will take with me for the 
rest of my life. MR. ZAHKA- you are one of the best 
teachers I have had in the Bedford school system. Not 
only were you an amazing teacher, but also a remark- 
able man, whom I learn so much from. I thank you 
very much for all the laughs, and extra help sessions, 
that we shared. Thanks to: TARYN (Celtics game, 
drunk man), HAILEY, COLLEEN (Spanish class). LISA 
(English class- J.D. & Berlino) , DIANA (Tournament 
of plays, Chickie) MICHELLE (English class, It's Easy 
(Forensics class, without you two I would not have 
survived) OWEN (Oh Bo- A.P. Biology). To the rest 
of the CLASS OF 2004- I'm glad I was able to share 
these past four years will you! Thank you and good 

Erika Briere 

Thanks to everyone and congratulations class of 2004! 
Firstly, I want to say thanks to My Mom. You've 
always been there for me, listening and giving advice, 
and spending money. . . even putting (some) food in 
my mouth. And, you've helped me grow as a person. 
I owe you. Auntie, Uncle John, and the rest of the 
families thanks for being there. Auntie especially, the 
other parent who is just one of the coolest people ever. 
I love all of you. Sugar people in general, for stuff. You 
know what you did. Marisa teaching me how to attract 
guys (tripping over hot dog buns) or talking and 
everything. Simone one of the best friends I've ever 
had romances... Haud Yer Wheesht! Jessi, Sunshine 
(working toilet paper), and Ashley (jumpy little 
thing) for being there for me. Christine, for doing my 
hair (I have a curl!) Mike P. for being such a funny guy 
(in my PANTS) and great friend. Litde Mike a great 
guy (and then I got $5) Zack and Harley — even if you 
make fun of my handwriting, you're the smartest 
people and I wouldn't have survived high school 
without you. Lunchtime was the best! Go Jewish 
Atheists (Mikes, Zack, Harley, Nate, Jimmy, The Bens 
Ming Ricki) Sarah- who would have thought chairs 
could go so far on a newly waxed floor? Ming and 
Jamie — for the carnival fun. Amber- for giving me a 
Happy Place. Mr. Pilla- you are the best art teacher I 
was so excited when you yelled at me (What are you 
doing, Briere?! That looks kitty wompas what is that, 
anyways?) and no one understood. Mr. Boschetto- I 
learned so much from you, including terms like He 
was out of his tree and how best to trap a mouse. Mr. 
McDonald-acting and laughing and the best rehears- 
als ever! The entire art dept. who is filled with great 
people. Mr. Walsh, teaching me useful things like the 
squeaky wheel gets the oil. Kayla, Grant, Stacey, Amy, 
and Andy — the funniest people in the lower grades! 
Dana-who believed in me, even when no one else did. 
Dana's mom, for romantic novels. Jessi's mom for 
food. Thanks to everyone/thing I forgot. And finally 
to myself, yearbook, and hair products everywhere 
what would the world do without you? 

Sarah Brun 

MOM & DAD- thank you for fully supporting me in all 
my endeavors and always believing that I could 
accomplish anything ALAN-you're the best brother 
anyone could ask for, I seem to laugh the most 
whenever you're around, I know the future holds 
great things for you just keep working hard BRITTA- 
thanks for being the dumb friend, for being so crazy 
and optimistic all the time, and for loving camp 
squanto so much JILL-thanks for analyzing life with 
me over the phone, for chasing painting ghosts, and 
for collapsing on the floor whenever you're stressed 

SONIA-thanks for being one of the most honest 
people I know, for loving dance, and for having a last 
name that sounds like a type of cheese EMILY-thanks 
for being insane with me in JR's civ class and for being 
a hick so very well BRITTA B-thanks for having a crazy 
uncle and for putting up with my ranting and raving 
ABBY- thanks for coach johnson, we brought pat and 
for being a fellow drama dork CORINA-thanks for 
being pudding on my cell phone, for being super 
smart, and for being Asian ASHLEY-thanks for crazy 
Spanish videos, for knitting all the time, and for 
making how awkward the thing to say when there is 
nothing else to say AMY-thanks for crazy Spanish 
videos and for being Asian MITCHELLE- thanks for 
letting us invade your house every Tuesday night 
MEAGAN & COLLEEN-thanks for being fearless field 
hockey captains: BECKY, BECCA & JENNY-thanks for 
being insane in all your different ways ALLI& KAYLA- 
thanks for being dorks and making up songs & dances 
JESSICA-thank you for being my look a like, for family 
vacations, and for loving harry potter almost as much 
as I love newsies STEFANIE-thanks for being so giddy 
all the time ASHLEY-thanks for english papers and for 
being my bench buddy LAURA C-thanks for being the 
only sane person that has come back from camp 
squanto and britta's youth group KATIE-thanks for 
living down the street and for all the rides KRISTEN- 
thanks for being good at everything you do NIKKI- 
thanks for being my madrigal sister and for summer 
stock TOM-thanks for being a fellow drama dork and 
for being my hubby in almost all the plays we do MIKE 
P-thanks for junior prom and letting me hide out in 
the yearbook room MIKEHD& ELLIOT- thanks for 
making madrigal hilarious MATT, MIKE B & PAT- 
thanks for being crazy and for liking field hockey 
apparel enough to crash our sleep over G CUBED 
GIRLS-thanks for wearing pajamas and eating junk 
food every Tuesday nightFIELD HOCKEY TEAM- 
thanks for quizzes, scavenger hunts, and pirate cheers; 
Thanks to anyone I forgot I'll miss you all! 

Michael Buttrick 

There are two smart strategies for writing a senior 
thanks that doesn't leave anyone out: Thank every- 
one, or thank no one. But I'm not smart, so here goes. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for pushing me to do what 
needed to be done, and I apologize for pushing back. 
Thanks Dan for being my role model, and Jake for 
being my friend .Pat, so many great times, 
snowmobiling, rubber chickens& ceiling fans, band. 
Jamie, we grew up together, hanging at your house 
(both of them), Florida with Pat, camping: awesome. 
Joe, my coolest neighbor, I'm really glad you moved 
here when you were 4ish, army, secret midnight 
missions, being delinquent, thanks man. MattGagnon, 
it's really too bad that we just met as freshmen, but 
they've been some great years: bleacher painting 
(stupid slooge), band, field-hockey-sleep over-raid. 
Eric, I've always loved your jokes and crazy ideas, keep 
it up. The five of you, we definitely need to play some 
more Wiffle ball. You guys are the greatest friends I 
could ask for. And who could forget MIKE HALL?? 
He's so cool, he gets his name capitalized. Amy, 
remember that time you drove my car? And what 
about that janitor's closet? Corina, my Awesome- 
Alliteration-Ally, you rock. Ashley, thanks for every- 
thing (i.e., food at lunch). Chris, thanks for the house. 
Meagan, Alec, and Jenny, thanks for being wicked 
cool and letting me hang around. Colby, thanks 
buddy, and good luck in all of your pursuits. And 
don't call me next year with homework questions. 
Thanks Sonia. Britta, Katie. Will, and Brendan for 
being all-around-awesome people. Special thanks 
goes out to everyone I've gotten to know in Band, 

Rifle-Team, XC, and Crew. Thanks to everyone at SBP. 
Thanks to all my teachers, especially Mr. Zahka and 
Mr. Felker for putting in the extra effort. I want to 
thank the Dorers for giving me a second home, and 
the Reeds and the Bigda-Peytons for being so accom- 
modating. I want to take a moment now and thank the 
Honda. You have always been there when I needed 
you, well, for the most part anyway. The time spent 
fixing all your problems was litde as compared to the 
miles I piled on, or the pure driving enjoyment I 
received in the process. I know you're getting old, and 
you will be gone some day soon. But I will always 
remember your wooden bumper, your broken an- 
tenna/window motors, your flip-up headlights, your 
rust, the several times you didn't pass inspection, or 
that time freshman year I had to push you half-way to 
school. I want to thank you from the bottom of my 
heart. You were more than just a car to me. . . Ok, back 
to people. Thanks Nicole, Kevin, Allison, Sabrina, 
Ahni, and Pete. Thanks, Dave, Amy D, Cheng and Sara 
B. Hey Audrey, remember that time your drove my 
car? Thanks to everyone. If there's anyone I've 
missed, you can kick Matt. 

Danielle Carey 

Thanks to anyone who brightened my day with a 
smile. One of the things that get you through a day in 
high school. Of course I need to thank my parents for 
always being there for me and supporting me, as well 
as giving me the extra push. And my sisters Trish and 
Nikki, thanks for my all the talk. We need to stick 
together. Especially thatnks to Trish for being my 
priving partner. I love you guys And to my other 
family, the Dems. (My home away from home)You 
have made me feel nothing but welcome. I love you. 
Thank you. Thank you for everything. And of course 
Nate. You have helped me so much and have always 
been there for me, wherever I ve needed you. I 
appreciate everything you have ever done for friends, 
my family and me. You have literally been my 
shoulder to cry on, and such a bigh part of my life & 
and it hasn't even been that long. Big impact my luv! 
Thank you for everything, especially for just being 
you. Love you hun! And my crazy friends. The things 
that we have been through and as much as people have 
changed we stayed friends. We've all grown together 
and we will all succeed. Jacqui you have done so many 
things for methat only a true friend would and I am 
grateful for that. Ohh, Boys, Boys, Boys. Savy _ 
Hehehe. NahNahNah. Too much to say you know I 
love you and appreciate everything. But hey & mom 
come wipe my butt! Amanda- you may not be here, 
but you know I will always love are my sister 
and I wish you the best of luck and miss you hun. We 
helped each other grow up Wouldn't be here without 
you. Brytt- my entertainment. Always around to 
make me smile. Thanks for letting me sit up frount! 
Tom- the bomb! I love you man. Always make me 
laugh, and the super hugs. I love 'em. Ricky my 
brother how many friends have sleepovers? Only the 
best! Kim- Good luck! Ruth-you are a sweetie. Laura- 
my dance partner. Hannah- Thanks for helpingme out 
with my problems. Lucy how is your pen's cap? Emily 
- (Peeeeeeeeeeee)Cori - I'm a mermaidlThe The 
Volleyball Team- 1 love you all and good luck! Coach 
Magee- you have helped me out when no one else 
could get through to me. Last but not least I want to 
thank all my teachers. It may not have seemed this 
way. but I appreciate everything that you have all 
done. You do it because you love us. right? I would 
especially like to thank Mr. Gaillard for all that you 
have done for me. You changed the way that I look at 
academics and let me know my effort was noticed. I 
appreciate that and thank you. Its ok you missed my 



;ame. ?ou can come watch at College. And Mr. Walsh 
ind Mr. Hmu- Two characters! I will not soon forget. 
Thank you for all that you did for Katie and I. Thank 
you everybody! For die best years of our lives! 

Ruth Cook 

No matter what happens in my life, my family will 
and has always been there. I want to thank you, Mom 
and Dad for always being there. I know we don't 
always agree, but I'm glad we can work everydiing 
out. No matter how close or far apart we may be, I'll 
always love you, and you'll be close to my heart. 
Samantha, my little sister, study hard and continue to 
be the talented girl you are. William, little brother, 
keep playing piano and gymnastics; you are so smart 
and talented-keep it up! There are so many friends to 
thank and I thank you all. First I want to thank Chris~ 
you have always been there when I've needed you; 
and most importandy when I didn't. You listened to 
everything I said. Every time I see you, you bring a 
smile to my face. You mean so much to me and 
everything we have done will always remain in my 
heart. There are so many words to express my feelings 
for you, and you know them all. Just think, it all began 
at Amanda's house I love you, forever and always! 
Next, Amanda~ you are an awesome friend, and I 
don't know what I'd do without you. Going on 
vacations, eating hush puppies, stalked by crazy guys 
w/tennis shoes on the beach, shopping (guys are so 
hard), Spanish videos, tp'ing, cheer leading, and 
there's so much I can't even remember. You were the 
first girl I met when I moved here, and I'm glad you've 
always been there! Laura- what would I do w/out 
you! Our crazy car chases at night, cheer leading, 
underwear on Thanksgiving, tp'ing, shopping, per- 
sonalized clodiing, working at the pool-and your hot 
guy Steve-diere is so much to remember. Thanks for 
always making me smile and being a good friend! 
Diana- we are similar in so many ways, so I won't 
name diem all. Thank you for always being there, and 
listening to anything and everything. You have 
helped me so much, and want you to know that you 
are so special to me. Amanda Bess- thanks for being 
the other normal base kid and for making calc. super 
fun! Danielle- Thank you for everything and being 
there for me always! Ryan- you have been an awe- 
some friend and made classes fun. Especially bio- 
taking off shirts, physics- extra credit after school, and 
wild car chases. It's been great! Now all my guys at 
work: ]o~ you looked great in my shorts. Sean- just 
like an annoying older brother, but still the coolest. 
Dale~ let's play Barbie's... Thanks for making the 
summer at die pool so awesome! Thank you to all the 
cheerleaders, especially my stunt group- Laura, Marissa, 
and our variety of tops: Cat, Christina, and Amanda. 
I love you all, and we stuck togedier to make diis a 
great year! Last I want to thank the Duttons and the 
Baggetts for opening dieir homes and hearts for me 
whenever I've needed them. Congratulations class of 
2004- we made it! 

Jason Coombs 

First off I'll state the obvious, thanks to my family for 
always being there for me, I hope you weren't 
expecting anything more original. You only have 
yourselves to blame for why I'm so strange. Now for 
everyone else, with no implied preference: 8- 1 learn- 
ing group I'm not saying you're less important by 
grouping you all together, quite die contrary, I'm just 
cheap. Thanks for being the first to talk to me and 
helping me fit in. I owe a lot to all of you. Alastair for 
the money. Alex you drew a picture that changed my 
life. Alexia for always being friendly. Amanda Bess 
wait why am I bothering to thank you? Anti-Escape 
Orb and friends You all rule. Ben S I'll never 


understand why you enjoy Repo Man so much. Ben 
T for being able to share die times at Westwood. Ben 
W for trying to be a guide, and letting me do the same 
in return. Brenden I'd say you're most like Glass Joe. 
Catriona sorry for tormenting you at work, it's just so 
fun. Chris Sullivan I should have been king, and you 
know it! Chris Wilkins I always preferred the short 
hair. Colleen you're a good artist. I'm not gonna lie. 
Cori for putting up with the abuse, nothing personal 
I think. Ricky it's people like you who keep rock alive. 
Cor>' S Maybe we'll have watched Fight Club by the 
time you read this. Dan M for being die one to always 
call me. Darryl Maybe you'll have that mix CD by the 
time you read this. Erruly I can only say thank you. 
Erin Whenever you have a dollar to waste, I have four 
packs of Smarties© ready. Hannah For being another 
who puts up widi the abuse. Ian for being a ninja, and 
a good one at diat. Jacob Weezer is not the best band 
ever, get over it. Jason for giving me the opportunity 
to clean. Jeff one word: Amoeba. Jenny S for helping 
to open my mind. Jenny W keeping it real on the 
drums. John C for loving Masters of the Universe a bit 
too much. Kate W Sorry you had to dance with me at 
prom. Kelley no one else would wait seven hours 
with me for Bjork. Kyle and the Sterling crowd for 
helping me leam how to live and just being there to 
grow up with. Kyle Carroll You da man! Lucy for 
practicing the theory that punk's not dead, even 
though it is. Matt WD for spending so much on me 
despite my sinister nature. Mega Man for never 
getting tired of taking down Dr. Wily. Meghan Jerk! 
Meff You opened my mind in so many ways, and you 
just plain rule. Nolan Bushnell you changed video 
game history. Pat for being genuinely nice. Paul for 
being my bro. Ryan Chan-Moy Good thing I left the 
window open. Ryan Monita for opening my mind to 
a whole new art. Ryan P for also genuinely nice, 
there's just not enough of that. Sam Keith you wrote 
a comic book that changed my life. Sheldon you're 
really cool, it's as simple as diat. Simon I'm Simon. 
Steven Chbosky you wrote a book that changed my 
life. TJ for showing me that there's so much more to 
music, and more importantly, life. Zach B for being 
cooler than y our brother and a true connoisseur of 
literature. Finally, thanks to all of my teachers - 1 don't 
think there's a single one of you I didn't like. If you 
feel left out, it's nothing personal. Just sucker punch 
me in the gut next time you see me. Thank you. 

Jack Davis 

Thank you Mom and Dad, you have always been there 
for me, supporting me in everything. To Alii, thank 
you so much for everything baby, you're absolutely 
amazing, and I couldn't imagine life without you. To 
all my friends dianks, Chardo, Amanda, Chief, Phil, 
Dutton, Shell, Frankenstein, O-dog, Jon, Jason, Doug, 
Huddy, Mike, Al, Brad and Jay, Kiely, Jake, Garfunkel, 
Meggo, Emac, Dan, Hailey, DNP, Erab, Ben. Pat, Dan, 
Danny, Montana, Katie, Frankie. Laura, Fort, Kate, 
Mark, Jimmy, Emmet, Joe, Mike. Thanks everyone 
who played soccer or lacrosse with me. Sorry if you 
didn't make the cut, you're not forgotten. 

Ashley Davidson 

Well, where do I begin? I want to thank my parents 
for putting up with me. Mom: Thanks so much for 
putting up with me through all the years, even 
though we still can't go on a family vacation with out 
fighting. Thank you so much for helping me with the 
whole college process. I love you so much. Dad: 
Well, thank you for everything. You always know- 
how to make something funny but serious at the same 
time. Thanks for all the awesome times we have 
shared. I love you! Steph: You're the best sister in the 
world. I know I can be really annoying, but what 

would you do with out me. You're my baby sister and 
my friend. I know I can count on you when I have 
something to talk about. I love you more then 
anything! Jeremy: The brother I never had. Thanks 
for just being you. You and I don't get a long that 
much but we have our moments. Oh, and I still have 
to get you back for giving me a black eye. Steph S.: 
You and I have become sisters over these past 5 years. 
We have shared so many ups and downs, and I hope 
for more ups to come. Thank you for being there for 
me, I will always be here for you. We will never forget 
all our interesting friends, hehe, and all the other great 
moments that have built up over the year. I love you! 
ChristineB: Thanks for being a great friend to talk to. 
I know I can count on you when I have to vent about 
anything. You and I have had our share of memories. 
The Mexican Hamster, the shredder HAHA! Stairs or 
Elevator. . .Elevator! Hannah: You and I have been 
through a lot together even though we haven't spent 
much time together, we will never be able to break the 
bond you and I have. Thanks for being there for me 
to talk to. Simone: Thank you so much for every- 
thing. I'm glad you and I became friends. Thanks for 
making everything seem so much simpler. Stef: 
Thanks for making classes fun. I don't know how I'm 
going to forgive you for stealing my bf but I will figure 
away. HAHA! I know I can tell you something and 
you can normally relate to it some how. Thanks so 
much! Kayla: This year I have been so mean you to 
you. I'm sorry but I still love you! Thanks for putting 
up with me. Jessi: My running partner!! Thanks for 
all your help in everything. You and I have become 
good friends and I'm very grateful for that. You 
always seem to find a way to make the dullest 
moments crazy. Erika: Thanks for always making me 
laugh. Thanks for the whole driving experience I'm 
glad we went through all that stress together. Mike: 
Ceramics have been a lot of fun this year. I'm very glad 
that you and I became good friends. Our fun car trips 
to Boston were tons of fun. Thank you for just being 
you. Will: Will!!! Thank you for making me laugh all 
the time. You always knew how to make everything 
so much fun. I will never be able to look at Sponge Bob 
stuff with out thinking of you. I miss you!! Sarah B.: 
Thank you so much for always putting up with my 3 rt 
grade essays. You will have to give me your number 
next year so I can have your proof read all my essays. 
Kendra. Catherine. Lindsay, and Max: Over the years 
I have come to look at you guys as siblings. Thanks for 
all the times you allowed me to hang out with you 
when my sister wouldn't let me. Well, I'm sure I 
could go on and on. If I have left you out I'm very 
sorry. But Thanks You!! ~ Ashley 

Marissa Deluca 

First off I want to thank my LC teacher, Mrs. Jordan, 
without you I would not be graduating, you're my 
friend as well as my teacher thanks for never giving up 
on me, you don't get enough credit. Mr. Sills Mr. 
Reagan and dr. Ryan thank y ou all for being so caring 
and giving you are all so great Grandma and Grandpa 
though I wish your time here on earth was longer. I 
know you are together in heaven. Thank you for being 
you. and thank you for always giving me that little 
extra attention. Where ever you are is home to me. 
And Illinois is my home I love you both. Mom and dad 
Look ma I am graduating ! ! ! You have got to be the best 
women I have ever met. You are caring, generous and 
understanding and you don't let me get away with 
anything. I love you so much I am sorry I am such a 
handful sometimes. You honesdy have taught me I 
can do anything I want I love you with all my heart 
thanks mom. Dad. you are awesome. These high 
school years were a litde rocky but we all got through 
them together. You are just an incredible person and 

a role model. I love you so much. You are the best, 
thanks dad. Nick you are the best big brodier. Thanks 
for always looking out for me. It's kind of like a full 
time job, but without all of those talks from you I 
would still be that litde brat. . .not saying I am still not 
but you know what I mean, thanks for always putting 
up with me I love you. Alicia thanks for being a really 
great role model. You have done so much. And I 
admire you. I love you. Jason you're an awesome big, 
big brother thanks for being so easy going and caring. 
I am glad you are a part of my family and life. I love 
you. Carmen and Dave, I love you bodi, thanks for 
always being caring and so great. Stephanie Thanks for 
being like an older sister to me. I look up to you.. 
Damien You are like my litde brother I love you both. 
Thanks for always brightening the house up and 
making us laugh. Nana, thanks for always caring and 
loving us know matter what. The De Luca's I love you 
all. My family in Illinois Thanks for being one of a kind 
people. Your all down to earth and so loving. I love 
you all. Genevieve Thankyou for being a sister to me 
all diese years. The races, moochy we have had some 
crazy times together E-brake slides in my ford babe 
mobile. Shopping, cruizin' in the dodge's they are 
babe mobiles God has honesdy blessed me with a 
great friend and sister. Thanks for keeping me 
grounded. And always putting up with me, you know 
I am stubborn I am Italian!!! I love you. Ashley hey 
babe so many good times thanks for always listening 
to me and always caring I love you. thanks all the 
memories we have together. I know you can do 
anything you want in life, all you have to do is believe 
you can because I do. Dunn uhank you for being a big 
brother to me I love you, you are so caring and 
generous and we have had so many good times your 
house, nicks, foxwoods, the drags and there are so 
many more to come. Nick thanks for always listening 
and being so generous and always giving me good 
advice I love you. You are a great friend to me thank 
you for all the great memories. Moptop (josh) thanks 
for all the good times going out to lunch. Partyin' it 
up your awesome im so glad we are friends. Christine 
im glad we are back to being trouble together you're 
a great friend and thanks for givin' it a second 
chance. Billy thanks for being a great person and friend 
you're the best! The roble's thank you all for being 
great friends and being so generous. You have made 
high school bearable. Will you are a great friend and 
high school was so much fun cuz' you were there I 
love you. Mary (Mar) only I can say that! I love you. 
Thanks for making the past two years fun and all the 
great talks you are a great friend. The Standers for 
always being so great to me and generous I love you 
all. My family at cafe luigi's thanks for being so special 
to me and always listening to my problems. I love 
going to work everyday because all of you are there. 
Trinity, Richard and Mike thanks for being great 
managers I listen to you all and better myself everyday 
because of you. I love you. I guess In life you met 
many people, and with every person you met you get 
a trait from them, something you really like about 
them. That means I carry a litde bit of you with me 
everyday. And I honesdy think that's the most com- 
forting feeling in the world. Thank you all for being 
such a big part of life and never giving up. I really do 
appreciate everydiing. 

Philip Demeo 

MOM and DAD- Thanks for always being diere for me 
and supporting me in everything I have done. I 
honestly cannot remember one time when you guys 
weren't there and I had to face something on my own. 
You guys are the coolest. Thanks for having a sense of 
humor. I never minded our vacations, they were fun, 

even though they were sometimes jay. You've pro- 
vided me and the girls (as they love to be called) with 
all we ever wanted well Danielle and I at least. Mom 
thanks for: always pushing me to play sports and go 
to games when I didn't want to it turned out for the 
best, teaching me manners and how to be a gentleman 
over and over (and over and over), helping me with 
my clothes because I'm blind, being a spectacular 
tennis player (don't doubt yourself), and for being 
the best, caring, selfless, and loving mother that has 
always done everything for lazy me. Dad: for never, 
ever complaining about working and giving us more 
than we needed, for showing me the ropes, for all the 
bruins, Celtics, red sox games, for helping me keep 
things in perspective, the 7 P's, for being light- 
hearted and not stressing or worrying, for playing 
basement hockey, for coaching baseball (sorry I didn't 
keep playing), and for being the best all-around, 
understanding, loving dad I could ever ask for. I hope 
you guys know how much I appreciate both of you. 
You have never asked for anything from me except 
that I be a good kid, and I hope I have made you proud. 
I love you guys. DANIELLE- Sorry if I make you mad, 
I appreciate how you went through everything first so 
I could have it easy, I can't imagine not knowing what 
to expect, thanks for being my big sis and doing things 
for me, watching football (and knowing more dian 
me, don't think so), letting me wear your makeup 
when I was litde, video horizons, Canada VANESSA- 
thanks for always making fun of me, being spoiled, 
making fun of certain people with me, what, did he 
have a or something? you and Danielle being crazy 
sox/pats fanatics, eating ice cream all the time, being 
a bad weather forecaster, go chicken nuggets, pow 
pow pow, just remember to keep your lovely red hair, 
your crazy if you don't TED and CAROL you guys are 
great, I wouldn't want to have anybody else as 
guardians. Thank you to all my relatives and everyone 
else that has been there for me and helped shape who 
I am. To all my friends: MIKE-for not firebombing the 
place, your b-day, fireworks, taking that chip from 
ms. walker, for a million dollars, gaillard's class, I 
thought you were a senior, not a freshman. ELLIOT- 
tennis, WW, dudley, talks, gf s, you are the positively 
preppy loser, half hour, thank you. DEREK-for b-ball, 
our rap battles, online convos, don't firebomb, 
wendy's, thanksgiving, just F it. DAN-for being the 
hulk, pissing people off, coaching b-ball, that's cool, 
nice life, I own you in b-ball + madden. MONTANA- 
for keeping it gangsta, shootin-you-know-who on 
the west side, your wiggerness and tupac. JON- 
baseball, obviously, for making fun of dan + Derek, 
drive-by 's. OWEN-ap chem., for your fro, sick voy- 
ager, drive-by's. RICHTER- baseball, you spazzing, 
girls, reffing, skating, for not shutting up. AL-bruins/ 
Celucs/revs games, you're a narc, playing hockey, for 
your comments on the T. JACK-bruins/Celtics/revs 
games, playing hockey, fighting with Italian guy at 
juventus game BRENDAN- for being from NY and 
constandy reminding us that our teams are padietic. 
RYAN-b-ball, madden, rosen's class, pat's house, 
mighty ducks (football), the video KIELY-tennis, 
WW, Dalton, bambaclat, all the video games we ever 
played, knees hockey. PAT-almost getting kidnapped, 
madden, getting lost on Halloween, rosen's class, 
mighty ducks, making that video 2003: BRETT-my 
main man and mentor, sick doubles team, WW, 
timmy m., for giving me a hard time, for our talks, 
being smarter than everyone else. AMANDA-my color- 
disability and pink shirts, flipper + lily, the cult, my 
bedtime, for watching the OC with me, tennis is so 
cool, ap chem., god richter, chocolate-chip cookies, 
your randomness/hyperness. Thanks for everything, 
you are the best I love you. DIANA-for being in all my 
classes, giving me your work, for talking about 

everything, being so nice. EMILY-for the cookies, ap 
chem., me and Amanda were going to wreck you in 
tennis. LAURA-for the odd remarks, mr. young's 
class. RUTH- math class, for putting things on my 
lamppost. Shout out to all my WW people: Kurt, 
Matheson, Jeff, etc. Anyone that I forgot and isn't in 
here is really not important enough to be thanked. 
Just kidding, sorry if I forgot anyone. Good luck to all! 

Nadia Diaz 

WOW! I have to say first that has been the best four 
years! To my parents, I owe you both everything. 
DAD- There are absolutely no words that could 
express how truly great you are, and how much you 
mean to me! Thank you for always being there for me, 
helping me make the right decisions, giving me 
everything and so much more! I love you dad! MOM- 
You are absolutely the greatest person! I look up to 
you so much, you are such a great mother and best 
friend to me. Thank you for always making sure that 
I did what had to be done, leading me in the right 
direction, and always being in my life! I love you 
mom! My brothers: ANTONIO- You are so funny 
with your faces, noises and constant drurnming. You 
are by far one of the best people put on this earth; you 
have such a great heart. Thank you for being a great 
brother and friend, I love you! MICHAEL- We're so 
much alike that you've taught me so much about 
myself and how to react with people. Thank you for 
always being diere and being a great litde bro. Love 
you Mikey! ARIO- My litde fatboy! :) You are so 
hilarious; you are the funniest person ever and always 
kept me happy no matter what! Thanks for being an 
awesome brother. I love you fatboy! ASHLEY- My 
goodness where would I be without you! We've been 
through so much, and we know each other so well 
that it's crazy! Thank you for always being there for 
me, I don't know how you did it! :) You are such an 
amazing person who made every moment fun and 
exciting! (Just give her aspirin, kill her.. .take 1 for the 
team. ..tastes like monkey butt. the 1 2 
3... worms... NY and 100 cats...NadAsh) I look for- 
ward to our future, I love you Ashley! BRiTTNEY- I 
love you too.. I think...:) We had some fun times 
always getting out of school early... our late night 
talks. ..our dates. You always had me laughing, yet 
when you needed to be serious you were. Thank you 
for always being there for me, you never let me down. 
Love you lots! SAVY-You have the biggest heart and 
are always there for everyone! Thank you for letting 
me into your life, and changing mine. You showed 
me what true friendship is. I love you Savy, and I know 
you'll go far! DAVID- You are the truest greatest 
friend. You always did what you could to make sure 
I was all right! Thank you for everything, and your 
right, you are so GREAT! You are my bestest friend. 
Love you David! DERRYL-We've been great friends 
since freshmen year and it's only seemed to have 
gotten better! Thanks for always caring, giving advice 
and being a great friend! I love you so much, and I'll 
always remember you when I look at the moon! 
CODY- You always had me laughing and willing to 
listen to whatever it was that I had to say! Thank you 
for being you. and being a great friend! Love you 
Cody! WILLIAM- You are so hilarious. Thank you for 
making school and work so fun. You're die best Will, 
Love ya! DALE- I'm going to miss you so much. You 
are such an awesome person. Love ya! To: Acacia 
(baby feet). Mario, Jay (your not ugly), Anna. Nick 
and Ben(thanks for the good limes), Joey (baby on die 
moon). Pal, Sieph. Dom. Ricky. Ivy (your so 
funny!), Luby, Kendra. Thank you to the best teach- 
ers: Ms. Caves, Mr. D'angelo, and Ms Roach! Thank 
you to everyone, and may the future hold the best for 



|9H all of you! Also, sorry to all that 1 have forgotten. Love 
|S you still! THANK YOU! YEA CLASS OF 2004' 

Candice Duprey 

I'd like to thank my MOTHER tor being so strong and 
0^kf supportive through everything. Your are the most 
,_»«* . wonderful woman I know. I'm honored I can call you 
Mom. To my brothers RUSSELL and CHRISTOPHER. 
.Although we get fights quite frequendy, you boys are 
always in my heart, and even if I don't say it. I love 
you. JUVI:: I love you. You are the perfect every thing 
to me and for me. Thank you for so many things. 
Remember you're my cute Li'l Elf. RYAN M: The 
other brother God forgot t give me. To me, you are 
family, my best friend, and a great person. Love Ya! 
JACKIE A: My sister. Hehe. 10 years later we still 
haven't got sick of each other yet hu? Kinda scary. Oh 
well. Dude man, remember Your only in my wedding 
if I'm in yours!! Last but certainly not least Shout Out 
To All My Bernie Girls For Life DAD: I know you cant 
read this, not really anyway, but I just need to put 
things into w^ords. Its been about a month or so, and 
I aldiough I can admit your gone to other people, I 
don't thing he admitted it to myself. There are so 
many things I wish we could do over. So many good 
times, as well as the bad. I remember you tried to come 
to all my field hockey and lacrosse games to cheer me 
on. Those are some of the best memories. To just look 
across the field and see you there telling me to husde 
and saying things like 'good job'. Those small things 
made my day. Every game someone would come up 
to me and be like 'your daddy's here', and Id get an 
immediate smile on my face. You've traveled every- 
where I have for sports, and been there even when it 
hurt you. I was watching an old lacrosse game you 
taped today and I heard your voice for the first time in 
what feels like a life time. You were talking to Dave 
Wilson during the game making fun of a certain 
person because she always had to have the ball. It 
made me laugh. All four years of high school you were 
diere for me. I never showed how much it ment, to 
see you every game or the practices you came to 
watch. You knew lacrosse and field hockey ment a lot 
to me, so you watched our practices to learn the rules, 
and hey, by my senior year, you actually understood 
it. I'm going to get a full schedual in school so you can 
see me play lacrosse one last time. See me try my 
hardest and succeed like I know you want me to. I 
decided I want to be in the graduation ceremony too! 
I wish you could be there to see me get my diploma, 
or to see me go to prom, pretty much everything you 
should have seen. But because I was a dumb ass, you 
didn't. I know I haven't yet, but I will make you 
proud. I will try to take care of mom, and try to help 
the boys. I'll try to keep a job like I know you wanted 
me to. I will go to college so I can make something of 
myself. You know, I never understood why you 
always said such good things about me to people 
when I never did anything worth talking about. But 
you did; you always did. The day you passed, I just sat 
there and stared at you for what seemed like day s. I was 
glad you were out of pain, but I just want you back 
here. I wish I wasn't such an ass the past year. You 
always wanted to hang out with me, but I just wanted 
to get out of the house. I regret so much I cant begin 
to explain. Dad, you were always my strength, and 
now I don't know where to turn to. I feel like I'm 
nothing. I just want to cry all the rime, but most of 
time, I just cant even do diat. So I sit there, and regret. 
Regret things I did, things I didn't do, and things I 
wish we could do again and again. I was practicing my 
shot the other day, and I could hear you sayin things 
like 'nice shot you got it.' I miss your voice. I have for 
a while. Mom says I'm dealing with everything really 



well, but all I can think of is how I'm not even dealing 
with it. I mean look at me. I'm writing a letter that 
you'll never read, and no one cares about. I miss our 
Tuesday night TV and how you used to make fun of 
Jackie for all her 'boy problems'. Jackie and I talk about 
you ever once in a while. You were like her dad too, 
so she kind of understands where I'm coming from. 

1 know I'm jumpin from topic to topic, but I don't 
think it really matters. I hope I become someone your 
proud of rather than the screw up who cant even get 
out of high school. I'm so sorry I ignored you the last 

2 weeks or so you had. I was just so scared that if I 
talked to you, it would be like I was saying good-bye, 
and I wasn't ready to do that. I mean your gone, and 
I'm still not ready to say good-bye. Some day I will. 
When I make you proud of me. I don't know how, but 
I will. I love you and miss you more than I could ever 
imagion trying to explain in words. So instead of a 
good-bye. I'll say what we always said before every 
game I'll see you on the field. And know your always 
in my heart. I love you. 

Christopoher Dutton 

First of all. I would like to thank my family for 
everything that they have done for me my whole life. 
Mom and dad, I would never have gotten to where I 
am without you. Thank you so much for always being 
there, and for being the best parents anyone could ask 
for. Kelly, you are my favorite sister of all time, and we 
have had so many fun times together. You always can 
make me laugh, sepecially when we are talking about 
planet Jordan or crazy Ms. Smith. Bobby , you have 
taught me so much, thanks for passing on your 
coolness to me. Groove is going to make you rich 
someday , and hopefull I'll be ther too. Ruth. I can't 
tell you how much you have meant to me for the past 
year. YOu are everything diat I could ever ask for. and 
you always can put a smile on my face. I only wish that 
I had met you earlier, but I know that we were made 
for each other. I just can't stop loving y ou! Volpicelli's: 
You guy s are a ton of fun. Essex trips were awesome, 
especially the extreme tubing and BS rolls. Richie, just 
remember that when you least expect it. I might be 
lurking behind you with that crazy wig. To the poker 
players: I am just wiating for the day that we take 
down Vegas for all that they 've got. Soccer boys: It has 
been so much fun playing with you guys, especially 
this year. Busa, you are the man, period. Jonney, just 
keep riddling me this until you get that green card. 
Joe, you will play for Brazil someday, you are the man. 
Alastair, welcome to the dungeon, it's no fun and 
games, you can't do anything you want, so listen to 
shat I say! You are one of the funniest kids I know, and 
I can't remember a single time that you have been 
serious (except for the time you got cranked in that 
soccer game, and it was caught on video). Remember 
the meat fest at 3 in the morning? Jack, we still need 
to go on Fear someday- until then we will have to 
setde for the bomb shelter and the nun tree. O-Dawg, 
we held down the ski team, even without the spandex. 
We will never compromise our manliness- no matter 
what. Jackob, I'm glad I go that bathing suit when I 
was four, who know what would have happened if I 
didn't. Bungee jumping monkeys, apple picking, and 
making disgusting food for each other has been a lot 
of fun. Richy (Chard), we have had some good 
memories over the years. I will always remember 
ponkey, making commercials, summer ball and get- 
ting knocked out in your backyard- that was awe- 
some. To my coaches: Mr. Wilson, you have made me 
such a better athlete and leader after three years of 
soccer with you. It has been a lot of fun. and an 
experience that I will alwasy rememebr. Mr. Sullivan 
and Mr.Sabourin, after four years I think the fear has 
finally worn off. I will never forget the day that you 

lined us up in the batting cage, only to peg us with i 
bails. I have to admit that was one of the most < 
memorable practices in high school. Mrs.Jo. we might I 
not hae ruled the slopes but we all have a great time 
trying. Thanks for sticking with us. To my teachers, j 
thank you all for challenged me so much, it has been 
well worth it. In particular. Mr.Shinfeld and Mr.Jacob- 
Dolan, I have gotten to know you both during the last 
few years and you have been so helpful along the way. 
Thanks again. 

Michelle Eaton 

First of all, I have to thank my parents. Without you, 
I would not be half of who I am. Mom. thank you for 
all of the ridiculous, small things you did for me that 
no other mother would- warming my car, making me 
coffee, listening to my ranting and raving. Dad, you 
have always been great for comic relief, and thank you 
for always putting me before Aspen. You will never 
cease to amaze me with your music knowledge. I owe 
all of the strength and perspective I have to you guys, 
and I love you more then I could express with words. 
Robbie, thank you for all the holidays, forts, games, 
fights, computer help-I know I don't always act it, but 
I do love you. Kate my dearest little bluebird, there is 
no w ay I can sum up our friendship-our hate of FH, 
our crazy weird inside jokes (butt camp?), and of 
course, matt Gagnon! I need to thank you for always 
putting up with me through everything all these 
years, high school would not have been half of what 
it was without you you mean so much to me. Cory 
you're the sexiest dancer I know, thanks for being 
stupid with me. you are truly one of the most amazing 
people I've known, and I cannot thank you enough 
for always accepting me year after year, no matter 
what you do I know you'll succeed-I love you! Jenny 
W thirty percent, being wicked productive in class, 
you've come to be one of my closest friends in such 
a short time. You always listen, and never judge-thank 
you for everything. Remember, its never forever. Lisa 
what can I say to my towel twin of all these years? My 
fellow team mouth member, I love you like a sister, 
and know I will always be able to count on you in years 
to come remember to take it easy Erin my physic sister 
of all these years, you've always been there for me. 
and I can't thank you enough for all the memories, 
remember to break out the sweaters. Jack all of our 
missions, thanks for always make me giddy. Meagan 
A all the way since kindergarten, we've been friends- 
thanks for all the laughs and being the creepiest yet 
most devoted G -cubed fan. Meghan H thank you for 
all the weekend times, lacrosse, and for always relat- 
ing to me. Natashya thank you for always being so 
spirited, and great to hang out with Florida is going to 
be lucky to have you! Colleen take it easy! thanks for 
all the years of friendship, and great talks Jenny S we 
ruled Wedgwood back in the day. I've loved having 
you as a friend all these years, thank you for every- 
thing remember how super-cool we were with our 
bears!. Jacob you've always made me laugh, and I've 
always beaten you with grades- thanks for the years of 
friendship (the field, anyone?) My G -cubed gang 
Britta thanks for all the French braiding, and good 
luck with your cult! Jill- my twin, my fellow hater of 
math, thanks for forcing me to play lax! Ashley my 
jumping buddy in lax. my fellow CDDer, my reading 
friend, thank you for always being so cheery! Sarah B. 
Abby, Emily F, Amanda F. Corina, Tuesdays were the 
best because of you! Diana — my neighbor of all these 
years, thank you for being so kind and understanding 
Hailey Thank you for doing absolutely everything 
with me FH, lax, BDC. the plays, I loved making fun 
of campers with you. and I will always remember the 
great times we had together Mike the semi, prom, the | 
numerous children, always being there to make me 


laugh thank you, you've been wonderful. Chris S. 
fatty, I need to thank you for bringing me into your 
group of friends, it changed my life in many ways, 
you're always great for a laugh even when I don't 
show it, you mean tons to me, keep in touch I'll 
always be number one! Jackie S. Thank you for always 
doing my hair in fabulous ways, its always a pleasure 
when we get to hang out with you! Alec Peter Pan, 
thank you for always picking me up (literally!) and 
driving us long before we had cars, thank you for 
listening to me rant about nothing, good luck wher- 
ever you go, I promise I wont be mad Amanda Baggett 
I loved your cheerfulness through the years, thanks 
for everything yea original BHS live trio! Amanda 
Bess, you rock my world! Brendan- tats, I heard people 
who don't keep in touch have really painful pregnan- 
cies you're one of the funniest people I know, and its 
been great getting to know you original BHS live trio 
forever! Alexia my friend of all these years, thanks for 
the great times in English! Tara my cuz, thanks for 
being so funny! Meg Mc- my homie in all my classes! 
Thanks for all the pee parties Tommy Lane thanks for 
all the high-fives, and always cheering me up THANK 
YOU MR. WALSH- it's been great knowing you these 
four years good luck with Ryann! Everyone else who 
made my years at Bedford what they were, thank you 
Ryan CM, Jason and Brad K., Ricky, Jason Haynes, 
Marissa, Gen, Matt Gagnon, Amanda C, Becky, Cara, 
Joe King, Jamie D, Amy L, Patty Whack, Fish, Alexi, 
Frankie T, Katie S., Chip, Danny R., Jimmy Mac, 
Aliastar, Elliot- Class of 2004, you guys are awesome- 
Good luck with everything you do. 

Acacia Fernandes 

With my high school years finally ending and my life 
just beginning I want to thank everyone who was 
with me the entire time. First my mom, you've been 
with me through everything that has gone on I my life 
good and bad. You've given me wonderful opportu- 
nities to make my life even better and only wished for 
the best. To my dad, you've been my father, my dad 
and just a friend when I needed you. Without you my 
life wouldn't have been the same. You took me in 
when you married my mom and I am thankful 
everyday for that. Olivia, although we don't always 
get along I am trying to be the big sister that you need. 
You have a wonderful gift of life and art, never give- 
up on any of your dreams Joseph, although you wont 
be able to understand this for a while, be yourself. 
Never change for anyone else. You have a wonderful 
spirit and that's awesome. Chris, my last and final 
sibling, you are still little but use life to your advan- 
tage. You have the world at your feet. Don't give-up 
on any of your dreams and keep smiling. To the rest 
of my family, my grandmother, Vo Jack and all my 
aunts, uncles and cousins, you believed in me the 
whole way and never let me give-up; thank you. To 
Carlos, you have given me one of the greatest gifts in 
the world, my son. I thank you for being with me 
through the past year and helping me with my good 
and bad times-your very brave. Please, don't let 
anyone tell you that you can't do something. You can 
do anything that you put your mind to. To the one 
person that no one thought I would thank, Aree. I was 
with you for two years and although it was a bad idea 
you helped me grow as a person. I learned so much 
about who I was and what I wanted out of life. You 
taught me that I should be who I am and not what 
anyone wants me to be. I also became stronger and 
much more aware that my happiness was more 
important than any guy. For all of this I thank you. To 
Lucy, I believe that you were one of the only people 
who stuck by my side tlirough the two years no matter 
what. You also tried telling me how bad off I was and 

that it wasn't worth loosing all of my friends over but 
I was stubborn. To all of my other friends who stuck 
by me thanks. To everyone else, thank you for being 
there. High school was a hard time for everyone, but 
we grew from the pains and loved every minute we 
had fun. To those who believed in me going to school 
while being pregnant, thank you. I could have never 
made it through the year without you support. Just 
remember I love you all and thank you for helping me 
through one of the hardest but probably the best four 
years of my life. 

Michael Folsom 

First off I would like to thank my parents for being 
their for me even when it seemed like i would never 
make it anywhere. If it wasn't for their support I don't 
know what I would have done. I would also like to 
thank my friends. ..To Cody, You've been my best 
friend and man we have had some good times these 
past years, so when do u think u might get strength 
to beat me in paintball? proubly never, lol j/k but 
great times hangin out with u during the summer and 
especially when we would act all stupid when we 
would get together! To Dave, its been some good 
times, dont ever 4 get that time when we almost died! 
That was Awsome! we have dose some stupid things 
such as the skate park insident, every day at work (we 
can take her, and the speakers) , and being pulled over 
about 12 times in one week! and that cop tara was 
gorgeous. To Darryla.k.a.- litde puff, Great times that 
week dont know how we even passed summer school ! 
To litde Joe, we have had some good times, such as 
when u tryed to kill Ben and I after we pushed u to the 
edge! but ive had great and crazy times widi u. To 
Ashley, i know that u and me got off on the wrong 
foot, but we had some good times durring the 
summer when it was u, nadia, cody, and me. To 
Brittney, Thank You for introducing me to I-PARTY! 
the one store where u can mess the place to hell and 
not have to worry about getting introuble or having 
to clean it! but seriously, u have been a great person 
to me and i will never 4 get the times we have had. 
keep up the tradition at wall-mart! And to Nadia, I bet 
u thought that i wasn't going to put u in diis...or i was 
going to put somthing like, have a great life lol but die 
truth is that i actually do have a heart! lol ( yes there 
is a soft side to me) I just wanted to thank you for all 
of the good times that we have had 2gether, even if 
things didn't go on the path diat we would have liked. 
You always where there for me when i needed help or 
i just needed someone to talk to when i was down, we 
have had some great times joking around and hanging 
out. I will always remember you and i am going to 
miss the good times that we have had 2gether. Thank 
you to everyone that i have missed, thanks for 
everything... F! 

Emily Frank 

Thanks first to my family, for always supporting me 
throughout everything Dad-thanks for explaining 
things so we all understood and then explaining them 
some more. For being willing to try to wake me up 
every morning. Mom-thanks for helping me with 
everything and always being supportive. For making 
me a lunch everyday and for going to most of my 
sporting events, even if I'm not the youngest child. 
Carrie-for leading me through everything, for intro- 
ducing me to dance, for having so much clothing I can 
take. Tommy-for being crazy, sumo wrestling, for 
needing attention. To all my other relatives thanks for 
being supportive and helpful Jill-I know I can always 
turn to you when I have a story and I always look 
forward to hearing your stories, sugar, law suits, 
hyenas, driver's ed, I know I can count on you to be 
crazy with me and insist on it being a Friday, even 

when its only Wednesday. Katie-for being helpful and 
caring, NH, ski instructor, pink songs/dances, indoor 
soccer games, drive-by, greasy men, CCD, GB. Elliot- 
for helping me through everything. I know you're 
always be there when I need somebody. You are the 
most competitive person I know, excluding me- 
french crayon wars. For worrying about ratio! Thanks 
for all the great times we had, semi/jr.prom, your 
ability to count time, tapping, Ross, ridonculous, 
recollections, pudding, puzzles, getting buff, you're 
definitely the bigger spaz! Jack-for being the funniest 
person I know, adding random comments, 6 ,h grade 
romance, Alastair-don't worry some day I will learn 
you aren't my boyfriend, or you'll learn you are! 
Fighting, my litde brother, learn how to pass papers! 
pleasure! Brendan-for being honest and offering great 
advice, Dudley Road w/the mini-van, Puma Sale, 
seeing bottoms Psych! Amanda-being my AAA, I'll 
miss our cheer leading/lacrosse-talks, cookies, creepy 
exercising guys Phil-mumbling, double date tennis, 
AP Chem, take it easy, Wildwood Parties! Laura-for 
always being crazy, our boy conversations, cheer 
leading, driving everywhere, phantom, ballet Sarah- 
G-block, Mullah Dadullah, Koran, Bible Dictionary, 
Newsies, Calderone, Sonia-law class, D.C., monkey, 
cartoon characters w/ popcorn in their mouths, Britta- 
your crazy, french bread, ice in D.C., I know I can 
always count on you when I need somebody to eat an 
entire bag of M&M's with, ending sentences with 
prepositions, Spice Girls, Owen-XC, Interact, your 
crazy car-that better get in the yearbook! Montana-for 
being a wanna be player, John-cars, and crazy XC 
conversations about girls Mike H-D-for the hot tub in 
the snow, Dan-for being the Hulk Derek-for your red 
hair, eucharisuc ministering!- all the guys-BEAST 
MODE, Car Wars Abby-BHSXC2K3. XCC, sick, for 
being such a good friend who I know I can trust with 
any secret boy news Tara-crazy outbursts, french, 
frogger Michelle-date days, for hosting G3 -Amanda 
Diana Hailey for being die hard fans Mike Hall-ma 
belle, M-Gag-for being so good-looking Corina-per- 
fect, D.C., froggy fun, psychic-o's, Pat-XC, forgetting 
sent to the corner, Amy-calculus craziness Ashley- 
thanks for driving around scary rotaries, Richter-for 
business software, Will-ACE is not a place to make 
friends but I'm glad you created such a fun club Kate- 
french, not sleeping, Mandy Moore (you know she is 
the greatest singer ever), Diana-cheering! Woo-hoo! 
Erin-for driving me everywhere, playing the find a 
new b/f game. The Clique-Megan, Michelle, Chris. 
Jenny, Alec, Mike-for finally letting me in BDC- Jr. 
Camp-Intermediate day camp-excluded otters, Gyro, 
Ian-XC, thinking you are older than you are. Joe-my 
cousin!, and Mike-for hanging out and being our 
junior guys JimmyMac-for Lexington Girl and all the 
odier people you stalk! XC underclassgirls-Nishanthi. 
Taylor, Ariel, Ellen. Michelle, LaxGirls-for all the great 
times, star jumps, magnetizing, underwear competi- 
tions, intensity. To EVERYBODY who's made my life 
fun-Hampton, pididdle. Harvard Square hide-and- 
go-seek, making videos, H.S. tag, g3. DC, DDR. car 
wars, dances, and just hanging out doing nothing in 
Bedford. Thanks! Thank-you to all of my family, 
teachers, teammates, coaches, neighbors and friends 
you have truly helped me to become the person I am 
today .To anybody I missed, I love you! Thanks for the 
fun and thanks for making me laugh (which I'm sure 
you did!) Good Luck Class of 2004! (we've got more!) 

Matthew Gagnon 

First I want to thank my parents. You guys have put 
up with a lot from me over the years, but I wouldn't 
be where I am today were it not for you. Dave. We've 
been at odds a few times, but in the end. we'll always 


Try not to screw up too bad later on. 
Lwryone that I've met in high school has had an 
impact on me, so if I forget to mention you, don't 
worry; I'll always remember that thing at the place 
that time. Pat: Ever since Spinosa freshman year 
you've been a great friend. You're a great person; 
don't ever change. Mike: God bless the Honda! 
Didn't get to really know you until late sophomore 
year (I think) , but I'm glad we got to know each other. 
Yeah Sloodge! Jamie: Stop being older than me! It's 
been fun. Good luck in band next year (mwah-ha- 
ha). Corina: We didn't really work out together, but 
I'm glad we became better friends. My only regret is 
diat we didn't get to know each other until junior 
year. Thanks for being a great friend. Abby: Thanks 
for forcing me to do XC. Spinosa would have sucked 
without you. Amy: Oh, you and Pat are so cute. 
You're one of my two favorite Asians (besides me). 
Good luck wherever you go. Jason: I know you're in 
NY now, but for a year and a half you were my best 
friend. You'll never see this, but good luck. Peace. All 
of those Band Geeks: Chris, Alec, Mike, Jenny, Meagan, 
Ashley, you guys are great. Dave, Kevin, Jeff, go 
trumpets. Those ROTC nerds: Colby (one day I'll let 
you beat me), Becca, Lauren, Alexia, Betz 1&2, 
PUPPY, Hrinishin, whenever you get sad, think of me 
and smile (tee hee). Ahni, Sabrina, Maxine, Allie, 
Sheena, Laura, and die rest, you guys were . . interest- 
ing. Thanks for everything. All of you XC, Rifle, and 
Lacrosse guys, too many to name, thanks a lot. Kate: 
My physics buddy. It's been fun. Michelle: Thanks for 
marrying me. I'm a little disappointed that you 
wanted a divorce. Jeff Vatter: Thanks for the awesome 
salsa (told you I'd do it). Krings: Way to look alike. 
Keep it up. Now to name random people (you know 
why you're important): Sarah, Tara, Ming, Scott, Phil, 
Michelle,, Emily, Jill, Laura, Britta, Owen. Amanda, 
Jack, Al, Tom, Derek, Colleen, Erin, Mike, Elliot, Will, 
Fort, Joe BP, Brian, Big Jim, Alex, Alex, Pete, Pabian, 
Poe, Eric, Cheng, Grant. I have 50 more words and 
still be in my price bracket. So here it goes: I'd like to 
thank Mike's Honda for the many rides without 
breaking. I want to thank my Saturn, but if you break 
one more time, you're fired. Lasdy, I want to thank 
canned whipped cream, for your sugary goodness. 
Oh crap, I know I'm forgetting a ton of people. If I did, 
I'm sorry, and you can kick me later. Thanks a lot 
everyone, it's been great. 

Britta Gocht 

Mom and Dad- thanks so much to both of you for 
always being there for me throughout my life, I know 
I can always count of you guys to help me, cheer me 
up, and to have fun with! Lisa- Who could ask for a 
better little sister? Hanging out with you is the 
greatest (even though you say you don't like it) and 
I'm gonna miss you next year when I'm at college. 
Carl- Sorry you have to put up with two older sisters! 
Thanks for always saying sometliing funny and being 
a caring younger brother. Kristen- I don't think I 
would ever be on time for school if it weren't for you! 
I'm so glad that I moved nextdoor to you all those 
years ago. We've had many good times walking 
places (school, around the block, BF) and doing lost 
of crazy things. Thanks for always supporting me (Eric- 
Matthews BMW) Matt- so many good times, walking 
to school, the madd pole, hours in the video store, 
summers, playing lacrosse, and so much more. Thanks 
for being so fun to hang around with. LauraC- I'm so 
excited that you moved here this year! Thanks for 
putting up with me and my super exciement about 
everything! I love hanging out with you and know 
that I'll probably get to know you more as the years 
go on (NPU, Squanto, and the like) Sarah- oh bruny 

so many good times, phone conversations and crazy 
weekends, making video's, driving around Bedford, 
and many others, you're a spectacular friend! Sonia- 
I don't know if I'll ever be able to recover from the 
trauma of you hating me in 7 th grade! Although after 
that year, you've been one of my best friends and 
we've had so many great times together, crazy 
sleepovers in your awesome house, weekends, and 
doing ballet! Jill-my twin! thanks for listening to me 
and getting excited about silly things with me! Our 
mall trip, our list, phone conversations, weekends, 
always being stressed, hanging out, lacrosse and field 
hockey, helping me with French, fits in math class. I 
never would've made it through high school without 
you! Emily-so much fun being crazy with you! Phone 
conversations, and just laughing at everything! 
Meagan-I looooove you! thanks for driving me places 
and being crazy and creepy and awesome! Ashley-yay 
for knitting! PiBetaPhi! Corina-my stand partner in 
Wind Ensemble! Crazy pictures on music, thanks for 
being so smart and helping me with hw in band and 
putting up with all my craziness. Amy-is awesome 
and wears seats on her head! Directed study Michelle- 
thanks for having G' at your house every week and for 
being one of the friendliest people I know Jenny - 
thanks for all the rides toG' and for knowing smart 
stuff. Abby-always having a super neto car Katie- 
indoor track was sweet, while it lasted always being so 
energetic and fun to be around, crazy weekends and 
cars and such. Britta- thanks for having such a super 
cool name! Chris- thanks for being smart and helping 
me out in math and physics and for being a nice person 
and fun to hang out with!! M-Gag!!- you are one crazy 
kid! Mike Hall- senior year is awesome because I have 
so many classes with you! Pat-for being so nice and 
always having interesting diings to talk about with me 
MikeB- for doing crazy diings like smushing your 
sandwich and saving my soul! Alec-for being so 
incredibly nice to me all the time.Amanda-ya la- 
crosse!! LauraW- even diough people always make 
fun of us, we're still cool! Colleen-field hockey rocks 
my socks! Elliot- you'll never get to see the video, your 
so crazy Kate-coming up with the awesomest songs 
ever and being the most creative person I know! Tara 
and Brendan way to represent Paul Revere Rd in the 
senior class! Tom- the best thorper I know. To all the 
super cool underclassmen Shreya. Nicole, and Kayla; 
Fred. Beckah, Jenny; field hockey 04 was the bomb 
diggity yo! Kristin-youth group! To all of Lisa's super 
cool friends Shelia, Eliza, and Steph! To the field 
hockey and lacrosse teams, crew, and other random 
things like track, the play, the varsity sit-around-and- 
do-nothing team. And to everyone at church and 
Camp, I love you all! ! And of course, thanks to Jess and 
all die other awesome yearbook people for doing our 

Benjamin Gould 

This will seem disjointed, but I do not know how else 
to thank so many important people in such a small 
space. In my Freshman year, I was known as my sister. 
Rebecca's, Little brother. Even that was a lot to live up 
to. She helped me get used to the high school, and 
even saved me from a detention one time. I always felt 
that she was checking-in or watching out for me. 
Becca, I cannot say enough. Thanks. Mom and Dad. 
oh, boy. It has certainly been an interesting four years. 
You guys were always there to keep me going. You 
came to my concerts, my shows, my exhibits, every- 
thing. I have learned so much from you, and I have 
only started to leam how lucky I am to have you by my 
side. If there is ever a day that goes by in which I did 
not say the words thank you and I love you, just know 
that through it all, I will always love you; and thank 

you. Chris and Tim. I really should not group you two 
together, but somehow it fits. I missed you guys this 
year, but I am thankful for our surviving relationship. 
There are very few people in life that can connect quite 
the way that we do. Thank you both for always being 
my friends. Kayo, I am thankful for the time that we 
shared together. You were my first love, and will 
always hold a special place in my heart, no nutter 
where we both travel. Mr. Pilla. He. he, he. What can 
I say to Mr. Pilla? Thank you for your sense of humor, 
for your wisdom, for your patience, and for your 
guidance. Without your direction. I would have 
lacked the skills to get through BHS. I owe you a great 
thanks. Mr. Low. you are so much more than a choral 
director to me. You are my friend. Thank you for 
putting up with whatever I threw at you these past 
sevoi years. Thank you for having the passion to teach, 
and for your love of music. Mr. Jacob-Dolan. While 
you may put on the sheik tie, and melancholic humor, 
you have shared with me that playful side within you. 
Thank you for helping me find my voice, and the guts 
to use it. Nate, I'll bet you didn't expect to be in here, 
but here you are. You are an unusual guy. I am proud 
to call myself your friend, and thank you for being 
mine. It means more than you might know. My 
teachers: Ms. Flynn, Mr. Griffin, Mrs. Allen. Mrs. 
Billouin. Mrs. Rozen, Mrs. Miele, Mrs. Bozak, Mr. 
Spinosa. Mrs. Devaney, Ms. Paul. Ms. Zuppa, Mr. 
Sheinfeld, Mrs. Irving, Mrs. Luke, Mr. Huff, Mrs. 
Stott, Doc Has, Ms. Farrell. and Ms. Surpprise. You 
have all shared with me your knowledge, something 
that I will always have with me. something that is 
truly sacred. Thank you. Michelle M.. Ben W.. Mingli. 
Ben R., Jimmy B.. Wayne. Scott D., Britta B., Tara B.. 
Stephanie S.. Sheldon A.. Randy K., Will R., Chris S.. 
Dan R., Kenny B.. Kathryn H.. Rebecca H.. Mike H.. 
and many more, you have all touched me whether 
you realized it or not. 1 could write so much about 
every person that I have mentioned here, but there is 
an unfortunate limit of space. Thank you for being a 
part of my life; for 1 8 years, or just a moment, we 
shared a chapter together. 

Colby Gregory 

I honesdy have no idea where to begin. There has 
been so many people in the past four years who have 
had such an impact in my life. Ill start by giving a 
thank you to everyone who has done that. Whether it 
be a big or a small impact, you have really made my 
life a joy. or a living hell, depending on who you are; 
regardless, I really appreciate it. Now. down the nitty 
gritty, I have no idea where I would be without my 
family. KK- My favourite sister, definitely- by far. and 
my best friend. Your persistence and love has gotten 
me through all of the hard times I have been faced 
with. You have been so supportive of me for my entire 
life, I truly love you so much, I don't know how I can 
thank you enough. MOMMY- Mother dearest, it is 
you who made sure I always did my homework before 
spending hours on the phone. You always made sure 
to look out for what was in my best interest. Without 
your love and guidance. I wouldn't be half the person 
I am today. I didn't always agree with your choices or 
decisions, but it always worked out. Thank you from 
the bottom of my heart for always being there, and for 
all of the wonderful memories we've shared. DADIO- 
I cannot count how many times I've gone to you after 
asking mom something which she said no to. just to 
find out if you'd say yes. You supported our family 
through our roughest times, and we have you to 
thank for so much happiness. Thank you so much for 
all of the car help, for all of the computer help, for all 
of the life help. CAPTAIN AND CHIEF- My second and 
third fathers. I'll let you two decide who's second and 



I who's third. You guys always helped me in every- 
I thing, and supported me all the way. You guys 
I chewed me out when I needed a good beating, and 
I made me feel like a billion bucks when I needed it. I 
I am sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to 
I work under you two old guys. THE CALLAIS FAMILY- 
I thank you guys for always being my second family, 
I and opening your home to me allill the time. I am so 
I fortunate to have been able to share the memories I 
I have with y'all. TRISTAN- Thank you for keeping me 
I IN trouble, not out of it. We won't go into detail on 
I that one. You have so much potential, you'll make a 
I great marine some day. MIKE- Thank you for always 
I being my best buddy in class, even though I annoyed 
I you to death, you know, it's my job. JESS AND 
I EMMA- My bestest Acton friends ever! You girls are so 
I sweet, and you make me infinitely happy! Best wishes 
I in the future! EMILY- Thank you for all of the prayer 
I you have blessed me with over the past few months. 
I You make my life such a joy to live. I love you noodles 
I and carrots. MARY BETH- My one and only reason to 
I ever go to Connecticut, a lot! You've always been 
I there for me, and always been so loving. I love you, 
I and I wish you the best in college and years to come. 
I Remember 1 1 1420201 3! ZAHKA-My favourite phys- 
I ics teacher ever! Your so good at making tilings easy, 
I can I bring you to college? I would also like to give a 
' who I forgot, it happens. Thanks to all on my drill 
I team, for keeping me constantly angry at you, no hard 
feelings. I wish you all the best in the remainder for 
your high school lives and your college years to 
follow. Take care all! 

Michael Hall 

Mom- You have always been supportive of me and 
trusted my decisions. Dad- You are the reason why 
I'm going to be an engineer. Thanks for taking me 
flying all these years, and having a great sense of 
humor. Caitlin- You are a smart and hardworking and 
I know that whatever you do in life you will be 
successful. I love all of you and couldn't have got a 
better family. Jenny- Thanks for not ever getting mad 
at anything and always being a trustworthy friend. 
For just hanging out at places like JJ. Jen you are a 
second sister to me. Alec- For being the friend that I 
can talk to in all of our boring classes. For making 
dumb videos widi me, promoting different musical 
groups, and always taking my side while trying to 
annoy someone. Michelle - Thanks for putting up 
with all of us, even though we harass you nonstop. For 
just hanging out even though there is nothing to do. 
For always making my day better no matter what 
mood I'm in. Chris- Thanks for letting me practically 
live in your house. You are one of the funniest people 
I know and you never cease to surprise me. It hard to 
sum up all the good times we have had. High school 
wouldn't have been the same without you. The 
Sullivans- Thank you Mary Anne and Mr. Sullivan for 
being second parents to me and letting all of us be in 
your house all the time! Thank you Jackie for all the 
psych bags, although you always threatened that I 
would never get one. Meagan - I'll always remember 
your crazy obsession with stalking teachers and their 
children. Mike B. - You're the man. Ashley - Thanks 
for taking all the abuse Alec and I gave you over your 
white out tape. Pat - For two fun seasons of lax. Elliot 

- For eating all of my food in physics, and one funny 
video. Kate - For all the creepy stares and stories. Erin 

- Wind just wouldn't be the same without you! Matt- 
For always claiming to be the greatest person alive. 
Amy - For the nonstop poking in chem. Corina- For 
being one of the few people I could stand being 

around in the wind section of mb. Emily - Analysis 
wouldn't have been the same. Britta - For liking all the 
wind songs that no one else does. Katie- For being one 
of the nicest people I know. Tom- Mothman. I don't 
hate you! Diana- For all your crazy laughing fits about 
nothing. Amanda- For being the coolest junior I 
know. Thanks for all the great conversations! Felker- 
Thanks for going above and beyond what is expected 
of you, that's what makes you a great person and 
teacher. And thanks for putting up with us! This is 
only a litde of what all of you mean to me. Thanks for 
everything and best of luck in whatever life may bring 

Meghan Harris 

Want to thank God for blessing me with the life that 
I have. I have been truly blessed with unforgettable 
friendships and a fantastic family. DAD: You live for 
our family and you never stop to take time for 
yourself. I love the fact that we can talk about anything 
from politics to science to parties. I'm going to miss 
our discovery and history channel nights. I enjoy 
learning with you. Dad, you mean the world to me 
and I love you crazy. MOM: Even though we fight like 
cats and dogs I'm convinced that without your spiri- 
tuality and sense of humor I would be a completely 
different person. Thank you for introducing me to 
mental health days. Girls stick together. I love you 
even though you're goofy. CHRIS: I think that you 
and I are more alike than we think. I can come to you 
about anydiing and you're never judgmental. Thanks 
for helping me with sports and all of the favors. You 
always come drrough. I love you lots. JASON: You 
were my very best friend. Thanks for all the I am zee 
master, Pilgrims and Indians, log rolling, playing 
baby, ignore the pain, 3 sec, are you afraid of the dark, 
Nintendo football, back room bball, I'm a big big girl 
in a small small world, the wrath (Sega), and every- 
thing else. I love how we share jokes and always know 
what the other is tliinking. I love you. DIANA: I am 
astounded at how long we have kept our friendship. 
Through all the drama I have always thought the 
world of you. You were my first friend when I moved 
here and I have a bond with you that no one can ever 
compare to. Even when we don't talk for a while we 
always pick things up where we left off. You're the 
most compassionate person I know and I hope that 
you never change. I hope that we're still friends when 
we're old, fat, and ugly. Thank you to the Bickford 
family for opening their doors and always welcoming 
me. NATASHYA: Tash, I don't think anyone can get 
inside of my head like you. Your sense of humor is 
100% me. I don't think that I will ever find a more 
perfect personality match than you. You are more 
than a friend to me; you're truly a sister. I'm going to 
miss you and your family so much. To the Sanoja 
family: You all have opened your doors to me time 
and time again and treated as one of your own. You're 
my second family. Vic and Marz, you guys have 
shown me how great it is to have sisters. I consider you 
guys my blood and I am going to miss all the dress up 
and sleepovers. ALEXIA: I am so happy that we got to 
know each other. I think you have an awesome sense 
of humor. You're so responsible. Thanks for all the 
memories and sleepovers, sister I'm going to miss 
those. Thank you to your family for being so kind. I 
wish you luck in whatever you pursue. ALEXI: again, 
I am blessed to have made such a strong friendship 
with you guys. Thanks for all of the Spanish projects, 
food, birdcalls, trips to the mall, and nights of endless 
imagination (prisoner 3423232). I wish you luck also 
in whatever you do. Thank you to the Wilson family 
for being so generous. To all my other f riends Michelle, 
Cory, Jenny, Amanda Bag, Amanda Bess, Hailey, 

Ruth, Jenny W, Kate, Kate Gors, Amanda Fin, Tara, 
Candice, Kim, Brittany, Katie, Alexia A. Taryn, Scott, 
Brad, Jay, Tom, Ryan. Frankie, Pat, Ryan CM, Sheldon, 
Jacob, Erin, Lisa, Colleen, and anyone else that I may 
have forgotten, you guys are all so awesome and 
completely irreplaceable. To my Bball and Lax team, 
thank you for four awesome years, I'm going to miss 
you guys. To Mr. Dan Hunt, thank you for making 
those Monday mornings a litde less bleak. Thank you 
Mr. Galliard for loving English so much and to all my 
other teachers who taught me through out high 
school. Thank you to the Busheys, Troutmans, and all 
our other family friends. 

Owen Harris 

I'd like to thank my parents for showing me the 
world, imparting on me all of the knowledge in your 
heads', bringing me up right, teaching me how to ski, 
and pushing me to be the best I can be, I can only hope 
to be as good parents as you, Grant for being the 
beastest brother ever, I couldn't ask for a better bro in 
the world, you may be bigger than me but I'll always 
own you! Kate for always having an answer, movie 
marathons, and dispensing the advice on crazy par- 
ents, crazy girls, and crazy life the burbs, Gray for my 
first niece Lucy, and now my friends in the order that 
you come to mind, Jack for making crazy metaphors, 
middle school runs, and rockin the scene, Jon for 
decking out our cars (in entirely different ways) and 
XC, Montana for applying race stripes and covering 
for us while we escaped, Drek for taking the hard time 
we give you, BA volley court, and You'll never do that 
ever, Dan for lucky lay-ups, Yelloooow! and Sunday 
school, Elliot for spinning until you throw up and 
Sunday school, Phil for never doing our chem home- 
work, Mike H-D for hot tub, sleeping when we're at 
your house, and going to the bathroom during 
movies, Emily for being XC captains and flirting as 
your only form of communication, Laura for being 
the stupidest lab partners with me and always being 
good for a laugh, Amanda for doing my hair, Al for 
prime roast hour at 2:36 am, Tito for That's what I'm 
all about and Jack Handy, Richter for rec ball captain, 
Dutton for being the # 1 skiers without looking like 
goons and prime roast hour, Mike P for skating and 
Whisder, Gary for burying Ninja Turdes and never 
finding them, Meg for junior prom, Erin for being my 
2" d grade crush, Jason, Jay, and Brad for keeping me 
up to date on where everything is going down, 
Sabrina for ski lessons with Costa, Julie for being the 
coolest little sister, Emmet for showing me A.F.I, and 
taking my advice, Ariel and Taylor for being awesome 
XC girls, everyone in our group of pick-up bailers, 
who kept Wendy's in business, who saran wrapped 
cars, who rocked Puma sales, who went to Ferry 
Beach, XC team for exploding vans and strong fin- 
ishes. Ski team for looking like scrubs, hitting up the 
jib scene, and more strong finishes. Book Club for 6 
years of good food and fun, 8- 1 and the Blind Lemon 
Posse for a soap opera year, Plymouth for the Voyager, 
the class of '03 for breaking me in to high school and 
showing how to get it done, all my friends for making 
high school way more fun than it would've been 
without you. and I want to wish everyone luck in 
whatever they pursue after high school, I couldn't 
have asked for a better group of family, friends, and 
community. I hope to see you all again! 

Jason Haynes 

Its hard to narrow down a senior thanks. The reason 
being because there are so many people that impact a 
persons life and the way it is carried out, even it its 
people you don't like there is still something that they 
have contributed to your lite that might have made 



ycia . better person, what I'm basically saying is that 
many people have contributed to making me the 
person thai I am, and by not including someone in my 
thanks, I don't mean to offend you if you think you 
belong, 1 just simply can not put down everyone that 
I want. With that said I'm going to start with the most 
important, my family. Mom, Dad, if it weren't for you 
two I most likely would not be here, and I thank you 
for bringing me into this world. I also thank you for 
all the love, opportunities, and moments that have 
come up in my life. I thank you for all the gifts, all the 
lessons and all the lectures. Matt, you're my older 
brother, I look up to you so much, I have made a lot 
of my decisions in life based on what I thought would 
have been your approval. I thank you mosdy for the 
guidance that you have shown and the advice that you 
have given me, and the fact that I would have to hear 
it from you if I did something stupid or something 
that would screw up my life. Mike, Chris, you guys are 
my younger brothers, I thank you for being around 
and having something to laugh at and get comic relief 
from when I might have been mad or when it was 
dinner time and the conversations went stale. To the 
rest of my extended family, I thank you for the times 
my parents weren't there and you helped me out with 
a problem I might have had. For giving me jobs to do 
that would give me a little bit of money to spend on 
a toy, a CD or for gas in my car, it always helped me 
out. To my friends, I thank you for all the good times, 
the bad ones well they started out good, but ended 
bad, so I thank you for those as well, all of you know 
who you are. Thank you so much to all the people 
who had an impact on my life, positive/ negative, it all 
ended up helping me and I thank you all. 

Douglas Higson 

First I would like to thank my family, who've sup- 
ported me in every way possible. Mom and Dad, 
you're two of the greatest parents a kid could ever 
have. Thank you for lending me money when it was 
needed, rides, and for just being there when I needed 
you. Jimmy, you've been a great inspiration in my 
life. You've shown me different tilings I never would 
have seen or even thought about. Thank you for many 
rides when I needed them, for being the best big 
brother, our first and only dance when I was fresh- 
men, Celtics games, Ted Sox games, the mall. You've 
helped me a lot through the years, and for that I will 
always be thankful. Nana, thank you so much for 
everything. For all the Christmas', Thanksgiving's, 
and all my birthday's. You're the greatest grand- 
mother a grandson could ever have. Thank for the 
support over the years, I love you. Max, for the being 
die greatest dog in the world, RIP. Megan. WOW, 
you seriously are one of, if not, the best person I know. 
I can't begin to explain how much your friendship 
means to me. You've supported me in every way 
possible. Thank you for all the great times we've had 
together. Salisbury beach, Hampton, Breakers, PLM, 
Old Navy, driving around, just hanging out at our 
houses, BOSTON, and most of all CWV. You're a 
great person Megan and don't let anyone tell you 
different, I love you. Ryan M. Thank you for being 
a great friend. You're a great person. Thank you for 
all those talks we had, some football games, concerts, 
Boston, driving around, the mall. I know I will see you 
after High School. Thanks for everything man. Matty 
D. WOW. It's been crazy. First off, don't ever forget 
the eggs. You're a great friend, we had great times at 
work. Ya Toast! The times at Breakers when we went 
for like a week straight, movies, 99's, and the KFC 
runs after work. Thank for everything. Marie. Hey 
Hey Hey. I love you, You're a great person Marie, 
don't forget that. Meeting you, and becoming friends 

with you has been great. Thank you so much for being 
there to talk about many things. Work, 99's, some 
rides we took. It's been great, and I hope to be friends 
much longer. Dan M. You as well, can never forget 
the eggs! We've had many great times. KFC runs, 
many late nights in Bedford, causing ruckus, bleacher 
painting, work, you're a good friend, and good luck 
in the future. Pentas, you two are some good people. 
All the times in Boston, some football games, mall, 
driving around, talking about different things. Thank 
you. Mrs. Jordan. Thank you so much these past four 
years. You're help will forever be appreciated. We've 
had a lot of great times in L.C. You are the best teacher 
in the world, don't forget that. Thank you for becom- 
ing more of a friend in the end than a teacher. You're 
a great person, thank you for everything. Everyone at 
CWV, for making that place bearable to work at. Gary, 
man all that hacking and we never hung out, but hey 
we became really good at hacking. Good luck in the 
future. Jack, same to you, it was fun hackin it up every 
chance we could. Good luck man. Craig, thanks for 
making me laugh a lot. Thanks for the times in 
Salisbury, boy were those good times. Math class, 
business class, the Portuguese festival, many many- 
sleep overs, where do the years go my friend, that I 
can't answer. But I can say, don't change who you are, 
make many friends along the way, and have as much 
fun as you can while you're still in school. Mrs. 
Anthony, for hookin me up with lunches everyday. 
Megan M., even though we never really hung out 
together, I enjoyed our coffee dates. I wish you the 
best in the future. Thanks to everyone for the great 
memories. Good luck. 

Darryll Holliday 



Thanks to everyone that has been here and even some 
of you that haven't (you know who you are!). Dad- 
words don't say enough / Mom and Ty- thanks for 
everything / Megan- you already know what I'm 
tliinking / Davie (as super Mario theme song repeats 
in my head) / Nads- the moon Nadia! / Smasher-nuff 
said / Mikey and Gibby (+ 1 ) / to my hopeless, non- 
awkward friend-ill meet you halfway from wherever 
you are if you want / Ralfy- we have a line / A-bomb- 
cool stuff right? / Buddy-you know / Steph- 
McGullibleson / Mike, Zach, Harley, Nate, AJ-you 
guys s*** a whole lot / here's the end of my free 
space! everyone who I haven't thanked... 

Michael Hurley-Dorof 

First of all, I would like to thank God for blessing me 
with a loving family and a wonderful group of friends. 
Next I would like to thank my father for the love and 
care he showed me through out my life, and for 
teaching me everything I know. Mom, I just want you 
to know that you're the bravest, most loving woman 
in the world, and I thank you for everything you have 
given and taught me. I also want to thank my brother 
Max (PARK IT!), even if you are taller than me you 
monstrous lurch. Hey Evil Ryanitski - you are steeuupid. 
A big thank you also goes out to the rest of my family 
- without you I would not be the person I am today. 
And now I would like to pay tribute to those few good 
men (and women) who I have called friend for the 
past few years of my life. Frankie - you and I have had 
some seriously good times during our friendship, and 
we will never forget the overbearing philosophy of Sal 
3:16. Dan - it's been awesome sitting around doing 
nothing on weekends with you, and nice face. Phil - 
you're the man, and I hope you can continue being a 
fan of The O.C. Drek - it's been mad crazy, and keep 
on living the Mcjob Dream. Jon - maybe I'll meet you 
in Napehypespedlube Land later on in life. E-Raab 
Himself - it's been real, and madrigal has been 
awesome (not really, but I had to say something). 

Owen - after you graduate from the University of Sik 
Hopz maybe you can fix my white ups. Montana - 
maybe we can continue our weekend shenanigans in 
college (I know I will). Ryan - we've shared some 
laughs, and you've seen more of me than anyone 
should have to in a lifetime (sorry, I had to say it). 
Amanda - you really are pretty cool. Abby - madrigal 
actually has been fun with you, and thanks for putting 
up with my, shall we say, outside endeavors while 
writing the script. Emily - I hope Michael Doodle 
forgives you. Jack, Brendan, Alistair, Chris K., Chris S., 
Pat, Richter, Coombs, Alec, Jacob, Jason, J-Mac, Jill, 
Diana, Tara, Laura, Katie, Michelle, Maxine, Erin and 
anyone else who I forgot (for which I am truly sorry) 
- you guys are awesome, and high school wouldn't 
have been fun without you. Well, it looks like it's 
almost over, but don't forget to keep in touch. Bye 

Alistair Ingram 

Thanks to everyone at BHS. Thanks Brendan for the 
safaris and the opera rope. Thanks Erin for Bobby 
Foust and NC. Thanks Dutton and O-Dawg for prime 
roast hour. Thanks Joe for loving Get Low. Thanks 
Emily for being Spazzy Spazzerton. Thanks Caitlin for 
1 4 hours of editing mayhem. Thanks JD for stealing 
fries from ex-cons. Thanks Nomes for making me late 
every day. Thanks Emmet for tliinking I was Norwe- 
gian. Thanks Katie for being Kato Serwanga. Thanks 
Elliot, you da man. Finally, thanks Mom and Dad for 
giving me a green card so that I'm not an illegal alien. 

Mario Johnson 

First of all in my thanks I would like to thank God, 
because without him nothing is possible. I would like 
to thank my mom, dad, and both of my sisters. 
Without my family I would not be here doing what 
I am doing right now. Next, I would like to thank 
everybody who has came into my life and made it 
special and interesting. The first person I would like to 
thank is my sweaty April, who has made my life 
interesting and her family. I would like to thank my 
bestest of best friend Tenisha A.K.A. Lady T for always 
being there for me. I would also like to thank Janine, 
Delilah Jones and her cousin Steven Martin. Thank 
you Mr. & Mrs. Turner A.K.A. Mr. & Mrs. T for always 
being there for me whenever I needed you. I also 
would like to thank all of my teachers for helping me 
out and being there for me throughout my high 
school years. Here are the rest of the people that I want 
to send thanks to: Bryant Turner A.K.A. B and his litde 
sister, David Adams, Gangster Mike, Joe Martin, 
Anthony Stiles, Larry Howard, Ivy Wilson A.K.A. 
Outburst, Ramal Johnson A.K.A. Funny Boy and his 
older brother Rodney Johnson, Xavier Pickett, Julissa, 
Tranea, D & M Tracy A.K.A. the Twins, Chris O'B 
A.K.A. O'B, Phil Mischler, Justin Pespei A.K.A. JP. 
David Woolrich. Mike Folsom A.K.A. Tall PIMPIN & 
Mike Wausaukee, Joey Wissler, Cody Gibson, Will 
Ayers and his litde sister Loren, Louis and his brother 
J, Stephen Rossy, Tony Diaz and his sister Nadia Diaz, 
Ana Chambers- Mahr, Mishay George, Amanda 
Finestone, Alexia Arocha, Patrick Green, Mr. Rivers 
and his family, I also would like to thank any other 
friends of mine that I may have not mentioned in this 
thanks. I would also like to thank my number one dog 
that came to Bedford at the year of 2002, & 2003 and 
his name is Mario Sumter A.K.A. MASJ. One love to all 
the major people that have come into my life, and they 
were the first one's mentioned in this thank you, 
much luv to those peoples. 

Brandon Kennedy 

I would first off like to thank the most important 
people in my life, my parents. You have helped me 


become the person that I am. You guys have always 
been there for me, and I will never forget it. Your 
unconditional love is what has made these years the 
best years of my life. I love you guys and, thankful for 
having being blessed with parents such as you guys. 
I would next like to thank my grandparents because 
they always told me to stay on the right path, and they 
helped to lead me there. I love you both very much 
and I thank you. Gigi, you are a great women and a 
very special one to me. I can always depend on you to 
ask me about my love life. You also make the best 
Italian food I have ever had. Next I would like to thank 
the rest of my family because you have all touched me 
in one way or another. I would like to thank the 
Tanner family for always being there for me. You 
guys are a second family. JAY: We have had some 
tough times and you should never forget I own you. 
We have also had a lot of good times, parties, cruises, 
fights, Maynard chicks, living together. NICK: You 
are probably the coolest little brother diat anyone 
could have. I will be home to toughen you up and 
keep you in check. FRANKIE: Luck will change in 
college. Never forget the Midnight Table, we never 
really had much to talk about anyways. Toon Squad, 
Hampton Beach, Pheasant Lane Mall, cruising to the 
Beach Boys. Too many memories to name with you. 
DANM: Savage, Jade Tradition, always being there to 
party with, summer of 2003; chilling everyday. 
RYANCM: We have the best times together, 4 am 
cruises, crashin at your house. JACOB: New Hamp- 
shire, parties, cruises, Ryan's house, last week of 
Junior year at my house. JASONH: Chex Mix, never 
driving. SCOTT: Block cruises, Northeastern. 
RAIMONDI Merrimack, working together, parties, 
savage, partyin, UMASS. KATE: Thanks for being my 
date to the semi, Mounds. CORY: Corona, cruises, 
partying, STAY COLD. MEAGANH: I will never forget 
you and NATASHA because you guys are always cool 
to be around. I would Also like to thank Mrs.Miele and 
MrsD Pascussi because you guys have always been 
there to help me in school, and I thank you. I would 
like to thank the rest of the teachers at BHS.Gen, Mark, 
Chris, Rob, Tom, Jenny, AlexiaB, Mop Top, you guys 
are awesome. Good Luck class of 2004 

Eun Jin Kim 

First, I have to thank to my parents (uma, abba) for 
supporting me with everything and taking care of me 
all the time you make me know something in my life 
you're the best. My brother obba- you are my friend 
forever. All my friends in Korea and America I am so 
glad to know you guys so cool — - let's keep in touch. 
Teachers thanks so much for helping me understand 
something. I will miss you. Mo Du Gam Sa Hae Yoo~ 

Jacob Lafo 

It's kind of hard to wrap up 1 8 years in my senior 
dianks, but here goes. My family has always been 
there for me, and I'll never forget how much of an 
influence you've been. I love you all so much. Mom- 
thanks for always pushing me to be better and for 
trying to prevent my eventual procrastination. Danc- 
ing with you (Outkast) will always be a blast. Dad- 1 
can't tell you how much I've learned from you. 
Whether it's fielding pop flies or learning chords, 
you've always motivated me to try new things. 
Grandma- you are everything a grandmother should 
be. You always have something clever to say and I love 
helping you on crosswords. I can't imagine growing 
up without you. Devin- 1 don't really know where I'd 
be without you. I have looked up to you my whole life 
as not only my brother but as one of my best friends. 
Don't forget all the family vacations. Ryan CM- feather 
in the hair, bleaching our hair, sneaking it underneath 

the tea, sleepovers, wiggum, going into Boston. 
Frankie- Thursdays at your crib, final fight, chest 
championship, country store, amak dadlmak eya, 
reindeer bob. Scott- breaking into a house, beating up 
dwarfs at camp, jumping off your porch, firecrackers 
at 9 am, cruising before it was legal. Brad- beirut 
champs, forties, NH, the escort, slap fights, slamming 
into scott's car, oh ya brotha. Jay- loads of funneling, 
falling asleep on the high way, skateboarding, striking 
people out since the angles. Chip- cinnamon sticks, 
D8dD, asking for a hamburger at the Bombay club, 
trash people, weezer. Cory- Orion's belt, you having 
mono and the toga party, our talks, coffees, and 
movies. Kate- rent, gloucester sauna games, cracked 
martin, strip DWD, weird semi-night, expired cream. 
Michelle- always topping you in grades, your crazy 
dog, your crazy self. Chris D- midnight basketball, 
monkey bungee, essex, playing catch, ugly matching 
swimsuits. Chris L- your house with Sheldon, Friday 
afternoons at my house, indoor football. Gary- trips, 
BSC, your beehive, hacking. Alex, Ben- having fun at 
parties, talking sports, flo's clam shack. Ryan S- wiffle 
ball, your pool, psycho at McDonalds. Sheldon- times 
at chris' house, using the sticky, 8 lh grade dance. 
Ricky- baseball, rocking die ax and drums, partying, 
beades (bleacher painting). Jason C- for being the 
most creative kid I know , jamming, mr. bungle. Mike 
HD- sleepovers, fireworks, skin flicks, goldeneye. 
Haynes- cards and such at my house. Dan- sound 
garden, bottle rockets. Mike Pres- photo advice and a 
sense of humor. Owen, Dan, Elliot, Ben- book group. 
Jenny- the ski bus, the field, talking for hours, going 
out for hours (haha), our secret relationship. Ryan P- 
5^ grade girlfriend (we obviously loved each other) , 
gammys, just plain hanging out. Tom- band class, 
playing for mr. k, your house. Jack- class buds, going 
to wendys. Dominic- overdone popcorn, getting 
caught at hankie's. Natashya, Meghan, Alexia, Alexi- 
for being some cool chicks. Lisa- Ms. Joshi's class, 
times at your hosuse. Colleen- math class, arm- 
wresting at your house. Tara- neighbors, Luigi's 
chats, great laugh. Pat- tallest kid I know, betting the 
American flag. Kiely- middle finger on die knees. 
Nate- negative blowers in the ears. Pliish- for being 
unique. Erica and Steph- for c hillin g even when your 
parents found out. Ally M- the shack. Mr. Sheinfeld- 
all the help over the years, making me really want to 
pursue photography. Mr. Reynolds- serving as comic 
relief and as an encyclopedia of politics. Mr. JD- caring 
about my writing, and your creative mind. Mr. 
Sullivan- for introducing a new subject in die best way 
possible. Mr. Venkatesh- growing matrices, summer- 
slam. Coach Sab and Sullivan- for being two influen- 
tial people in my life, making me a better player and 
person. The cafeteria staff- for 4 years of blissful 
cuisine. Jen- playing footsie, lying to me about the 
tying the cherry stem, lying on my bed just because 
we always do, the dork list, cape cod, lying on the 
beach, can you you know, messages you leave on my 
phone, forgetting my food at burger king. I care about 
you so much and I always will, I love you. I hope I 
didn't forget anyone! 

Michael Landau 

The years of school, and my life in general, up until 
now have been long, and at times very tough. I want 
to give thanks to those who picked me up when I was 
down or during hard times of my life. Firsdy, I would 
like to thank my parents. My fadier has given me an 
immeasurable amount of help with my schoolwork, 
the whole college process, and with achieving success 
in my life. 1 don't think I could have survived it all 
without his help and support. There is also my 
mother, who gave me a nice haven of relaxation and 
comfort to give me a break from my stressful school 

life. She also helped me through hard times and is one 
of the reasons for my highly developed studying 
skills. My step parents, Diane and Dave, also give me 
a lot of support and encourage me to thrive. There are 
also a few teachers that I would like to thank for 
inspiring me to succeed. Mr. Gaillard, although per- 
sistent and strict at times, has been the most enjoyable 
and motivational teacher I have had. I would like to 
thank Mrs. Kurzman for inspiring me to enjoy under- 
stand chemistry very well. Also, Ms. Stott, my former 
History teacher, gave me immense help with the 
development of the S.A.C. I would also like to thank 
Scotty D, for being one of the craziest kids I've ever 
known, and for listening to the awesome music that 
I also love. Jeff, for being a cool and down-to-earth 
kind of guy. Megan, who is very close to my heart, and 
for sharing a lot of fun times with me. Mingli, for 
accepting me as a fellow yearbook member and a 
crazy, unique guy. My sis, Jilly, for giving me much 
needed advice and for being the best sister ever! My 
cousin, Cameron, for jumping up and down on a 
piece of wood with me. Kate and Cory, for having 
endiralling convo and making funny noises with me 
during art. Nate, Zack, Harley, Darryl, and A.J. for 
coming up with the funniest stories and jokes I have 
ever heard. Finally there is Jaime, for also being a 
lunatic, and for helping me start writing this awesome 
senior thanks. And to who of you who I forgot, I thank 
you too. 

Thomas Lane 

First I wanna thank my parents, MOM- Thanks for 
being the best mom anyone could ever ask for. Thanks 
for always giving me everything, and anything. You 
have been the best influence on me. Thanks for letting 
me be me and not anything else. Thanks for letting me 
make my own decisions, and letting me live my own 
life. I love you more than I can ever express in words. 
DAVE- Thanks for stepping in and being my father. 
You have given me so much that I could never repay. 
Thanks for always being there and always looking out 
for what's best for me, never letting me get into 
trouble, and when I do get into trouble, helping me 
out of it. I know I haven't been the best son but thanks 
for everything, and I love you. DAD and BETH- 
Thanks for being my home away from home. Letting 
me come up there w hen I need a break from Mass and 
when I just need a litde vacation. Thanks for always 
being there when I needed help solving issues that life 
through at me and being able to tell you anything and 
you never judging me. Thanks for being awesome. I 
love you both. I am so lucky to have all 4 of you guys 
as parents. GRAMMY B- Thanks for being like a 5* 
parent. LOL Thanks for letting my always be ur 
favorite grandchild, and being there for me. Driving 
from Maine to come see every show I was in and every 
concert. I'll never forget when u flew down to DC to 
see me play widi the band. I love you. Thanks for 
being so awesome. GRAMMY AND GRAMPY L- 
Thanks for being there for me. GRAMMY AND 
GRAMPY D~ Thanks for all those last minute rides, 
thanks for accepting me as your grandchild, when I 
really wasn't. Thanks for everything. JEN AND JESSY - 
I don't know what to say You guys have been the best 
sisters anyone could ever ask for. Whenever I needed 
something, or someone to talk to you guys were there 
for me looking out for me your litde brother. I love 
you guys so much. Jen. all those late nights when 
Mom and Dave would leave us alone, all the ndes, the 
package stores, south Carolina, Maine, everything. 
Jen I love you smarten up please. Jessy, dianks for 
being my long distance sister, all of our fights when 
we where younger, and growing up to be really good 
friends. I love you so much thanks for being awesome. 



Thanks to everyone in Marching Band, you guys were 
so awesome, Jenny SAT guys, Chris I love big men, 
Alec I hate torn, Meagan My future wife, Ashley my 
body guard, Mike Sabrina, Ahni, Matt, Asians. You 
guys rock! Meghan McConnell, thanks for being the 
coolest friend anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for 
letting me be me around you and you not caring, 
thanks for being the coolest person in Bedford, and 
having the coolest family Never forget, Halloween 
and other great times. I love you Meghan!! Amanda 
Costa, Thanks for being so awesome. I Am so glad we 
became friends, you are so awesome and I am going 
to marry your sister Jen. Michele and Krystal, you 
guys are def the coolest chicks in Burlington, thanks 
for making work so much fun. Thanks to Dotty Blake, 
for being a mentor to me and letting me tell you 
anydiing and being more than a teacher but also a 
friend. Also to Miss. Smith, (Mrs. McKay) thanks for 
being such a awesome person. You have had a huge 
impact on me during my tenure at BHS, being able to 
have you as a teacher for 2 years, and mentor for 4 has 
been awesome. You are def the most awesomest, not 
only teacher, but person Thanks for always being 
happy and never letting anything let you down. 
ROLOS! Thanks for all the memories, good and bad, 
I'll never forget you guys. OMG so many people to 
thank and not enough room I just want to thank 
anyone who has been involved in my life, and thanks 
for being you. If I forgot you I am sorry but I love you 
all. And thanks to the class of 2004 guys its been fun. 

Mianna Libby 

Mom: I want to thank you for everything you have 
done. From the last minute supplies to the supple- 
ments, that have benefited me more then I can say, 
and for all your advice these past couple of years. I'm 
grateful. Dad: Thank you for all the times you put up 
with the wall and helped me understand my home- 
work. For all the times you were there widi my last 
minute projects. Thank you. Nathan: I'm glad diat I 
have you for a brother. With all die moving we've 
kept each other company, even if it was fighting. I'll 
always be diere when you need me. Kenny: There is 
so much to diank you for. You have been not only a 
boyfriend but a best friend for so long now. A perfect 
match, we always seem to compliment the others 
mood. I love how you are understanding, a great 
listener, the fact you put up with me, and diat you are 
simply just a nice person. Whether diis lasts for one 
more month or a lifetime, I will always remember 
what you added to my life in these tough years. Thank 
you and I love you. Ashley: You are the only person 
that has truly been there for me the past three years. 
I know we've had some rough periods, but they only- 
make us stronger. I'll always remember Oreo time 
and line time. You've proved even though I'm a grade 
above, you're still the older one. Good Luck with your 
senior year and your life to come. Rachael: We've 
pulled each other through rough times. Thanks for 
lending me a place to stay. Good Luck with the rest of 
your life. Ricky, Christine, and Stefanie: you guys 
have been awesome friends, and helpful when it 
comes to remembering assignments. Good Luck in 
the future. Alii and Kayla (La-La): Thanks for bright- 
ening my day and Good Luck in your senior year. 
Joey: Forensics, Study-buddy, and friend. Thanks for 
keeping me sane for the past two years. Reconsider 
joining the Marines, please! Josh: Thanks for the great 
advice and amusing study sessions. Pat: Thanks for 
your sense of humor, insight, and support. Good luck 
with the rest of high school. Mr. Reynolds: Thanks for 
involving me in student government and showing me 
the way. Ms. Billouin: It's been a great three years, and 
you have truly inspired me. 


Amy Lin 

MOM & DAD- 1 could not have gotten to this point 
without your unconditional love and support. Thank 
you for providing me with a life that many people can 
only dream about. AUDREY-I cherish our late night 
talks about Vega, school, friends, and life itself. 
Although you are the younger sister, I have looked up 
to you in so many ways. Never lose your carefree spirit 
and sense of humor. PAT-It seems like just a few days 
ago I was chasing you down the hallway for kidnap- 
ping my egg baby. Who knew it would lead to this? 
Your genuine character has given me a whole new 
appreciation for life. So many long conversations on 
the phone, laughs, walks, pancakes, Chuck E Cheese, 
escapades in the mall, hammocking, and just being 
crazy together! Reed Family-You have always made 
me feel comfortable in your household and I truly 
appreciate that. Thanks for the rides. PB&J, my sur- 
prise party, stories from family photo albums, and a 
preview into such a great family. CORINA- We've 
been twins ever since those identical shirts from third 
grade. I can always count on you for the best advice 
and cheer-me-ups. even at 1 AM. Only we can under- 
stand our laughing attacks. You are a true friend and 
role model. ASHLEY-You made Concert Band, Power 
Points and w hite out tape so much fun. MikeB-Thanks 
for always going out of your way to help when 
something goes wrong. MATT- 1 can always count on 
a good laugh KATIE- Boys at the beach, showering 
together, word tattoos, locker and venting buddies! 
BRTTTA- Fun times in directed study. Wans and your 
crazy stories! SONIA- I couldn't have gotten through 
Latin without you!! MEAGAN- Good times in AP Bio 
and Athletic Training Mike H-Fooiball game conver- 
sations, crazy band sectionals, poking you in Chem 
ALEC- getting to Humanities first, Venkatesh math 
buddy JAMIE- deep conversations, rides to school. 
CHRIS- obsession with my forehead JENNY- You're 
too funny ELLIOT- AP Bio lab pros! MICHELLE- BF 
Buddies! LAXGIRLS- Just handle your stick, and love 
it! Love it! Love it! Star jumps, Rocky, psyches, 
magnetize daily, sleepovers, and Intensity! You girls 
rock my world! There are so many other people that 
have been an important aspect of my life. If we have 
ever shared a laugh, tear, great conversation, or casual 
hello in the hallw ays, thank you. We often forget that 
litde gestures can leave lasting impressions - impres- 
sions that may shape the future thoughts and charac- 
ters. CLASS OF '04-We've got MORE! 

Simone Lorrain 

Well I'd like to thank all my good friends for their 
support in and out of school; Hannah Banana, Erika, 
Sunshine, Jessi, Ashley, Lilly, Eric (Shnookums) and 
Zoe. And thanks to my parents also, for driving me to 
school whenever I missed the bus which was often. 

Lucy Macrobert 

Thank you to everyone, you know who you are! 

Michelle Manning 

I'd like to thank the Lord for everyone that He has put 
in my life and all that He has blessed me with. Without 
Him, none of this would have been possible. Thank - 
you to everyone who has played a special role in my 
life over the past four years. A special thanks to Mom 
and Dad for all of your love and support. I could never 
have gotten through high school without you and I 
love you both so much. Mom, thanks for our car rides 
at 1 :00 in the morning! Dad, thanks for all of your 
support and at the same time showing me how to suck 
it up and get over it! I've been so blessed to have such 
wonderful parents who have truly become my best 
friends. A special thanks to Amy Nicholls and her 
family. Amy, thanks for being such a wonderful 

music teacher and a very special friend. I have looked 
up to you during the past four years both musically 
and spiritually. Thank-you for everything. A special 
thanks to Laura Whallon, Mrs. Whallon, and the rest | 
of the Whallon family. Laura, thank-you for always 
being there for me and being such a special person in 
my life. To think it all started in freshman civ. From 
there, our friendship grew into many nights of Mr. 
Bean videos and random escapades around Bedford. 
Mrs. Whallon, thank you for opening your home to 
me and always making me feel part of your family. I've 
enjoyed performing with you. and I'd like to thank 
you for giving me so many opportunities to do so. A 
special thanks to Brian Barrows for being one of my 
best friends through it all. We've always had a rather 
quirky relationship but I love it! I think we are the 
only ones in history to spend prom night watching Pet 
Star. I'll never forget our many memories, especially 
our nights out to Mac G's and Barnes and Noble. A 
HUGE thanks to the Reiss family; especially Rikki- 
Tikki-Tavi and Bob for putting up with my four years 
of midnight practices of voice and violin! (Although 
a couple of times I did hear some frenzied screams and 
agitated pounds on the wall). Thank you to Jenny 
Kehoe for being such a great friend and my shopping 
partner. Thank- you to Stefanie Scaglione for always 
making me laugh. We had some crazy times at NEC 
with the guy who just loved chex mix! Thank- you to 
Nikki Berke for being one of my performing partners 
with Mrs. Whallon. You are one of the nicest people 
I've met and such a talented musician. Thank- you to 
Tara Busa for always being on the same page as me. 
Thank- you to Johnny Warwick for being my husband 
these past three years. Thank- you to Jimmy Mac for 
being sooooo mysterious. Thank you to the Madrigal 
Singers and Mr. Low. A special thanks to all of the BHS 
teachers, especially Mr. Maffa and Mrs. Lohrum. 
Thank you to all of my friends and family in Iowa! 
Thank- you to anyone that I might have missed. Best 
of luck to the class of 2004! 

Lisa Mara 

My family. You've all shaped me into the woman I've 
become and I love you so much. DAD- I'm the luckiest 
girl to have you as my father. I admire you for 
everything that you've done for the four of us. Tickle 
fights, swimming races in Cape Cod, signs I stuck on 
your back I never stop laughing when I'm with you, 
except during our late-night talks, ahem. I love you 
more than you'll ever know. MOM- You never leave 
me. I hope I can be just like you someday. I miss you. 
JOHN- Bucky. Chappy. Camby the nicknames you've 
given me are never-ending. After football in the snow 
and on the beach. I know how to throw a perfect 
spiral. You've also taught me all the white man dance 
moves I could ever want to know. I look up to you so 
much. KRISTA- My newest sister. Thanks for letting 
me annoy you and John when I was younger. BETH- 
My twin! You're the closest thing I've had to a mother 
and I hold you in such a high regard for playing that 
role in my life. I appreciate your guidance and I know 
I'll need it more in the future. DAVE- Thanks for 
becoming a part of my family because my life would 
be so different without you. Park City- pushing dad off 
the chairlift, tuck races down the home stretch. You're 
always helping me strive for my best! JACK- my first 
litde nephew. You're a blessing. JAMBA- my lover. 
SUE- My other half. Where do I begin? Home videos, 
popstar obsessions, wedding gifts the Susan/Lisa 
bond cannot be out done. Thanks for giving advice on 
clothes, boys, and so much more. I know we'll always 
be dose as we grow older and I cherish that. I love you 
from the bottom of my heart. And for the record, 
Justin Timberlake is so hot. BAILEY- You're the cutest! 
My extended family, Colleen and Jenny. I love you 

like sisters. COLLEEN- Our friendship has proven it 
can overcome anything. You listen to me when no 
one else is. You've been my rock for all these years and 
I can't express how much that means to me. Crushes, 
running through the blizzard at midnight, stalking, 
Florida, Bedford Farms, Cape Cod, making our din- 
ners, when you ran into the old lady on your bike! 
Next year, even the distance between us cannot 
hinder our amazing friendship. JENNY- When we 
met in first grade, there was an attraction between us 
that nobody could describe: we're officially the weird- 
est people together. Wedgewood bums, whip cream, 
pads, your kitchen, study parties, Blue Man Group, a 
mutual hate for Venks. I couldn't survive without the 
energy you bring to my life. On the tennis courts 
we're two crazy girlie girls, matching tennis outfits, 
victory dances, pump up music, Aldo you bad, one 
point at a time those are some of the best memories of 
my life. I Got You Babe and I love you Spanks. 
MICHELLE- Our friendship has never failed. Your 
vivacious personality breathes a refreshing air into my 
life. We are so goofy together and laugh harder at 
ourselves than at anyone else. Vocab Geeks for life! 
Super cool handshakes and secrets we've never told 
anyone else (you and Coll, take it easy). I love you 
Shell9026. We'll truly be friends forever. KATE- We 
have the best time together. I respect you so much and 
I think you have one of the most charismatic person- 
alities. I wish you the absolute best in all your 
endeavors. CORY- Growing up next to each other, 
dance videos, hot chocolate. I admire your talents and 
genuine personality, never change. ERIN- English 
class, JD, thanks for giving great advice. You're going 
places. TARA- Thanks for being the funniest girl I 
know, the numerous amounts of plays, chemistry, 
and being an amazing friend. Your maturity and 
charming personality are invigorating. DIANA- we 
are crazy! Sharing all our stories. TARYN- thanks for 
always being there for me. HAILEY- thanks for mak- 
ing me laugh and Doc Has parties. A big shout out to 
AMANDA, you're awesome! Good luck and stay in 
touch! GEN- 1 wish you the absolute best. JACOB- Ms. 
Joshi's class. SANTOS- prom, thanks for being the best 
date ever! SULLY-Krispy Kreme. ANNA- Thanks for 
being your favorite freshman and helping me grow. 
TIM- Cape Cod, my brother's wedding, our late-night 
online conversations. Thanks for helping me realize a 
part of me I never knew before I met you. I've had so 
much fun these last few years aahh thank you. TYGUY- 
There's never a dull moment when I'm around you. 
Thanks for watching every episode of Sienfeld with 
me. SPRINGER- I own you in tennis. Ride the pony! 
DANE- Thanks for puking on Wilson's car and letting 
me be your go to girl. DAVEY- Thanks for inventing 
the raspberry lime rickey with sprite and tipping way 
too much. ALEX- We had some really wonderful 
times in high school that I will cherish forever. Thanks 
for believing in me, trusting me, and of course 
naming a star after me. I'm ouuuut. CRAIG & RYAN 
WILSON- thanks for being my definition of high 
school. BF- 1 love coming to work cause I know I am 
just having an ice cream party with 30 of my friends. 
Mr. V and Dave: you're the best! A special thanks to 
Dan Hunt, Senorita Farrell, and Mr. Walsh for being 
outstanding teachers and having hearts of gold. To the 
Class of 2004- I wish you all the best. Although it is 
time to move on, never forget this small town that has 
taught us all so much. I'm going to miss you guys Let's 
do this! 

Meghan McConnell 

Thanks to my family, with out them I wouldn't be half 
the person I am today. Dad/Paula-you guys have 
helped me out by just being there. I always know that 

I can call you up anytime and you'll be there to talk and 
help me through things. I love you both very much! 
Mom- 1 learned a lot from you and I hope you learned 
from me. We've been through many ups and downs 
but we've always come up on the top. I love you much 
and I'll miss you next year! Alh-thanks for putting up 
with me for 1 8 years. I missed not having you with me 
this year but every time you came home it was like you 
never left. I love you tons! Springers-you guys are 
definitely my second family. Anytime I needed to use 
the computer, do my laundry, or just come hang out, 
your door was always open to me. Thanks for making 
me feel so welcome and loved in your home. Coppolas- 
thanks for always welcoming me into your house. Lis- 
my sister, wrestling during soccer, dates after prac- 
tices, b-ball. Love you! Sully-hanging at the house, 
always being a goon, wanting my mom, calling me a 
vag. Alec-Jason Mraz, steakhouse, Sharper Image, 
quality convos. Jwal-J.L., MWM 4 eva, steak house, 
chris's, powder puff, Bard (that's where matt goes), 
let's get crackelackin. Mich-back rubs, partying PL 
style, homecoming skanks, EVERY class together, 
tooling on jack, deak. Stud-health, 18 over shops, 
Wendy's. Bill Will-hockey games, UMASS, washing 
our cars, x-rated convo's, studying for civ tests, 
talking about everything. O-dawg-jr. prom, catching 
pretzels in our mouths at minue's, washing cars. 
Dougie-Starbucks coffee dates, cpr & English, goofin 
around. Acacia-I'm glad we got to know each other 
better this year. Good luck with everything !keep in 
touch. Ricky-hot tubs, chatting in my car, we're 
getting married someday! Dan-coffee dates, hot tubs, 
cpr & ceramics, knowing you're always there for me, 
love you! Tommy-sleepovers, Halloween, big din- 
ners in westford, all our talks, gsa, physics, having 4 
classes in a row together! You're the best, and I hope 
more people can know the real you! love you! Taryn- 
power puff, Plymouth trip, roommates next yr., madi 
class, brian and pea coat! J$-physics (ADD), drawing 
you pictures, umass, sister act, love you buddy! Tito- 
epic, dank, stoked, most likely to compete at every- 
thing US! Al-ninjas, hanging out at katie's, watching 
the revs game, geez. A. Bess- thanks for always being 
there, from soccer practices to b-day kidnappings, you 
always made me smile. Cock-a-doodle-do means I 
love you! K. Spring-there is SO much for me to write. 
Stealing mugs, doing laundry, talking about life, 
senior pics, getting ready to jr. prom, hanging with 
the boys the list goes on. I love you SO much and I 
know we'll keep in touch. McGowan-This year we got 
to know each other a lot more, & I got to learn that I 
do have a twin sister out there and it's you! You've 
helped me through so many tough times & I like to 
think I've helped you (some). You always looked out 
for me, by doing my hair, helping me choose clothes, 
giving me a hug when dtat's all I needed. You're a 
beautiful person inside and out, I will miss you so 
much but I know we'll always be a phone call away 
(corny). I love you! Twin-U'll get him next time 
gadget! Don't' forget that we're twins separated at 
conception! I love you SO much and you're always 
welcome to visit me at college! alexia, megs, tash, 
lexi, Jason, colleen, cory, jenny spenc, F.T., pat.j o 
meltz, emmet, joe king, marky, Emily, champs, 
scott, a.gart, lima, lala, koya, vies, b-ball team, soccer 
girls. Shout out to anyone I missed had a great 3 years 
with you guys and I'll miss you all. '04 WE'VE GOT 

Colleen McGovem 

First I need to thank my family. Mom and dad-you've 
supported me around every corner; with every path 
I've chosen. Mom, thanks for putting up with me and 
cheering louder than any parent I know. Even though 

I didn't show it, I have always appreciated it. Dad, 
thanks for supporting me and driving me on. Thanks 
for teaching me sports, how to grill, and making me 
mobile, I love you both more than anything! Elisa- 
Thanks for always looking out for me, living close, 
and bringing me shoes in the coldest of nights. I love 
you. Lesley-Now that we've had our space, I see how 
great of a person you are, Thanks for playing with me 
every Sunday after church, it meant a lot. I love you. 
Chris-Thanks for moving down the street and helping 
with my computer problems and my dresser. More 
importandy, thanks for becoming my first brother! 
Grammy, Papa Joe, Nana-I love you guys so much, 
thanks for being my biggest fans and loving me. I 
couldn't have gotten better grandparents. Lisa and 
Jenny, where do I begin!?! I love you guys more than 
you'll ever know. Lisa-Our videos, late night walks, or 
jogs in blizzards he wasn't snow blowing! Baking 
horrible coffee cake, Life cereal, Take it Easy, Reddi 
Wip, cutest couple: mint patty and Oreo! Skintimate 
shave gel or not?, Disney Joe Esposito! Arlington 
Heights, night swimming, 4' 1 ' of July, The Man, -99- 
, Riley Boys, first sunset Where the eagles fly! The 
Cape enough said. Jenny-My first! You are pretty 
enough for me! Fellow anti-PDA, blue man, sleep 
over, you have the best bed! Getting kicked out of 
Wedgewood I'm such a reject! Bagel wars, theRamada, 
balloon-hat guy in Boston, random stop-by's just 
because, the 99, driving to the cape no New York no 
the cape! Canoeing, walking to BF (before our mobile 
days), pee-parties, Disney, having frozen Milky Ways 
in your freezer all the time! I could go on forever with 
you 2 so to sum it up, I LOVE YOU PUPPY! Shell- 
Friendly folk you are indeed! I love being with you, 
you're a great person, remember, House parties, G3, 
Simpson pal, T.P. bandit wannabes, Don Gigilio, 
Twixl can count on you! Erin-Ms. president! Baking, 
our quilts! HAHA! Bertucci's, clase de Espanol, you're 
a great person and your going far. Kate and Cory-you 
guys are awesome people. High school would not be 
the same without you two. When I'm with you I 
ALWAYS have a good time! Toga! Gloucester, Boston, 
attempting to mini-golf thanks for livening things up! 
Tito!-My king! From Mrs. Allen to Mrs. Rull (Bialamos!) 
to forensics, we've had some good times. You're a 
funny kid Fort, luv ya! Tara-I've known you forever 
and you're still funny, kind, and just a great person; 
keep it that way. Sonia-I wish I had become friends 
with you sooner. During FH I saw a whole other side 
of you. You're not so totally timid are ya Sophia? 
Britta-Dedrick that's all I have to say. Meagan-oh 
creepy stalker Meagan! You're so funny! Thanks for 
driving to Tri-con and always getting your money in 
on time! No matter what we are always The Dream 
Team!! Meagan & Jill-It's over, weird! Thanks for 
being great captains with me, and giving me the best 
year of FH. FH girls-This has been and awesome year, 
I love you all, WIN next year! Keily. Ryan, Hudzik- 
Best prom dates ever!! Alexia-Oh Spanish buddy! 
Never again with die power point, never again! Lexi, 
Meghan, Tashya-funniest group of girls I know: don't 
change. Ruth-Thanks for being a perfectionist about 
you lab notebook like me! Jason-you're a good person 
to deal with me through the years. Thanks. Ryan- 
Thanks for sharing an interest in making clothes with 
me. Good luck next year. Patty-You're such a great kid 
and I wish we had more classes together. Good luck 
in whatever you chose to do. BF crew-You're awe- 
some! Mrs. Sullivan-thank you for EVERYTHING! 
Craig, Ryan. Dave Mike, Betsey, Steve. Kate. Corey, 
Alex. Kim, Adam, and more thanks for making High 
school so great! I'm sure I forgot people, and I'm 
sorry, but thanks to all of you for making high school 
and amazing experience. 2004 BHS seniors-These 4 



ive flown by, thanks for making them great! 

Best of luck to you all!!! 

Erin McGowan 

MOM & DAD, I love you two so much, you two have 
constantly been my source of support and have been 
there for me through everything. Thankyou for al- 
ways being 

proud of me, and for loving me unconditionally. 
MER-Although we have clashed at times, I look up to 
you so much, you are so incredible and I am so proud 
of you. I hope I can achieve half of what you have. 
GRANDMA&GRANDPA-thanks for all the support 
and love thanks for always being proud of me it means 
the world. I love you too so much! ATHENA- I love 
you! LEX-from bookclub to Italy we have been dirough 
so much. You are the best friend anyone could ever ask 
for. I know that we will be friends forever and walk 
our children and dogs when we're old together in the 
park. I love you so much! SHELBY- From the seizure 
bird to our BB's You have been so incredible, you have 
never ceased to put a smile on my face. Thanx for 
being my voice of reason and always being there to 
help me dirough my issues. You mean so much to me. 
MEG-I am so glad we became best friends this year. 
You are my boy guru and have the best shoulder to cry 
on. KATE-you're the best vice-pres ever-I love talking 
to you. You're going to be incredible in the future. 
CORY-Apes, Soccer, etc. You are the funniest chick 
ever. You've always been there for me I love you man! 
LISA-for our girly movies and talking about boys on 
the swings at 1 1 @night never forget the love for JD. 
COLLEEN-for all the brownies and hugs. You are the 
nicest chick and such a great friend. JENNY-AP Chem 
and soccer you are so much fun and the mooning 
queen! QUEESH&MEG you are funniest duo ever! 
Thanks for always being extraordinary friends. BESSY - 
You are the funniest girl ever-you made soccer and 
apes the best! MIKE & MEAGAN- WindEnsemble 
Rocks! Thanks for always making it so much fun. 
CHRIS&JENNY - through everything you have always 
been so welcoming and fun. I love you both! 
ALASTAIR-NC! The snoring king and for all the hugs. 
You truly are my twin, and boyfriend. .wait what? 
ALEC-for all the concerts so fun! JACOB & JACK- 
thanks for making humanities livable you are the two 
funniest people I know. JACOB-thanx for telling me 
there was no santa when I was 6! JASON- Long live the 
OC! SOCCER GIRLS- you made my senior year so 
much fun! I love you all I swear I'll come back and see 
you all win the DCL! LAX GIRLS- for the balancing 
games and beating CC freshman year! We've learned 
so much from each other your all so amazing. APES 
CLASS-Cranes beach etc. dianks for making senior 
year so much fun I love you guys!! SHOUTOUT TO 
THE BOYS:Pat, Frankie, Ryan, Kennedy's, Chris, Ben. 
Alex, Ricky, Danny, Fish, . TEACHERS-Griffin, 
McGowan, JD, Ferell, Billouin, thanks for all die 
assistance and guidance, you all have truly opened my 
mind to so many things. TY-you were my high 
school, you have taught me so much about myself, I 
am so strong because of you-I know we will always be 
friends in the future, love you. CHAN-You are my 
favorite Asian ever thanks for all the love. BRETT-my 
mentor! Thanks for all die guidance. JEFF & ALLY-the 
best huggers in the world I love you two so much! If 
I forgot you I'm sorry and I still love you! Lasdy, BHS 
you rule! 

Ashley McNulty 

Okay, here it goes! MOM & DAD, thanks for making 
life fun and always joking around. MOM-for pushing 
me to do what you diink I'll like because you know I'll 
end up having fun no matter what. DAD-thank you 
for being the calm one in the house who helps me 


rationalize everything and somehow make every- 
thing okay. CHRISTOPHER-have fun in the rest of 
high school and thanks for joining band. I'm glad we 
ended up getting closer before I left. THOMAS-hey 
kid, thanks for not taking life too seriously and for 
never getting in trouble because you're quick to crack 
a joke. NICHOLAS-thank you for being there and 
never really beating anyone up when I ask. I love 
holding hands, the movies, making me decide, and 
being silly. yOu always listen, reassure me, & let me 
win! Thanks for making high school some of my best 
times. ABBY-thanks for taking me into die x-c team. 
ALEC-5th grade table-group, lunchtime, but most 
importandy, being a wite-out tape murderer. AMY- 
our octopus flower, concert band, STAGGG, Power 
Points, the classes we've shared. BRTTTA-lacrosse, 
math with the 7 grade A cows, always waiting for cell- 
phone girl, teaching me to knit. CHRIS-bringing me 
out of my shell, corrupting me (in a good way!), 
awesome drum major. CORINA-thanks for the birth- 
day parties, driver's ed. pretzels, hair balls, and being 
my aweoske SSM. DANNY-thanks for coming to all 
the Christmas dinners and having Santa over and 
making chalk houses in your circle. DIANA-thanks for 
never doing homework freshman year with me, but 
instead talking online. EMILY-thanks for x-c, lacrosse, 
Civ. II, intermediate camp. JENNY-"it was like 
woahhh", bah?, stealing sugar packets. JILL-thanks 
for making me laugh with your pessimistic com- 
ments; we never really forgot about the Otters... 
KATIE-hey. since kindergarten! sleepovers, colorguard, 
maple syrup with snow, forts, Halloweens, DC with 
the shaving cream, movies, trips, double dates, yeah 
guys!, Christmas presents. KRISTEN-my chasing 
buddy! thanks for never actually catching me...; for 
listening to me rant about physics. MATT-thanks for 
stealing peanut butter for me at lunch so I could have 
it with my cookies MEAGAN-oh smelly, thanks for 
colorguard, always going shopping, never hesitating 
to call me dumb, the many classes we shared, BDC, 
living at my house. MICHELLE-thanks for the rides 
home from lacrosse, our special lax jump, the most 
religious CCD teachers, having someone else to be 
with when the teasing starts. MICHELLE R-dianks for 
running behind everyone else with me. MIKE B-I'U 
never understand your love for physics, but have fun 
using it to push people. MIKE H-thanks for being 
incredibly sarcastic and not liking my athletic training 
questions. PAT-thanks for our good times in freshman 
math even if you did sleep through half of it and for 
thinking I drive slow... at the speed limit! SARAH- 
dianks for making Civ. II with Mr. Reynolds lots of 
fun; sharing a love for an actor and finding out they 
kissed. SONIA-thanks for NHS. Spanish. TOM- 
thanks for your big hugs! Other thanks to... 
COLORGUARD-thanks for all of you for joining and 
getting 4 stahs!, you made it that much better!; 
SPRINGER family-thank you for being my second 
family all these years and treating me like another 
daughter; GLEASON family-thank you for opening 
your home to me these past years; CLASS OF 2003- 
thanks to Colleen (S am talks), Lauri (always having us 
to NH), Tim (lunch and the T), Becca (my twin and 
superhero sidekick), Keith (INSIDER!) and everyone 
else in that grade who made high school a ton of fun; 
and to EVERYONE else I didn't mention, I'm sure you 
understand how hard it is to make sure everyone is 
included, but thank you! 

Hailey Mello 

To my family-Thanks for Cape Cod, holiday parties, 
Disney World, check the forks kawasaki chicken. 
Chateau, long car-trips, diank you for everything. 
MOM-You've been there for me and know how to 

help me out, thanks for our Florida trip, shopping! 
sprees, and laughing at my jokes-I love you. DAIW 
You've bent over backwards for me, thanks for the car, ] 
vacations, and our long talks-I love you EMILY-' 
You've been a great sister over the years, hard-knock- 
life, making fun of relatives, mall trips, cat-fights, tan 
I tickle your thanks for always being there-have fun in 
high school. JULIE-Thanks for all the fun times to] 
gether, hanging out in your room cause it's the 
coolest, movie nights, ditching Em to go to BF, always 
listening to my problems-good luck with everything! 
you do. DIANA-To my favorite lazy buddy-our long 
talks online and in bed, NH, Cape Cod, watching 
DVD's, painting your room, hellride to ACT's, semi 
and prom fun, your surprise party, you are an amazing 
friend. MICHE I I F .-G-cubed. stealing goldfish in ECE, 
Field hockey camp, happy chair, Cheryl voice, quit- 
ting FH, the play, owl boy, lax, awful junior year and 
fun summer after it, 1 5 pieces, day camp and all the 
memories that go with it, I'll never forget our crazy 
times together. AMANDABESS- Bleacher painting, 
yellow pants, prom dresses, china convo, nights out 
together, homecoming, milkshake song, shopping, 
thanks for eveiything. KATIE-8th grade, sleepovers, 
movie nights, apple picking, cape cod, beach days, 
Plymouth state, driving around, BF runs, you are 
awesome. AMANDAF- Movie nights, dinner dates, if 
I had a million dollars, run your fingers through his 
hair, missing tooth, bird ate it out of my hand. 
AMANDABAGGETT- Lax, Spanish /psych videos, late 
night swimming. LISA-pyramid project. Chem. PS, D 
alert, racCoon. dance class, dunkins in Mrs Rozens 
class, wounded knee, lollipop. KATE-Ghettofabulous 
and the rides to school, Cheryl voice, happy chair, FH 
camp. NATASHYA-CCD, simon says, lax, thunderbird 
party and Kendall. MEGHAN-On-the-border, jeepers 
creepers, sneaking a late night swim, for a million 
dollars. TARYN-reading tutors, boy problems, panera 
trips. TARA-Middleschool fun, the plays someone 
threw trash on me! Uncle Paul in the moonwalk, 
singing Britney Spears. Halloween, thanks for all the 
great memories. JLMMY-always listening, ATM fights, 
mom and maw, Dmitry, chem, wheelchair, Anatevka, 
slave4u. FRANKtE-Once on this island, freshman year 
classes, math/forensics/psych, your love for goonies 
and hook, making raps, thanks for always making me 
laugh. TOM-math 4 years in a rowm RICKY-wres- 
tling and making me laugh 2004 GUYS-you've made 
high school an awesome experience. 2003GUYS- 
thank you for all the good times!. GCUBED AND 
LACROSSE GIRLS-love you forever and always 

Hannah Murphy 

To my parents: thank you so much for being there for 
me. You have always supported me in every way 
possible without you I wouldn't be where I am today. 
My friends are also a great support. Specifically all 
those in An II last year: Dani Carey, Lucy McRobert. 
and Emily Robinson. The long time friends: Steph 
Shamel, Ashley Davison, and Simone Lorrain. Those 
of you whom without a category. Stefanie Scaglione, 
Jessie Watro, Gaby Wirth, Christine Boyton, Jessie 
Read, and of course my love Eric Vincent. I hope no 
one was left out, I love you all. Thank you. 

Derek Nener-Plante 

First of all, I would like to thank my parents. You have 
always supported me and been very loving parents. 
Mom- thank you for all your love and encourage- 
ment, thank you for being there to talk to. for making 
my lunch everyday, and for your understanding. Dad- 
although I may not always told you, I appreciate 
everything you do for me and the family, thanks for 
your sacrifices with travel and such that support the 
family, for your basketball advice, for letting me have 

the Galant, and for being my biggest role model. 
Britney- thanks for being a great sister, sorry if we 
didn't always get along, I will really miss you when 
I am away, I don't really hate the horse. Thanks to my 
grandmothers and aunts, your fights with cancer and 
your strength have given me much inspiration. To 
everyone in my family, thank you for your love. To 
everyone: for our million inside jokes, going to 
Wendy's, trip to New Jersey, playing Madden, saran 
wrap and fireworks pranks, trip to Mike's house on the 
Cape, playing street ball, going to the beach, car 
shows, hot tub at Mike's, visiting me at BK, ordering 
at drive-thrus. Jon- for the good times, how we could 
make just about anything funny, saltines and RC cola 
at your house, Ritz bitz, you beating me in pong, 
wiffle, and billiards, are we gonna just sit here or are 
we gonna do something? ketchup packets, presents, 
teaching me about cars. Montana- thanks for making 
fun of me because that's how we became friends, the 
summer I went over your house everyday, our in- 
depth conversations, you turning gangster, our mu- 
sical differences, I wasn't trying anyway, nice lay-up, 
nice nose-nice eyes, stay away from my cousin. Diana- 
thanks for always being there to talk to, for always 
making me feel better, for our deep conversations, for 
die Prom and the semi, for the weekend in NH, for our 
study sessions, and for being a great person in general. 
Mike- for being the funniest person I know, math class 
with Mr. V and Lev-dog, hey, guess what, Spanish 
project, doing nothing at your house, Mike-ups, fat 
dog, cheetos bowl, like your own brand. Phil- for our 
awesome conversations, trash talking about basket- 
ball (I can still take you any day), coaching, doing 
homework, Spanish and English class. Owen- Spanish 
and math class, being smart slackers, 8- 1 , your tricked 
out van, nice hair, nice vertical. Dan- thanks for all the 
poindess arguments, hey, relations! BA volley, bunch 
of slobes, where is the food court? our small accident. 
Richter- when we hung out as kids, English class, 
hanging at Montana's house, I'm glad we resolved 
our issues. Amanda- thanks for liking my red-hair, for 
being there to talk to about someone, get your hair 
did, sweet times at your house, I'm only kidding. 
Emily- remember 8-1, fireworks in-front of your 
house, putting the couch in your driveway, Easy E, for 
spazing out. Laura- lets go to frosty dairy dessert. 
Katie- for being a cool surprise relative. Elliot- for 
being the annoying smart kid, is it an asymptote? class 
with Ms. Zuppa. Brendan- we are the Rec basketball 
champions. Alastair- for being a Scottish illegal immi- 
grant. Jack- the 4 B's. To everyone who was in 8- 1 : 
Abby, Jill, Sarah, Jason, etc. To the great teachers I 
learned from: Mr. Connolly, Mr. Reynolds, 
Mr.Venkatesh. Thanks to everyone else not men- 
tioned, thanks for making high school a great experi- 
ence. Good luck Class of 2004! 

Lindsay Parham 

You know who you are and what you mean to me. 
Thank you all. 

Brittany Perry 

To my parents: for all the guidance/support they have 
provided me through the years; THANKYOU! DAD: 
Sensuous up could you take Bailey to the Concord 
River! I am so grateful to have you in my life! You 
have guided me and helped in everydiing I have done. 
I enjoy all of our 

Thanks for taking Bailey to the Concord River fun 
times together: Trips to Home Depot (going up and 
down the same isle for hours and still leaving with 
nothing, Thanks for taking Bailey to the Concord 
River! I just want to say thank you, I love you, 
and... Thanks for taking Bailey to the Concord River! 
MOM: Did you know dad takes Bailey to die Concord 

River? Wow what can I say? Words can't describe how 
thankful I am to have you in my life. You mean the 
world to me. Thank you for all you do and continue 
to do for me: Being my friend, my strength, MY 
MOM, and just for being you lets not forget my 
personal accountant. I love you more than I can 
express! SIS A FRIS: Did you hear? Dad takes Bailey to 
the Concord River! Wow! You complete me! I can't 
tell you enough how much I appreciate what you have 
done for me through the years. Thanks for all of the 
good times: Your appt. in Michigan officer Doofy 
reporting for duty!, the studio, lets not forget our late 
night talks on the porch about anything and every- 
thing, our drive to Michigan and making sure to hit 
every bump in the road and not stopping in Canada, 
you have taught me so much and I appreciate every bit 
of it. I love you! Roger Dodger: I have to tell ya Dad 
takes Bailey to the Concord River! We have had a lot 
of fun times together: TRYING to teach me to fight, 
Keeping me hydrated while watching 
NOOOOMAAARRRRR! , Watching out for me, an- 
noying Tawny a, Radio? Who needs a radio? Mock ya, 
Ing Ya, Bird Ya, Ya Ya! Hey did you know that the 
Adantic Ocean is on the West coast. J/K. I really just 
want to say thanks for making Tawnya the happiest 
person. I love ya bro! Sarah: you are my bestest friend/ 
my sister and I love you and appreciate all you do for 
me. All of our memories: staying at my house for 
weeks/weekends at a time, John Mayer, just having a 
great time with each other, I especially love all of our 
fights! Lol I don't know where I would be with out 
you sass I appreciate all you have ever done for me and 
you continue to do. I love you! Nadia: I love you? 
Nads you are truly my best friend. You have been 
there when times were tough, no matter what has 
happened you have always been there every step of 
the way. I will never forget our awesome times 
together: TGI Fridays (Red Goose Shoes, King 
KUTTER), Steeling all of our bar books, the 99's, 
directed study, lol, our mon, tues, and thurs dates 
watching RW/RR challenge, Fraternity life/sorority 
life! Nadia I just want to say you are the greatest friend 
anyone could ask for and I LOVE YOU! Jennneeey: 
Wow! Its been great fun, I really enjoy having you 
here in my life! You help me and guide me when I 
need it the most. We have had a lot of good times 
together and not one will ever be forgotten. Don't 
forget our road trip to Seatde! Savy: Since freshman 
year you have been there for me. We have enjoyed a 
lot of good times together. Thank you for always 
giving me advise, and being honest with me when I 
really needed to hear the truth. I love you for who you 
are please don't ever change. Ashcheeks: I see spots 
on his neck! we have known each other since 2 nd 
grade, and through the years we have grown closer. 
We have shared a lot of great memories: Our lemon- 
ade stand, playing baseball & football in the field with 
Billy, bleacher painting, staying at your house 
(palrnagrants), 007, seeing the kangaroos GO BUCS!. 
LoL! Just always having a good time. Thanks for a 
decade of fun! LOL! Beth: Kind a sketch! Oh but he's 
hot! Thanks for all of the help in geometry I'll miss ya 
next year but be sure to stay in touch. Brit: thanks for 
always putting a smile on my face. No matter what 
happens between us I hope that we will always be 
friends. I call you soon, I call you Joe Mizzoni: thanks 
for every morning I don't' know how my day would 
have been with out your help. Joshua Thomas: thanks 
for always acting like the brother I never had. You 
keep me on my toes and know how to cheer me p, but 
then again you know how to make me mad too! 
Thanks for everything! Alexia: (freshman year Josh 
Feldman) Ms. Roach: I know it's Mrs.Danaher now 
but I can't bring myself to call you that. You will 

always be Ms. Roach to me. You are the best teacher 
anyone could ever ask for. You have taught me so 
much in life, and not just English! Thanks for all of our 
chats, and the advise you have given me through the 
past three years. I will be sure to keep in touch! 
Thanks again. To everyone I forgot to mention: please 
know that everything you have done for does not go 
unappreciated. With out the help of everyone in my 
life I would not be the person I am today! Ps: Did you 
know that dad takes Bailey to the Concord River! Luvs 
and Hus!* MUAH* 

Michael Prescott 

Mom, Dad & Corey - Thank you for being completely 
supportive throughout school and my life thus far, 
through both good and bad times. I wouldn't be at 
this point without your encouragement. The rest of 
my family - Thank you for standing by me and 
supporting me in all of my interests and adventures 
over the years! Again, I wouldn't be doing this now 
without your continued encouragement and assis- 
tance. And now, in no specific order... Ming - Thanks 
for keeping me sane (or at least trying to) during our 
long days and nights in the yearbook room, and for 
taking driver's ed with me when nearly everyone else 
in our grade already had their license! Jessi - Thanks 
for yelling at us all when we got too far off track, and 
for yelling at Rinaldi when the rest of us couldn't get 
him to budge. Those rides to Krispy Kreme were also 
gready appreciated! Your abundant supply of snacks 
and office supplies helped keep the weak pulse of the 
yearbook beating! Jamie - Somehow you managed to 
help us out for every deadline despite running 597 
other clubs. Thank you for your long-winded rants 
and suggestions that actually did help us all out! 
Rinaldi - Thank you for all your assistance when we 
fell behind (when didn't we?), your awesome pre- 
signed passes ("Get-out-of-class-free Cards"), the 
industrial strength pretzels, and the RADIO!!! It only 
took two years of nagging to finally get it. Mike L - 
Thanks for all your... uhh... antics. At least I'll know 
someone else in the insane asylum! Erika - Thank you 
for your friendship and our conversations on any- 
thing from Mr. Sheinfeld to Kermit the frog... Also for 
our excursions to Boston, lunch, romance novel 
education, and everything else!! Ashley D (a.k.a. 
Stefanie) - Thanks for helping me make some sense 
out of my creations in ceramics, and for coming on 
our "yearbook related" trips. And no, I'm not afraid 
of you! I just have quick reflexes... Christine - Thanks 
for coming on our various trips and helping out with 
the yearbook!! Stephanie S - Sophomore year was 
awesome in art and photo together with Fran... 
Thanks for helping me deal with Mr. "D" Sheinfeld 
and all his craziness. MR. NIB will live on forever!!! 
Fran L - Thanks for "working" with me and Steph in 
Sheinfeld's classes... He still doesn't know who really 
drew Mr. Nib! Stefanie S - Thanks for coming up with 
the newest mondily holiday... I think it could really 
catch on! Mr. Sheinfeld - Thank you for your continu- 
ous advice and criticism... widiout it I wouldn't have 
nearly the photography and graphic art knowledge 
and understanding that I do today! Thanks as well for 
putting up with me and my accomplices for three 
years in my various art classes!! Mrs. Sullivan - Your 
advice, criticism and support helped me shape my 
writing and focus my goals, and it also reduced my 
hatred toward poetry! Mr. Mod - Thank you for 
introducing me to different aspects of journalism and 
helping me realize what I want to do! Rick) R - Thank 
you for calming me down before numerous tests and 
reports during break for die past three years!! Lucy & 
Hannah - Thanks for your art/photo advice and our 
varied conversations. Everyone at lunch - Thank you 



.r extremely random, and sometimes obscene, 
ersations and antics that provided for ample 
lunchtime entertainment! Finally... Thank you to 
those at various clubs, organizations and workplaces 
(you know who you are!) that I have worked with 
who have helped me along my way and offered 
nothing but encouragement. And lasdy, thanks and 
apologies to anyone else I forgot... It's hard to think 
of everyone at once! I hope everyone has an awesome 
time doing whatever they'll be doing from now on!! 

Elliot Rabinowitz 

Mom and Dad, I have to thank you first because there 
are no two people in this world who have done as 
much for me as you have. You are the most loving and 
supportive parents anyone could ask for. MOM, for 
always being there and telling me that 1 can do 
anything I set my mind to. For driving me places, 
making me who I am, and getting up early to make my 
lunch everyday. DAD, for teaching me that working 
hard is the only way to get stuff done. For going on 
bike rides, supporting the family, and cooking great 
buttermilk pancakes. JACOB, for always being there. 
I know that I can always come to you whenever I have 
a problem and you, being a genius, can point me in 
the right direction. Thanks for endless ping-pong 
practice sessions, advice with girls, and thrift store 
escapades. Not many people can say that their sibling 
is their best friend. MAGGIE AND SASHA, you dogs 
are awesome. Now on to friends: ALASTAIR, for 
being a great friend. We have always found fun things 
to do, whether it be playing video games, making up 
ping-pong games, playing sports, juggling, or chang- 
ing tides to essays and saving diem on your computer. 
PHIL, for our long tennis matches, winning positively 
preppy, and being someone I know I can come to talk 
to about anydiing. 30 minutes, 50 minutes, 1 hour! 
Thank you. MIKE H-D, for being one of the funniest 
guys I know and never letting Madrigals or the 
musicals become boring. JACK, for being one crazy 
kid, having sweet away messages, and sleep-talking in 
D.C. (Fran! Don't Jump!). FORT, for always being 
that horrible Yankee fan we can make fun of, Dudley 
Road adventures in your minivan, and Puma Sale! 
KATIE, for being the group organizer, giving me 
advice, taunting people at McDonalds, and sporting 
that fine GB. EMILY, for being a great friend who 
knows how much of a dork I truly am (even though 
you are die spazmotique), awesome puma shoes, fun 
Calculus tests, Maine, Mardia Stuart, BDC, pulled up 
pant-legs, finger tapping, and xc rules! KATE, for 
letting me know when I smell, posing in the freezing 
cold, choking on muffins, and always being that crazy 
girl in die corner. Coca Cola Club forever! OWEN, for 
whipped cream at ferry beach and xc hats. CORINA, 
for being a really smart Asian, fun times with Mr. V, 
eating small pieces of paper, and always knowing the 
hw. ABBY, for writing the Madrigal Script and being 
so friendly. MIKE HALL, for editing die sweet French 
video, doing all the physics labs, and letting me eat all 
the food in your house. DAN, for teaching at church 
and good times at ferry beach (yellow). AMY, for 
being another really smart Asian who can fail labs with 
me. LAURA, for just being Laura with your unceasing 
laughter. AMANDA, for reminding me to read die 
dictionary and serving warm, chocolate-chip cookies 
whenever I come over. TARA, for making Madrigals 
and French class so much fun, uhm huhm! JILL, for 
keeping French Club in order. BRITTA, for being die 
best wliisder in the world and not understanding 
anything. ALEC, CHRIS, AND JENNY, for allowing 
me to join die clique. MEAGAN, for being the best co- 
counselor at BDC. PAT, for keeping die xc team up to 
par. MICHELLE, for being absolutely hilarious and 


following me all the way home, you creepy, creepy 
girl. I would also like to thank all my teachers that I 
have ever had because they have all taught me many 
valuable lessons. Specifically: MR. LOW, you have 
taught me more than I could ever want to know, 
about music and life. You are the best teacher ever and 
I will never forget your crazy stories. MRS. LOHRUM, 
I basically lived in your guidance office at the begin- 
ning of this year. Thanks for guiding me in the right 
direction. Everyone else, you obviously just weren't 
cool enough to make my list. Wait, I mean, thanks to 
everyone else! 

Patrick Reed 

First off I'd like to thank my family. You guys are a- 
okay! Mom-you yell at me and keep me on task and are 
always there when I need help and someone to talk to 
about serious stuff. Dad, or RICK!-Thanks for always 
doing that daddly stuff widi me, and supporting me 
when mom yells (eek!), and bringing home the 
bacon! Colleen-you are my best friend, and no matter 
what mom and dad say while you're gone. I still love 
you! Now, onto the insignificant people, like MIKE 
BUTTRICK!!!!!!! and jamie. Ha sorry JAMIE You two 
are die best! If you guys w eren't around I think I'd go 
crazy. Remember die good times from wee-litde kid 
stuff and up? Ninjaturdes in preschool, crazy midddle 
school lg's, camping, eating peppers, Bedford-Santa, 
me and Jamie finally being able to beat up Mike 
without having our heads smashed togedier (okay 
I'm just predicting this), bad reflexes, and just hang- 
ing out doing stupid stuff like Mike Hall posters, 
chucking balls in Mike's room, rubber chickens the 
list is endless. We have to stay in touch. Jamie, be good 
next year. Amy-July 1 2' h ! I'll always remember it. You 
are one of the most important people in my life. I can't 
even imagine trying to list every good time we've had. 
You, Mike. Jamie, Matt and Conna are part of my 
favorite high school moment, you know the one. I'll 
miss you so much next year. Thanks for always being 
there for me, and understanding when no one else 
can. Corina-Asian #2! Thanks for all the silly conver- 
sations, crazy double-Asian phone noises on 3 -way- 
calls, and support w hen I w as down /confused. You're 
incredibly genuine and friendly. I'm so glad you are 
a part of my life. Ashley-oh Ash! CPR, AT Remember 
the pasta? Thanks for that pillow, it is downy-soft. You 
are so fun! Never change! Matt Gagnon! -Well, Mathias, 
thanks for being the funniest kid! You fill every 
awkward silence remarkably, and also are always 
hotter dian your brother? Yeah slooge! Bleacher- 
painting was good. Nice goalies kills, but I always 
score anyway. Jeff Picton-I'm sorry we haven't chilled 
as much as we used too, but I wish we could, and 
there's still time this summer. Remember all those 
awesome times in middle school, with the skating, 
and summer stock. I miss you man! Now. before each 
crazy thing you do in your life. I want you to think 
What Would Pat Do', and then remember that I was 
always a wussy pants and do it anyways. Thanks bud. 
Eric and Joe-you guys are cool. Thanks for wiff games 
and the hanging out during the summer. Joe, quit 
tokin! Ha! Eric, thanks for driving and cristal. Long 
live the Quest, your car is a gas-guzzler. Meagan-deep 
down you know we are meant to be wait? Thanks for 
Keidi and Minue hangouts Kevin-thanks for making 
lacrosse, WE, and MB interesting. Sorry for making a 
dent in your leg, but think of it as a way to remember 
me. I hate wet willies. Mike Hall, Alec, Jenny, and 
Chris, I clumped you guys togedier because you are 
my favorite clump. Mike H-your awesome, sorry for 
annoying you, but its fun, Alec-you are down to 
eardi, friendly, and do the hard stuff, like civ-Projects! 
Thanks! Jenny-you're Jennalicious! Someday when I 
get tapped I'll figure out it's you. Lasdy, Chris: 

Enough said. Soniar!-You are the coolest of cooL 
Thanks for helping me in school, and always being 
easygoing and forthcoming, and for letting me Mike 
and Matt run into your house dressed like girls! 
Teehee! Owen. Emily, and Abby-thanks for XC, you 
guys are the best. I love each of you, but only two of 
you sexually, (sorry Em). Owen thanks for lax, and 
your mom's curly hair Will-I retain prior sentiments 
by stating. WILL IS THE SHIZZ. Britta G-I'm so glad 
we became friends this year, you're hilarious, and also 
sincerely a nice person, always stay that way, seri- 
ously! Ian I'm glad I met you this year. You have a 
great work ethic and personality. Keep running hard 
and topple those mountains for me. because I never 
will! Also keep banging drums and listening to jazz! 
Eliot, Katie S, Tom, Alison, Michelle, Fish, Coombsy, 
Jill, Sara B- You're all nice people, never change! Dave 
Churella- 1 admire your strong but silent type person- 
ality! Keep being the coolest 06' kid. Pipes-thanks for 
being there for me all the time. I miss you! Jeff V-for 
driving. Audrey-for being the sis of Amy, and a cool 
one at that. All XC, MB, and lacrosse kids. I love you 
guys! Thanks JD, DocHaswell, Mrs.Luke, Felker. 
Mr. Reynolds, Mr.Moffa, Cheb, Andy Read. All of my 
Good friends in the class of 05'! I miss you guys so 
much! And thank you, for reading this! I love you 
guys! Please stay in touch!!! 

Erika Reiss 

Mom- You have always been there for me to laugh 
with or cry on. Even if you didn't always agree with 
what I wanted to do. you supported me anyway. I 
can't begin to express how much I love and respect 
you. You have taught me things that I will carry with 
me for the rest of my life. Dad- Big Papa Bear! Thank 
you for building up my courage and pushing me to do 
better. You have given me my gift of music and 
nurtured it along. That I thank you for with all my 
heart. Thank you for all the memories and I love you! 
Bob- I really don't know what to say to you! Even 
though 1 don't show it. I respect you and feel so 
blessed that you are my big brother. From the bad 
haircut roller coaster to everything else. You have 
been there for me when I really needed you and I 
appreciate that. I love you more than I let on. Chelsea- 
The chick who might as well be family. From 
discussing boys to debating the creation of the uni- 
verse, we've covered it all. You made me do things I 
never thought possible. You are my sister, Chels, and 
I love you. Gina- You always made me laugh and I 
just know that you will aspire to great things. One of 
these days you'll be at my house playing your bag- 
pipes and I will chase you away with a batde axe. 
Chris- You were my first friend in high school and I 
intend to keep that friendship alive. You showed me 
a w hole new way to live and gave me the confidence 
I need to survive in this world. Thank you again and 
I love you more than you'll ever know. Randy- You 
better always be turned on for me and using three 
fingers. Marching Band Pit. Hardcore, yo! Mia- You 
just rock, plain and simple. Mr. Low, Mrs. Zuppa, Mrs. 
Roach. Mr. Hunt. Mr. Felker. Mr. Gaillard- I don't 
think you'll ever know how much of an impact you 
had on me. Jim Morris. I have a great respect for you. 
Nash, dude, you're the craziest guy I know. Don't 
ever stop. Thank you again to all the people that I 
mentioned and all those whom I didn't. I hope you 
had as much fun as I did! - 

Daniel Richichi 

First off I would like to thank my family for all the 
support they have given me and for shaping me into 
the person that I am today. You guys have guided me 
straight through all of life's obstacles and have always 
showed me the right path to follow. I will always love 

you guys. MOM- You have always looked out for me 
and what was best. Thanks for the haircuts and sorry 
about not remembering to call. Dad-Thanks for show- 
ing me that the best way to achieve something is 
through hard work and not to look for shortcuts. 
Brian- You have always been your own person and 
not afraid to be yourself. By living with you I have 
learned not to judge a person by how they look. 
Adam- hanks for always pointing out when I am 
wrong and not letting me forget it Thanks for giving 
me an appreciation for silence. Alastair- Thanks for 
being the most illegal kid I know. Brendan-Showed 
me that not all Yankees fans are complete garbage. 
Well the YANKEES still SUCK. Remember all the good 
times at Wedge wood. Danny- Thanks for all the rides 
to school. Drek- Thanks you for having pale skin and 
red hair, the fire is ready. Thanks for always being 
wrong and making a fool of yourself. Elliot- We have 
been friends since 2 nd grade. Too many good times to 
name including, remember mama's boys. Jack- Thanks 
for the stockpiled drinks during lacrosse. Mike- Thanks 
for always having an open house and letting me spend 
so much time there. Don't forget that you need to 
calm down, and that you need to wear pants when 
leaving your house. Jon- Thanks for die Backyard 
wresding experience and the good times at SBP, reeses 
pieces staff price. Montana- No matter what you do 
you will always be a white boy. Owen- Thanks for all 
the good times at lacrosse and when we were mama's 
boys. Phil- Man you love the OC, but then again, who 
can blame you. Ryan- Thanks for screwing your 
broken wrist and still sleeping over. Remember to 
watch your pool at night for random people playing 
basketball. Amanda- dianks for letting me completely 
mess your hair up, just diink of it as natural highlights. 
It will grow out eventually. Diana- You know you 
love the picture we gave you for your birdiday. 
Thanks for letting us give it to you. Emily- You have 
the most annoying laugh. Its grown on me through 
all the times you have laughed for no reason. You 
truly are a blond. Jill- Thanks for the Semi and 
remember die great times at camp. Laura- It's ok if you 
don't know who asthma is. Thanks for not under- 
standing so many things. I apologize if I have forgot- 
ten to thank anyone. 

Daniel Richter 

There are two smart strategies for writing a senior 
thanks that doesn't leave anyone out: Thank every- 
one, or thank no one. But I'm not smart, so here goes. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for pushing me to do what 
needed to be done, and I apologize for pushing back. 
Thanks Dan for being my role model, and Jake for 
being my friend. Pat, so many great 
times, snowmobiling, rubberchickens&ceiling fans, 
band.Jamie.we grew up togedier, hanging at your 
house (both of them) .Florida with Pat, 
camping:awesome.Joe, my coolest neighbor;I'm re- 
ally glad you moved here when you were 4ish, army, 
secret midnight missions, being delinquent, thanks 
man. Matt Gagnon, it's really too bad that we just met 
as freshmen, but they've been some great years: 
bleacher painting (stupid slooge), band, field-hockey- 
sleep over-raid. Eric, I've always loved your jokes and 
crazy ideas, keep it up. The five of you, we definitely 
need to play some more Wiffle ball. You guys are the 
greatest friends I could ask for. And who could forget 
MIKE HALL?? He's so cool, he gets his name 
capitalized. Amy, remember that time you drove my 
car? And what about that janitor's closet? Corina, my 
Awesome-Alliteration-Ally, you rock. Ashley, thanks 
for everydiing (i.e., food at lunch). Chris, dianks for 
the house. Meagan, Alec, and Jenny, thanks for being 
wicked cool and letting me hang around. Colby, 

thanks buddy, and good luck in all of your pursuits. 
And don't call me next year with homework ques- 
tions. Thanks Sonia, Britta, Katie, Will, and Brendan 
for being all-around-awesome people. Special thanks 
goes out to everyone I've gotten to know in Band, 
Rifle-Team, XC, and Crew. Thanks to everyone at SBP. 
Thanks to all my teachers, especially Mr. Zalika and 
Mr. Felker for putting in die extra effort. I want to 
thank the Dorers for giving me a second home, and 
the Reeds and the Bigda-Peytons for being so accom- 
modating. I want to take a moment now and thank the 
Honda. You have always been there when I needed 
you, well, for die most part anyway. The time spent 
fixing all your problems was little as compared to the 
miles I piled on, or the pure driving enjoyment I 
received in die process. I know you're getting old, and 
you will be gone some day soon. But I will always 
remember your wooden bumper, your broken an- 
tenna/window motors, your flip-up headlights, your 
rust, the several times you didn't pass inspection, or 
that time freshman year I had to push you half-way to 
school. I want to diank you from the bottom of my 
heart. You were more than just a car to me. . . Ok, back 
to people. Thanks Nicole, Kevin, Allison, Sabrina, 
Ahni, and Pete. Thanks, Dave, Amy D, Cheng and Sara 
B. Hey Audrey, remember that time your drove my 
car? Thanks to everyone. If there's anyone I've 
missed, you can kick Matt. 

Montana Ross 

First I would like to thank my family DAD, Even 
though I don't show it, you have been the biggest 
influence on my life; most of who I am today is 
because of you; thanks for always giving me your 
advice even when I said I didn't need it; and thank you 
for always pushing me in everything I do, whether it 
was sports, school or life, you never expected any- 
thing less then perfection. MOM, Thank you for 
always being there for me, whedier I was right or 
wrong you always were a 100% behind me, no one 
has ever cared for or encouraged me as much as you 
have and I love you for that. LISSY, Even though we 
don't always see eye to eye, you always gave me 
someone to talk to when I didn't want to go to sleep, 
thanks for always being there. MEG: You're more 
mature then I give you credit for, thanks for being a 
great sister, and good luck with high school. GREG, 
Thanks for always keeping me company at all the 
family parties. Now my friends DIANA, Thank you 
for being my best friend, and for dealing with me, and 
all the hard times I gave you joking around. I don't 
know what I would have done without you; you 
always put odiers in front of yourself, and that is 
something diat is incredibly rare diese days. Don't 
ever change no matter what people tell you, you are 
truly amazing. JON, Thank you for being my friend 
since second grade; for rap and 2pac, cars, girls, ping- 
pong and billiards, street ball, car shows; Betzio's, 
saltines and RC cola. DEREK, thanks for middle school 
fun; summers in your basement, video games, junk 
food, for Wendy's; for dealing with Tupac; for N.J, 
basketball, and to your family for treating me like a 2 nd 
son. DANNY, Thanks for being my first best friend; 
for talks about girls, sports, and everything else, and 
to you and your family for always letting me stop by 
just for kicks and serving me dinner no questions 
asked. BLAIR, Thank you for being yourself; for 
always giving me someone to talk to you when I 
needed it, or when I just needed a good laugh; for the 
long talks in your kitchen or basement, because it was 
die only place we could hang out; for the good times 
deciding on what you should wear the next day, haha. 
You're a great friend and you mean a lot to me 
whether you know diat or not, and I hope we will stay 
close after I graduate. JULIE, Thanks for all the good 

times and memories that will never fit in this year- 
book; for always being able to brighten up my day no 
matter what; for all the advice and help you've given 
me throughout the years; for being ALMOST like a 
sister to me, haha. I'll never forget you; no matter 
what country you're in next. P. DIZZLE, Thanks for 
checking on how all the ladies were doing, haha; for 
J.V. soccer; for your rapping and singing, and ballin' 
it up; you da man playa. AMANDA, Thanks for the 
morning announcements; for all the good times over 
your house with the rest of the crew; for your 
screaming; the haunted house; for your great laugh; 
for our rap battles at midnight; and for the friendly 
service at the farms. JENNY, J- money, thanks for all 
the chats and advice; for the crip walk; and for just 
being an awesome friend. O DAWG, man you have 
nice hair. Thanks for being a good friend; soccer way 
back when; rockin' the scene, and last but not least, 
your van. STEPH, for always listening to whatever I 
had to talk about as meaningful, or as stupid as it might 
have been, and for dealing with all my constant 
joking, you should be a saint or something. DIMITRA, 
thank you for being so easy to talk to; for Latin, 
directed study, and track, and always being able to 
make me laugh. JILL, thanks for being the person 
outside of Bedford that I could always turn to for 
advice or just to vent. And for always being able to 
count on you for a good laugh. MIKE, for being the 
funniest kid I know, for giving me rides and letting me 
hang at your house, and for rockin' the Deuce. DAN, 
for basketball, rocking die deuce, and making fun of 
everyone. I would also like to thank Maxine, Kesler, 
Derek Pheffer, Laura Valente, Jack, Emily Frank, Laura 
Whallon, Emily Siegent haller, Gary, Elliot, Sabrina, 
Caitlin, Katherine, Kelly Walsh, Alyssa, Billy, Hailey, 
Bemie, Jay Kennedy, Katie Springer, I'm sorry if I 
forgot anyone, but you know me, always doing 
things last minute. 

Jillian Russo 

MOM and DAD: No wonder I don't want to grow up- 
you gave me the best childhood anyone could ask for. 
You've always supported me and helped me every 
way you could. Mom dianks for your creativity and 
hours of help with college applications this year, Dad 
for trips to FedEx and reminding me nothing's impos- 
sible with some planning and confidence. STEPH: A 
great sister, even if you never stop talking! Adventures 
in the backyard and chatting about everything. Re- 
member no telling anyone about our magic powers. 
ALEX: An awesome brother, for always laughing at 
me, Harry Potter, made-up dances, national holidays. 
EMILY: all die memories-tag in fifdi grade, our own 
learning group, the cotton eye joe, pre-dance primp- 
ing (running from snakes in the grass after dances), 
analyzing oufits, long conversations about every- 
thing, I have a story for you, the only ones under- 
standing what we were trying to communicate, the 
list goes on and on BRITTA: My twin! I'll miss your 
craziness-you were such a good sport when I made 
fun of you everyday. Never forget pointless argu- 
ments about Nebraska, promdresses, pasta, and French 
bread. Annual mall trips, secret plans! SARAH: Sorry 
about die crazy phonecalls. What will I do next year 
when 1 need to analyze something? Beware the 
haunted painting, piano, and streedamp! Next year, 
try not to lie much to new people you meet! SONIA: 
Sofia! I know the trudi! You are not totally timid! 
You're a crazy girl who keeps bagels in her pocket and 
steals tilings! Thanks for the good times and always 
calming my stressful moments. KATIE: For being 
such a good friend, listener and planner, sorry you 
always got stuck driving! Without you, we would 
never do anydiing or have any fun! I'm really glad we 


IV 1 




jut more the last couple years. ALASTAIR, 
.DAN, JACK, ELLIOT, JOE: For always making 
me laugh and being so much fun to be around, Al and 
Brendan for having endless arguments-geeeeezzz, 
Elliot for being Ross, Joe for being the most fun junior 
I know and crazy times with the Otters, Jack for being 
hilarious all the time. Remember Hampton, pididdle, 
Dudley adventures in Brendan's van (especially after 
Hampton, Halloween), Boston, hanging around ex- 
citing Bedford. MICHELLE: For putting up with my 
negativity- you balanced it out with your optimism, 
always made me feel better when I had a crisis. Of 
course for g-cubed. G-CUBED GIRLS: Tuesday night 
at 8 (or 7:25) was the beacon of light in my school 
week of despair-who needs homework? FHTEAM: 
This season was the most fun ever because of you 
guys! Remember making CC cry! Argh! Becky for 
making fun of me all the time and hilarious stories, 
Becca for JR Tap- with more practice we could' ve gone 
professional! Yeah Central Crashers! COLLEEN: awe- 
some co-captain, field hockey pal-crying with me at 
night game and our last game, secretly loving field 
hockey like me! This is the last MEAGAN: the other 
awesome co-captain. Also for putting up with my 
extremely lacking math skills and constant high stress 
level. CORINA: inventing field tennis with me and 
being perfect at everything! Bugaboo! ABBY: For 
being amused by my craziness. Remember 8' 1 ' grade 
parties, DC, letting me be an honorary summerXCgirl. 
LAXTEAM: So much fun over the years, from doing 
jigs and dances to the sleep over! LAURA: Writing 
senior thanks is pretty frustrating. Glad I got to know 
you better, we've had good times MICHELLEM: 
Thanks for being bad at math with me! AMANDA: For 
being so spirited and encouraging to everyone, lax 
sleepovers, having a great contagious laugh! PHIL: for 
being a funny colorblind kid MIKE, JON, DAN, 
much new vocab from you guys talking about beast, 
riced out cars, I know not to touch Mike's dog, if I ever 
need to find one of you I should go to Mike's to see if 
you're sleeping on the couch-thanks for fun decorat- 
ing each other's cars CHRISTINE: Green! Sorry about 
my pessimism. ASHLEY: For being a perfectionist and 
always having white-out. AMY and PAT: For being 
the cutest couple! CHRISSULLY: For being my math 
buddy for two years and such a nice guy! Thanks class 
of 2004-I'll miss everyone and wish I could take 
everybody with me next year-sorry to anyone I 
forgot. We've got more! 

Ryan Santos 

First off I would like to thank the most important 
people in my life, my parents. Mom: I don't think I 
could thank you enough for all the love and advice 
that you have given to me. You are the epitome of a 
great mother. You have always been there for me, 
from the day I was born and placed in the incubator 
to today. You made it a point to try and get involved 
in my life to give me guidance and love, even during 
times when I felt like I didn't need it. From Ironing my 
clothes every morning, cutting my hair, and helping 
me with school work to trying to give me advice with 
sports, even though you had no idea w hat you were 
talking about. Even during times when it seems as 
though I couldn't stand you, I want you to know that 
I still love you. You have played such a signifying role 
in my life and I hope it will continue through the 
years. I love you from the bottom of my heart and you 
will always be a part of my life. Dad: Thank you for 
always being there for me and making sure I was 
heading in the right direction. Whenever I thought 
diings were impossible you were always there to push 
me forward and help me accomplish them. You were 



the first one to yell at me when I got out of line, but 
you were also the one who complemented me when 
I succeeded. Thank you for all your support and advice 
that you have given me in sports. I love you and thank 
your for everything you have done for me. Sheena: 
Although we have had a tough time getting along 
with each other, I am glad to have you as my sister. 
Thanks for being the first one to make fun of me 
whenever I did anything remotely stupid. As I (try to) 
mature I feel as though are love and friendship for one 
another is beginning to strengthen. Although some- 
times it seems like I can't stand you, you're my sister 
and I'll always love you. Anthony: Thanks for being 
a great little brother. You were always there to make 
fun of when Sheena picked on me. Growing up it was 
great to have around to play basketball in the driveway 
or football in the yard. Hopefully when we get a little 
older are relationship will strengthen, but I love you 
and wish you the best of luck with sports. Grandma 
and Papa- I am very fortunate to have Grandparents 
that live near me and get the chance to be pan of my 
life. Thank you for all your support with my sports and 
academics. Since the beginning of my sporting career 
you both have tried very hard to come and w atch me 
play. I love you guys with all my heart and I thank you 
for all your love and support. Nana and Papa: It is very 
hard to have grandparents who live so far away, but 
I thank you for doing your best and supporting me. 
You guys alw ay s had faith in me with both sports and 
academics and were the first to compliment me with 
my achievements. I love you both very much and you 
will always be in my heart. Sullivan Family: When- 
ever I couldn't stand my real parents I could always 
count on driving down the road to my adopted 
family's house. Thank you for putting up with me 
when my parents couldn't and I appreciate every thing 
that you have done for me. There is nothing I could 
ever do to repay you guys for your love, meals, and 
beds you have shared with me. Thank y ou for every- 

Catrina Savage 

MOM. it's been a rocky road, but I guess that's just a 
part of growing up. Thanks for allowing me my 
independence and always trying to help when I'm in 
a )am. DAD, for being the most caring, supportive, do- 
good father, reverand, and friend. GARY, you've been 
really great to me since I was a little girl. You're a 
wonderful stepdad. and I appreciate how hard you 
work to give us the life style we live. SEAN, I've 
learned from many of your mistakes and this has 
prevented me from getting into a lot of trouble. 
Thanks for exposing me to much of the music I've 
learned to love, and for always being a riot. JIMMY, I 
am so proud of you. You have grown up to be such 
an honest, funny, wise, and very talented person. 

Stefanie Scaglione 

First, I would like to thanks my family. MOM & DAD: 
Thanks for being so loyal and understanding. You 
have done so much for me. Thanks for teaching me 
everything I know. I love you both! KAYLA: I can't 
even begin to express how much I love you. You are 
always there for me. Always remember our jokes, 
driving and random moments when we laugh and no 
one else understands. You are my best friend and 
always will be. MDvD: You are the coolest grand- 
mother ever! Thanks for letting me joke around with 
you. OTHER FAMILY: Thanks for being supportive 
with everything. I love you all! JESSI: My twin! 
Driving, MUN, musicals, yearbook and everything 
else have been a blast. Thanks for being there when I 
needed you the most. MICHELLE M: NEC, madrigal, 
sex tette, gym and all of the laughs. Thanks for being 
such a great friend. SDMONE: grandma, forensics. 

miss cocoa swiss ERIKA: mom, guy talks, drama 
SIMONE & ERIKA: church points! SARAH B: newsjei,! 
musicals, madrigal, drama, mun CHRIS BOY: pea pod, 
mun, gym, lax. candi, baseball ASHLEY: chats, lax, 
baseball. I like pink STEPH: baseball, lax, Spanish, 
candi HANNAH: special talks, our talk show, English 
classes ABBY: chats, madrigal, sex tette, now 8. flying," 
musicals, being a sister to me TARA: musicals, mad- 
rigal, climbing buddy, gazebos, sex tette, chats 
JACQUI: you're my favorite, madrigal, forensics, guy 
talks RICKY: psych, calling me Jessica, musicals MIAN A: [ 
forensics, psat thanks for being a great friend FRANKIE: 
cooking buddies, annie NIKKI B: madrigal, musicals, 
my roommate - thanks for being so nice to me. 
SHREYA: tea. chats, shake it! KERRY: my sister, NY,, 
Nancy Pong! ALLI: the western, science classes, our 
saying, ccd, musicals, craziness with kayla KRISTEN: 
online hw notebook, botde baseball RORY: MK & A 
movies, lax SARAH H: elf, lax JIMMY: NEC. madrigal. 
CGD. gym MAXINE: madrigal, gym ERIN. CAROLYN 
& MIKE P: the western, pirates, bible camp JOHN W: 
little john, madrigal DINAH: musicals, madrigal, sex 
tette. millie, jokes, random laughing thanks for being 
there for me NATTY: nicknames, musicals. NEC, 
madrigal, don't laugh! NICK: procrastination, laugh- 
ing at the library , pinball ANDY: book fight at the 
library SARA B: flirts! You are the true queen! 
MELINDA: gym. hot water, spying, your pool ERIN 
K: Games! Like that! RANDY: madrigal, climbing 
buddy, pants RYAN: online chats (hehe), random 
comments RANDY & RYAN : The western! Thanks for 
being such good friends. You're both my favorite! 
MARY JANE: Thank you so much for everything you 
have done for me vocally. I would also like to thank 
the following people: Kenny, Joey, Katie S. Jess 
Whitley. Rachael, Mike P. Ming. Jamie. Kevin. Shelly, 
the people at CWV and church, my Latin class, 
madrigal and sex tette people. Katie R. Katie E. Lindsay 
and Karen. I would also like to thank my teachers 
especially Mr. Gaillard. Ms. Caves. Mrs. Budka. Mr. 
Low and Mr. Reagan. I would also like to give a special 
thanks to Mrs. MacKay, Quakes! I'm really sorry if I 
forgot any one! Thank you for everything and best of 
luck to you all! 

Stephanie Shamel 

First I w ould like to thank my family MOM-thanks for 
always being there for me to talk to and share laughs 
with. It is amazing how much you have done for me 
DAD-thanks for all your advice and encouragement. I 
appreciate all you have given me SARAH-you are a 
great sister. Thanks for always being so caring and 
helpful. Ransom and you are so much fun to spend 
time with can't wait for the baby! CARRTE-you have 
always been a role model to me. Your words have 
taught me so much. I appreciate all our talks, coffee 
trips, long walks, jokes, and adventures thank you for 
being a wonderful sister and friend. Next I would like 
to thank my friends ASHLEY -you are seriously like a 
sister to me. We have shared so many memories and 
I cannot imagine where I would be without you. 
Thank you for always being here for me no matter 
what Remember: getting soaked at Ogunquit. ad- 
ventures at fourth cliff. Florida, scary movies, cook- 
ing, long drives, interesting talks, sleepovers. caramel 
popcorn, meeting guys, making interesting drinks, 
saving me from doing crazy things, and much more 
I love you Ashee! CHRISTINE -our friendship means 
so much to me. You have always been a great listener 
and someone who I can relate to very well. Never 
forget: All our good Starbucks talks, roller blading, the 
smoothie fight, all our friends, the Steph chart haha, 
trying to play frisbee, our nicknames, yenoc. driving 
around I just saw a frog! singing crazily. checking out 

guys in hats, Are you sisters? Thanks for everything 
you have done for me, love ya droops! STEF-lol never 
forget baseball! You are an awesome friend! Remem- 
ber our jokes Candy, where? I want some! JESS-I'm 
glad I got to know you better this year! Fun times 
struggling in math and doing pysch projects! Thanks 
for teaching me your relaxation method and for 
laughing with me over silly things! MARISA-Starbucks, 
Bertuccis, our project, I'm going to miss annoying 
you! NADIA- always copying my outfits lol! 
Stephermcscaryson You are such a funny person and 
a really caring friend :) JESSI- I am glad we have gotten 
to be better friends. Do not forget our fun Halloween, 
our college visit to unh, many Bertuccis trips, annoy- 
ing each other in physics, and yelling at me for eating 
all the ingredients in foods! I'll miss ya! MONTANA- 
I am really going to miss all of our interesting talks! 
Thanks for being a good friend and for always making 
me smile. It was fun writing notes and umm great to 
find your messages in my notebook, lol! DARRYL-I 
will miss our talks, sitting on curbs, the dock, and silly 
string wars! Thanks for being a great listener and 
friend MIKE-do not forget art sophomore year with 
Fran the 3 musketeers so funny! PHIL-thank you for 
all the interesting experiences in photo including our 
fake blood, making me lay in the snow, spilling drinks 
on you, doing physics homework, and joking around! 
Also thanks for the hot chocolates! JOSH-thanks for 
always getting me in trouble! Just kidding you are 
awesome! You always crack me up, even if it means 
coating me with ink! HANNAH-You are such a 
unique person and I am going to miss you! Thanks for 
all the laughs and advice DAN-I want you to know that 
you have taught me so much about myself I never 
knew before. We had a lot of good times that I 
wouldn't take back for anything. Thanks for always 
being there when I needed you. I am really glad that 
we are now friends JOEY-thanks for always being so 
nice and caring SHEENA-you are the coolest! I will 
miss talking with you, singing to you, and running 
into you in the hall! NAOMI-I will miss our gym 
classes together and sneaking out for coffee RORY- 
thank you for having such fun hair to play with! Field 
hockey was sad without you this year, but we still 
have lax! PIETRASIK-I will miss talking to you in 
between your naps in math and English IAN-You 
were an important part of my life for a long time. 
Thanks for the memories and for just being you! 
HARLEY-thanks for lending me your fmgers to crack 
and for being the nicer twin, just kidding. 
PIPER&PRIYA-thanks for being such great friends, I 
miss you guys! Thanks to everyone on the field 
hockey and lacrosse teams for all the togetherness and 
fun...ya bucs! Also thanks to all the great teachers who 
have helped me along the way. And lasdy DAVID-I 
love every moment I spend with you. We have so 
much fun together, and you always know how to 
make me laugh. I really hope things continue to be 
this great <3 I love you! Thank you to anyone else 
who I might have forgotten, and everyone in the class 
of 2004! 

William Shao 

Praise God! wOOt wOOt! I want to thank God for 
blessing me with everything including the people I 
am about to thank. I want to thank my family for just 
being there. I am grateful to have such a loving and 
caring family. Now, I must thank YOU for being a part 
of my life. YOU are wonderful. I love YOU! = ) I 
wanted to mention some names, but a hundred words 
are very limiting and I'm Asian. >.< I promise that I 
will personally thank YOU at some point in the very 
late future. O.o AzN Thugz 4 Lyfe! 

Cory Shaw 

To my parents, thank you for putting up with me for 
1 8 years and always wanting the best for me. I love 
you. Brian-I've missed you so much the past year. 
Thanks for making me tough and being so cool to 
party with. I like knowing that in 40 years I'll still 
know and love you. Kate and Michelle-I love you guys 
to death. Kate-I'll never have "nights of fun" like 
ours. Remember the beach in Costa Rica, skinny 
clipping in Gloucester, wine in Italy, and waking up 
in my guest room laughing. I can't wait to see what 
you're doing in 20 years. Michelle-you are such a 
selfless and genuine person. Thanks for being the best 
in the world to tell good (or bad) news to. You have 
such amazing energy for life and I know you'll always 
be happy. Jacob-I seriously want to know you forever. 
Thanks for coffee mornings, sitting in your garage, 
and skiing in middle school. Remember going to 
Natures Heartland and eating samples for hours. I can 
tell you anything. Craig-I love you so much its 
ridiculous. Rain, mountain, roof, 7 hours in my 
basement, getting lost, I could go on forever. Thanks 
for caring about me more than I do. I know we'll 
always be close. RYAN P-for being my true partner in 
crime. I wish you the ultimate happiness. Give me a 
call once in a while and tell me all the amazing things 
you're doing. LISA-thank you for my childhood: half- 
built tree houses, JTT rock, Halloween, etc. You are so 
much fun and so full of life. RYAN CM-for wearing 
Xmen T-shirts in 2 nd grade and stealing my heart. "I 
Swear," the New Years thermos, Art in 7 th grade. You 
are so cool. ERIN-I love how we've been able to grow 
in separate directions but still stay so close. Even when 
we didn't necessarily spend the most time together, I 
always could tell you anything. BRANDON-for living 
at my house that summer, naming me Corona, and 
driving around with me. You are so much fun to party 
with. JENNY-Thanks for being such a good person 
and making any night fun. Our weird past cracks me 
up, but you know I love you. ALEXIA-you're really 
inspiring. Remember Spice Girls, skiing in Vermont, 
emergency sounds at the mall, and going to Stop and 
Shop covered in belts. COLLEEN-you're a really 
unique person. I wish we'd spent more time together. 
I admire your drive and talent and hope you're truly- 
happy someday. TARYN-inseparable in 7 th grade. Ritz 
with your Grandma and dress-up. We had a lot of fun 
together. CHRIS L-I love talking to you. Thanks for 
biking to my house in 1" grade, and always picking 
me up and spinning me around. My childhood 
wouldn't have been the same without you. FRANKIE- 
you were my first crush in 1" grade. Enough said. 
RICKY-bleacher painting was definitely one of the 
best nights in high school. Thanks for being down for 
anything. NATASHYA-Soccer was such a good time. 
I have no idea why it took us so long to start hanging 
out. You have the greatest sense of humor. Keep 
practicing that hippie dance and you just might get as 
good as me. MEGHAN-you rock my world. All I can 
say is J.O., Bickfords, and dancing in parking lots. Did 
I once lick your face? Thanks for making even the most 
hopeless nights memorable. JASON C-I wish you 
knew how amazing you are. I hope you do all you're 
capable of. You have such a caring and infectious 
personality with an awesome mind. If I call you in a 
couple years and you're still playing Zelda in your 
room, I will personally kick your azz. AMANDA-so 
glad you moved here. Thank you for your bad rap and 
ditsy comments (wait. . .really?) But thank you more 
for being an extremely intelligent and interesting 
person. ALEXI-I don't get to hang out with you often, 
but I have an awesome time when we do. Thanks for 
being so cool to talk to especially in dance. MARISSA 
and GEN-I would be a different person if I didn't have 
you guys in middle school. Thanks for all the good 
times. JENNY W-remember the accidental fire? We 

were such crazy little kids. You make me laugh like no 
one else I know. CHRIS S-you have such an open 
personality. You're absolutely contagious. MAXINE- 
coolest Costa Rica roommate EVER! (don't tell Kate!) 
Spooning in the airport. . .man that was romantic. You 
have an unbelievable sense of humor. J. MO, pancakes 
in die morning, and soccer bus rides. You are one cool 
chick. VICKI-I don't think I could ever not have a good 
time with you. Thanks for being the first girl to grope 
me (and visa versa). STEPH and ERICA-you guys are 
awesome, I wish we hung out more. RYAN and 
JEREMY-I wasn't gonna mention too many people 
who have already graduated, but high school wouldn't 
have been the same without you. Ryan-it never 
GRIFFIN-thanks for Costa Rica and being an awesome 
teacher. REYNOLDS-for having a class that actually 
really impacted me. PILLA-for making me love art 
HAILEY-you guys have been awesome to party with. 
TO EVERYONE I'VE EVER KNOWN, you've probably 
impacted me more than you'll ever know. Goodluck 
everyone. It's been awesome growing up with you. 

Kathryn Springer 

OM AND DAD- Thank you very much for always 
believing in me, helping me do the right thing, being 
there when I needed someone to talk to, and helping 
me to make the right decisions. Dad thanks for always 
making an effort to come to my sporting events. 
CHRISTOPHER- You're the greatest brother. Thanks 
for giving me advice when I needed it the most. 
GRAM- Thank you for everything-phone calls, letting 
me have friends to Cape Cod. MRS PASCUCCI- Thank 
you for all your hard work in helping me succeed over 
the last four years ASHLEY- I could go on forever! 
Thank you for always listening to my stories. FL-and 
the prickly tree, DC, NY-peacock, Key West, Baha- 
mas, sleepovers, Band camp, soccer, eighth grade 
graduation, birthdays, x mas phone calls, Maine, 
horse back riding, family parties. New Years- 
babysitting, bike camp, project adventure, Breakers 
games, paint crew, semi, prom, shopping, Sex and the 
City, Cape Cod, apple picking, color guard! MCNULTY 
FAMILY- My second family. You were always there 
when I needed anything, use of your shower! Chris 
and Thomas, awesome, MEAGAN- what would I do 
without you sexy? Birthday party hula girl outfits, 
colorguard, sleepovers, CPR, Sex and the City, or- 
ange/red pants, twin day, Softball number 1 fresh- 
man year. DIANA- Thanks for making me a fighter. 
You are such a nice girl. Thank you for always being 
there. Girls night posters.C, Mr./Jr., drive-byes, CVS 
Ben and Jerry's, soccer scrunchie. She's All That Never 
Been Kissed, Michael Varton, Freddie, white chicken 
chili, fashion project, chicken sandwiches. TO THE 
GUYS- Thanks for being the best guy friends a girl 
could ask for. Great times over the last couple years - 
going out to eat, Boston, prom, revs games, Hampton 
beach, Dudley Rd, hanging at my house, bowling, tag 
at the high school, piddidle, Mark Hamburger-bow 
staff skills, indoor soccer games-#l FAN!. Elliot 8 ,h 
grade, phone calls, GB, advice Jack (Buddy)I am so 
happy we became so dose this year, our bro/sis 
relationship- I know I can talk to you about anything 
Hampton/ piddidle! Alastair my nasal passage friend, 
we never went wonder bra shoppin! revs game, crispy 
M&Ms, gosem gosem game game, GB photo. Brendan- 
study w/ Mr. Rivers Are you a senior? ok go ahead 
Puma sale, PL ninja project, Halloween 2003! Thanks 
for always being there when I needed someone to talk 
to. Joe one of the nicest guys I know, prom was a lot 
of fun thanks for going w/ me. So glad we became 
good friends this year, I'll miss you next year HAILEY- 



nights, apple picking, hockey game/Chateau, 
Cod, boys soccer, bonfire Jr. year, surprise party 
lor me, 8"' grade Mrs. Mills/Reynolds, triplets, beach 
trips. CORINA- CPR, manicures, semi, half day at my 
house watched die show on kissing tips, Halloween, 
marching band (tattoos) , girls nights, movies, Mon- 
sters Inc- (Mike and Sully's door game) Ice Age, The 
Sweetest Thing, Walk for Hunger, paint crew, 
Whitney's purple dress. AMY- beeping when I drive 
by your house, paint crew (janitors closet) , marching 
band (tattoos), locker buddies jr. year, semi, Walk for 
Hunger venting buddies Cape Cod cute boys, shower 
outside EMILY- Twins, CCD ,NH dance to Pink, hot 
guy working on the chair Lift, Hampton, piddidle, 
video taping around Bedford, Halloween, I like greasy 
men prom, drive-bys, window markers, baking cook- 
ies and many more. JILL- who wants to come get a 
bagel widi me Hampton, piddidle, girls nights, 
hanging with the gang. ALEXIA A- Drive Me Crazy, 
Usher, Turtle? No it's an elephant notebook, Bio, 
Algebra II, ROTC ball. AMANDA F- chemistry w/ Doc 
Has, NYC, Chili's for Kate's b-day, Cheesecake Fac- 
tory, Diana's surprise party, flash for your camera? 
Trying to find acertain somebody's house BESSELMAN- 
car, Michael's white flag MEGHAN M-partner in 
crime, always @ my house, soccer season, Oh Aaron, 
our bfs, girls nights, Jr prom-after party at your house, 
dinner dates, PL, math TARA- American Idol fanatics, 
mall trips, Lemon Tree, Red Sox, twin day .SARA, 
BRITTA SONIA- you girls are awesome, I am so glad 

1 got to know you better these past few years. We had 
some memorable nights Good Luck next year! TOM- 
Always diere for me.Thanks for being such a great 
friend CHRIS, ALEC, MIKE and JENNY- B-parties at 
your house, CPR, Boston, girls nights, legally blonde 

2 LAURA- always make me laugh, girls nights, , 
Breakers game, holy moley.t o all my sistas AMANDA/ 
BECKY long talks, scary guy Lizzie McGuire, softball, 
Jonney Rockets DEEPA- 1 234 get your booty on the 
floor, phone call? band was a blast CARA- always make 
me laugh, you are such a sweet girl I am so glad I got 
to know you ALLISON-crew, driving around, boys 
boys boys! ALISON M-sig digs CGD, chiro, soccer, 
boys games NAOMI/LISA C-my sisters I'll miss you 
girls next year. Thanks for everything! 

Genevieve Stander 

First and foremost I would like to thank my family. 
Mom-I know it's been a long haul and we've been 
dirough a lot in die past 4 years but your love and 
support has gotten me through it all. You have and 
always will be my best friend. Dad-Thank you for 
always taking care of us, and giving me everything 1 
want and need. Mike-I am so glad we have been 
getting closer and hanging out in this past year. You 
are an incredibly smart and talented person and I 
know you will go far in life. I love you all! Ms. Gullage 
and Ms. Gray-Thank you for motivating me and 
aiding me these past few years. Marissa-We finally 
made it! We have been dirough some crazy times 
since 8 ,h grade, cruises, weekend nights I'll give you 
candy if you come infatuations, UNO's, Hampton, 
dancing in the fire lights. Springs Brook, many sum- 
mers, snaggle, Gargantuan, brakestands, St. Patrick's 
Day, Luigi's, butternut and a do-nut, and The Real 
World Bedford. Thanks for always making me laugh; 
I luv you babe! Mary-Thanks for always being there 
for me. We always have so much fun together, AM, 
Britney, More to life, being catty, Wingearsheik. the 
never-ending road and girls nights. Good luck in your 
senior year, don't worry it will be over soon enough. 
Catriona-Thank you for always being normal and 
never getting caught up in all die drama that Bedford 
has to offer. Ireland was incredible, The Coyote 


Lounge, the park at night, and that scummy karaoke 
bar! WKD's, freshman parties and running away to 
the Patriots Parade, endless phone conversations and 
dream analysis. I know that you will move on to 
bigger and better things and believe that you are a 
truly talented artist, luv ya! Robbie-You are my best 
friend and one of the most important people in my 
life. Thank you for smartening me up and taking care 
of me for the past year. I always have the best time 
with you, bike rides, ice cream. Hello Kitty, Carl's 
water, and bunny. Thank you Monkichi. I would also 
like to thank Nic, Bri, Val, Ashley, Christine Bu- 
moane, Mop Top (Mopar), and Kruncha, (and any- 
one else I may have forgotten) for all die good times, 
and many more to come. 

Christopher Sullivan 

First off I'd like to thank my Mother for being the most 
extraordinary individual in my life. From being your 
baker man to being your ride home from work I have 
loved every minute we spent together. You are the 
most influential person in my life, giving so much to 
me and guiding me to make so many intelligent 
decisions. I aspire to be one-tenth the person you are. 
My memories of our time and the four will remain 
w ith me All Of My Life. Jackie, For going to all of my 
concerts, football games, etc. and for being my #1 
fan. For making the best goodie bags. For bringing a 
boutonniere every night to the play. But most of all for 
being someone to bake cookies or drive to Bickford's 
with in die middle of the night. You've always gone 
above and beyond. You are an amazing sister and 1 
could not find a better one, not even in Abudabi. 
Norman. From reading Green Eggs and Ham to 
playing Extra Innings, our relationship has always 
been special and unique. I've been lucky enough to 
not only have a father who will provide for me but is 
also my friend that I can go to for advice. Whenever 
I'm in trouble at school, work, with friends or with 
mom, you'll always lend an ear and a good idea Miss 
Jenniah, for being my personal designer, my favorite 
drum captain but most importantly my best friend. 
OM, Band. Crew, custodial arts and ever) other 
activity we've been together. You've always had die 
strongest hugs, die happiest smile, the softest shoul- 
der and the saddest tears. You've always been diere for 
me and I can't image my life without you in it. Alec, 
for being the third amigo, the sharper image, band, 
and keeping me informed about concerts. You are an 
amazing person w ho since meeting you I know will 
go far in life. I've always enjoyed working on projects 
with you, even if we fought. Moving across from you 
is one of the best things that has happened in my life. 
Mike Hall, for being the forth musketeer. For odd 
girl)- type sleepovers. For some crazy jokes including 
peanut butter. For playing mind games on me to 
figure out information. For being someone all of the 
ladies want... so I can have the scraps. For late night 
crazy trips and for always being someone to have fun 
with. Mishu. For thinking me a gendemen. For 
talking to me in science and giving me a chance as a 
friend. For making me appreciate things like summer, 
Fridays and outfits in the 80's. For taking a seemingly 
endless amount of abuse and smiling through it. You 
were, are and will continue to be a great friend. 
::insert happy dance here:: Meagan. For being the 
mannish Buddha, for marching band and stage crew. 
For letting us make fun of your albinoish traits. 
Ashley- For being die moose, and being my first real 
gilfriend Corina- for being my OM partner, the paint 
crew manager and my Asian friend Amy- for having 
an attractive younger sister and for being Asian #2 
Pat- for having spectacular pectoral muscles Matt G.- 
thanks for being the sexiest man in the room always 
and teaching me the gift of humility Mike B.- Fish- 

thanks for being the best feniinine color guard mem- 
ber we've had, and for the independent studies, 
Amanda- for being my Bear, for long phone conver- 
sations into the morning, and for always being there 
and trying to understand my antics Deeps- for being 
the best Hindu friend a guy could ask for Becky -every 
time I see a butterfly I'll think of you Britta- Thanks for 
being my holy girlfriend Meghan- for proving that 
someone I respect can have completely wrong rules 
for living. MEAT RULES! JBB- for having large fat sacks 
and for allowing yourself to be dragged to all of my 
events by Jackie Tom- for being the big moth man and 
for always showing enthusiasm for all of the projects 
we've done. To all the people in drum line, stage 
crew, BHS Live and marching band- Thanks for 
everything To extraneous others for random good 
memories- Erin. Diana, Jenny Spencer. Sabrina, Julie, 
Alexia, My Best Buddy Tim, Lisa, Barry Low- for the 
independent study and directing four spectacular 
musicals that I had the pleasure of being a pan of Jo- 
for being the grandma I don't have, for delicious 
cookies and warm quilts Captain Richard Carson and 
his wife Jody- for being the extended family that I 
never had. for showing up to all of my events and for 
loving Denny's and their horrible service as much as 
we do Jim and Melanie Felker- for sharing your talents 
with us and for laughing and having fun with us and 
occasionally crossing the line. For anyone that has 
touched my life along the way- Thank you. 

Patrick Sullivan 

To m) entire family, thank you for putting up with the 
king . Mom-I love you very much and appreciate all 
die things you have done for me as a person and my 
sports career. Don't let anyone tell you different that 
you are the best mother a kid could have. Dad-You've 
taught me everything I need to know about life.. 
the times w e w ent to AAU basketball games together 
and w hen you would always keep me calm before the 
golf tournaments at Ponky. You've always told me 
that you aren't the smartest guy in the world, but I'm 
starting to think you are. Thanks for always being 
there Sull, but this still doesn't mean I'm coming 
down to the cape this weekend to help you. Haha. 
Christian-Big C. C-note. KN III. Note I'd first like to 
let everyone know that having you as my brother to 
me has been the best thing I could ever imagine. Super 
Fan Cheering at Varsity R Ball Games. Swampscott 
States Game, only D III State Champion I know, TPC 
at VA.deathmatches, red white and blue's, Calcutta(at 
the turn), can't forget the BIG GUN, for being 
Brunson at the card table. P you drowned me on the 
river you. when the guy came up to our old house and 
said a golf ball struck him. then you blackmailing me 
for the next 6 months. No, More!, one on one 
basketball, and that's all I can remember so thanks C 
and I love yah buddy no matter what. Kel-Kel-Thanks 
for being a great younger sister I love you so much, 
but make sure you always watch out for the red 
goblins!! You are the bestest kid in the world, and 
hopefully I continue to drown you on the river! Ryan- 
Lil Bro, Santos, Lil Brunson. the videotapes that will 
make us millions one day, flinging food. DA's hole. 
Madden Football. NBA Live 2003. shooting outside 
Big Boobs McGee's house, 6 lh grade bathroom inci- 
dent, Elie's house with the button and the drawing on 
your face, forgetting you one night, always saying 
your leaving when you never actually mean it, never 
winning in cards. Dumbo Drops, the time my cousins 
followed us into my mom's office, the guy from Bring 
It On/videos, at the cape making dump runs, and 
everything else I forget. Elie- Where do I start? Golfing 
at Sky. wrecking golf carts, SMS(Sky Meadow ) blue 
tank top SO dollar belt and golf spikes, storm chasers, 
pissing outside at my old house, BEST super-fan ever 


along with C-note, all the card sessions, Dumbo 
Drops, breaking an egg in your car, Member 3 Guests, 
Club Championship at Sky, Playing Catch, Not An- 
other Teen Movie, The Ohio State, at cape making 
dump runs Gary-GUnit, Luke, Messiah, Jesus, riddler 
The matrices of pokerroom, cape, Michael Finley is a 
beast, trunk being left open, random trash can getting 
us almost screwed, Corruption?, 2003 golf team, 
tooling on Billy, Dumbo Drops, sabotaging, C-note 
losing all our money, all die card sessions. Kiely- 
hence Bill Bellichek, nice one brothaaa, getting screwed 
in cards at my old house, mysterious disappearances, 
when I slept in Jimmy's bed that night, forgetting to 
bring Ryan with us, Madden Football, NBA Live 
2003, sleepovers at my old house, always laughing 
about C's comments about me while Martin was at the 
table, getting really excited for something we know 
isn't happening, Dumbo Drops. Adam-Dong Man, 
Dongazelli, Ghazi you are a terrorist no matter what 
you say, Dumbo Drops, Prank Calls, yelling at that guy 
on die way to Wendy's, pushing you around in cards, 
being on a leash for the last 6 months by Courtney, 
Elie's house that one night, al the card sessions, 
dunking that you are god and thinking that you can 
dunk haha yah right dong man dream on!! Amanda- 
being cool and taking our shit, all the away messages, 
being an alien, not inviting us over your house, Elie's 
house, and you did say you promised to come out 
with us one night and you know. I'm holding you to 
diat!!! Rounder Spu-Card Sessions, everything being 
gay no matter what, matrices. E-Dawgy- playing with 
me as your partner in golf team because you wanted 
to take me down!! Hudzik-Stop base dealing we all 
know you do it. Ben R.- aka Top Dog. Mark Busa- for 
just being Mark Busa, and almost taking me out for the 
enure season. . .nacker. I'm sorry I left so many people 
out, but tliis is all I could fit L Other Mentions: Thank 
you Nana Hazel for all the help with my projects and 
being a great grandmother to me, I love you. Big 
Mike, Uncle Tom every Sunday I expect you to be at 
the house and always remember angd. Also Big Guy 
the number 7 and 23 (keno) while at an AAU Bball 
tourney. Mr. Gaillard for being a great English teacher 
and an even better person. 

Corina Tom 

Mom and Dad, couldn't have made it without you. 
Thanks for always helping me out and keeping the 
reins pretty loose. Mom, don't worry about that 
voice; you're an amazing inspiration, and I can talk to 
you about anydiing. I can't believe you stayed up all 
those nights to make sure I was safe at home. Dad, 
you're the best teacher I've ever had. Thanks for 
introducing me to so many different things and 
letting my imagination run wild. I love you bodi. 
Kristine, M-squared,I'll never regret asking for a little 
sister-you're the best there is. You've definitely got 
super legs to hug! Mwali! Class of 2003- you're all 
wicked awesome, high school would've been com- 
pletely different without you. Nick, Tim, Phil, (I 
heart) Jesse for never dropping me. Sara-ra, distance 
never kept our hearts apart. Amy-the super-duperest 
asian twin ever! ATP, refrigerator dolphin, late-night 
phone calls, difference between dirty and dirty, Walk 
For Hunger, stalker. vertically challenged, wooden 
sticks, Life, curling irons, stage left, L-dawg, he had an 
alia! Abby-falling outta physics, mon petit phoque 
bise-moi! ssssnake in the grass, Bat mobile, JD got 
facts. Sky Daddy, madis is cool, driving sticks, Albanians. 
Britta- sleigh-ride, whistling, coloring. Supastar! 
magenta men, varsity drag, Star Wars, cardboard 
bread. Ashley-angel, half-batliing suits, smattering, 
whiteout, humanities study parties, SSM. AWESOKE! 
Chris- OM, SIP, crew managers, BHS Live. Alec- 

OM, concerts, drivers-ed, Pigeon? Elliot- Krispy- 
Kremes.I found a Pole! hyuhhh Shut-up Elliot! Hey 
Toast! Jenny- OM, Chinese-food, 3-way birthday 
parties. Emily-cars&cell phones, convos, Maine, 
Martha Stewart, D-wings. Pat- chopstick thief. Sonia- 
OM, sleepovers, azn club. MikeB-hat, wild-vagitarian, 
awesome alliteration allies. You're a sackbut- playing 
superfluous monkey! Matt- aimless driving, I win. 
Mike Hall- last night. Katie- Fantasy! too big to fit in 
here, girlsnights, French -manicures, Ice Age, Foot- 
loose in the lake. Jill- field-tennis, SSSS, monkeys like 
m&m's. Meagan- capi tan, Nathan's second mom. 
Michelle- Bambi.fh entertainment, G-Cubed. Sarah- 
Newsies, Raoul, Bible Dictionary, Chinese weddings. 
Erin- physics chicks. Tom- Tom! Kayla- recitals, 
climbing out windows. Jamie- DonnieDarko. Audrey- 
spike it up! Warwicks-tons of rides. APES- dune 
diving at Crane's Beach. Band-little 
somethin.somethin! Crew-dressing up statue, keep 
your sunny side up! FH- Andover eskimo, scavenger 
hunting, last times. Lax- heey.not in my house! 

Jennifer Waldron 

Mom and Dad - you guys are amazing. I could not 
have gotten through the past 1 7 years widiout you. 
Even if I don't tell you often (or ever) I can't thank you 
enough. Matt - Thank you for being an understand- 
ing older brother, I'm sure it was not easy. You're a 
great guy, I couldn't ask for anything more. Chris - 
band, crew, telemedia, guster concerts, summer jani- 
torial technicians(you are the only person I can spend 
over 40 hours a week with and not kill), being your 
personal shopper and OM where it all started. After 
everything we have done together, there is no one I 
would have rather done it with. You have some 
awesome things to offer who ever is lucky enough to 
meet you in the future, don't ever change. Alec (Al)- 
Band, crew, telemedia, concerts and OM (diat sounded 
familiar...) you're the only person who can always 
make me laugh. I know you are going to do some- 
thing really spectacular widi whatever you go on to 
do. You deserve it. Mary-Ann and Sully — You guys 
have been like a second set of parents to me. Your 
consideration for others always amazes me. Thank 
you for letting me almost live at your house, both of 
you are too kind. Jackie - You are die BHS Drum line's 
number one fan! Thank you for coming to every 
competition ever and for being so enthusiastic, about 
everything. Michelle (mitch) - Math, chem. And 
history would not have been the same without you, 
I probably would have fallen asleep a lot more often. 
I will never forget our witty banter or completely 
weird outrageous conversations. And its true, we 
should have our own TV show, we are just that funny. 
Mike - Band, Crew, Guster, red mike, blue mike, gray 
mike, no matter what I said in the past, I love all of 
them equally. You manage to be more sarcastic than 
me. I love that cran-rasberry juice so much; you need 
to learn to share. Meagan (Meag) - Band, crew, 
Guster, swim team. What can I say? You're so creepy 
it's funny. You made band camp fun and babysitting 
the boy and adventure, you and your crazy antics. 
Ashley - Band, crew. You're one the funniest people 
I know, sometimes I'm amazed with the things you 
say. New lyrics to Banana Splits. Tom - you made 
band and CPR a lot of fun. Thanks for the semi last 
year. Drum line - McNutty, Thorsen, Chuck and 
Antonio. Meghan H. - Pooter, Emily S.- pole, Britta 
-you're crazy, Kate W.- yay Hebrew school/explod- 
ing eyeballs, Taryn - T-bone, Diana - Mrs.Rozen's 
classes!, Emily F. - Ohhh yeah! Erin - Sentences in 3" 1 
grade, Corina - Comia, "excuse me," Amy - Asian, Pat 
- Patty whack, Matt G. - M-Gag, Meghan M. - Lets get 
crackalackin', Natashya - Tig!, Alexia B., Mike B, 

Katie, Cory, Sonia., Hailey, Amanda C, Becky, Tara, 
Brad, Elliot, Danny R., both Amanda B.'s, Mr. Felker, 
Mrs. Blake, Sorry to anyone I forgot! 

Jessica Watro 

Well, I have been waiting a long time to write this and 
I can't believe that it is already here. Oh my god this 
is all coming up so fast. First I want to thank Mom and 
Dad you two have been so supportive of me through 
everydiing I wanted to do, even though you knew 
that I was going to change what I wanted to do later 
you still let me do it. You have been to all of my events 
and you have always loved me. Thank you so much, 
I am so lucky to have parents like you. Stacey, shrimp, 
my litde bratty sister, you and I have never seen eye 
to eye on all things but we are always sisters. We have 
had so many good times together and I know we will 
have so many more good times in the future. You are 
a beautiful person with a strong personality; never let 
anyone tell you differendy. Oh yeah, for Stef, they're 
not gay! For the rest of the relatives there are two many 
of you to name and I know you will probably never 
read this but thanks anyway. ChristineM you have 
been my best friend since I was one, you know^ me 
better than myself and I know you will always be there 
for me. I cannot explain how much you mean to me 
so Sarah, we have been through so much together, I 
know I can always count on you when I am going 
through a hard time. Our families have gotten so close 
since we both moved to Bedford, swimming, NH, 
dinners, getting drunk on sparkling cider and so much 
more. I'll miss you so much next year and I know we 
will be good friends through the rest of our lives. Stef 
my twin, you and I are so much a like that it scares me 
sometimes. We have had so many good times with 
plays, MUN, parties, NY trips and so much more. You 
are a great person with so much heart and I know what 
ever you put your mind up to you will succeed in, 
don't let anyone tell you differendy. Thank you for 
putting up with me and I know we will be good 
friends forever. The arm! Erika you are a great person 
and a great friend. You have always been there for me 
when I needed you to be. I want you to know that I 
will always be diere for you what ever happens, Lord 
of the Rings, sleepovers, shopping trips, yearbook get 
togethers; photo shoots an so much more. Simone 
one of the funniest people I know. Thanks for coming 
to French camp with me we really bounded this 
summer. Thanks for always being there for me to take 
you places and eating my food (hehehe). You are 
going to do something great with your life I know it. 
Ashley our relationship as been the weirdest one, now 
we're good friends. You are a funny person and I can 
relate to you so much, never change, you have a great 
personality and a good heart. FH, lacrosse and 
coaching plus so many odier things than sports. 
ChristineB thanks for always being there to share in 
my obsessions. Prince William and Harry 1 can't wait 
till our marriages. Smallville, o god Lex is hot our 
smallville party that was a blast. I hope you gel into St. 
Andrew's but where ever you go I know you are going 
to have a great time and I will miss you so much. Steph 
you are so funny in your own way. With foods and 
math the laughs never stop, stop trying to put to much 
vanilla in the food. You're smart and I know you'll he 
great. Hannah thanks for opening my mind to all ol 
diese new dungs. You are a great person, great heart 
and always try to make me think out ot the box. You 
are such a passionate person never change. Kayla. ka 
babe, a great person with a big heart. Thank you for 
always being there for me. You are going to he lonely 
next year without us but I guess you will live I'll miss 
you next year. Love HP forever!!!! Thanks to AmyD 
and SaraliB for always being cute sophomore's that 





I . ays there for me to talk to especially about 
HP. Andy my fellow HP loving freak, you have taught 
me that I am not insane and that loving a book is a 
natural thing. Thanks for taking me to prom and the 
semi I had a great time. Thank you for keeping my 
sanity and June 4 ,h o my god! ! ! ! ! Mike, Ming and Jamie 
the three of you are more than just yearbook co 
workers you guys are my friends, wired friends but 
my friend and you three are always there for me. Mike 
you are a great person and we have been through so 
much together this year. Law, Forensic and Physics I 
could not survived those classes without you. One day 
I'll be watching die news and you will be on. You are 
ambitious, a great heart, you will make it. Ming you 
and I have never seen eye to eye on everything but you 
are a good friend with a good heart. You just don't 
know how to talk to a girl. Thanks for always making 
me laugh and working so hard on die book that makes 
the rest of us look bad. One day we will crack that shell 
of yours. Jamie my big annoying friend that I could 
not live without, I don't know what it is about you but 
you just fall into that special place in everyone heart. 
You are my beating person, the person I can get all of 
my aggression out on. You will be a great editor next 
year and don't drive Emily nuts next year. Emily don't 
let him beat you up to much remember you are the 
boss, not him. Sara, LaurenA, Julie and Shara. RebeccaH 
and LizH you are the greatest neighbors ever and I am 
going to miss you so much. You two are such great 
people and have the biggest hearts I have ever seen. 
LaruenB thank you for helping through field hockey, 
you are going to be a great captain next year. You are 
a great person and are one of the strongest people 1 
know, keep being strong. LauraT you are so annoying 
yet you are good person thank you for always being 
the annoying person down the street. MikeL thanks 
for playing you music to loud in the yearbook room. 
Abby thank you for being a great neighbor who was 
always diere for me any time of the year. Britta thanks 
for great times in WE and our sneaking out of class. 
Sonia diank you for helping me get through physics. 
Alex thanks for being a pain in the butt in inquiry. 
Dana, still friends. I miss your support. Never listen 
to anyone who does not think you are not beautiful 
because you are. BenR thanks for letting me beat on 
you in WE. Thanks to die Brun's, Mara, the Scaglione's 
and CliristineM's family for being like my second 
families. Thanks to Mr. Hunt and Mrs. Johnson for 
being teachers who have believed in me and who 
never gave up on me, you two are the reason I made 
it through liigh school diank you. Thank you to 
Mrs.MacKay for being the funniest teacher alive! 
Thank you to everyone who I have met in liigh school 
and to all of those people I probably forgot. I can't 
believe we did it class of 04. 

Joshua Wert 

I'd like to thank my teachers for putting up with me, 
my classmates for being around me, my friends for 
understanding me, and everybody else for letting me 
step on them to get where I need to go. No, I don't do 

Taryn Westerkamp 

V. Soccer-9. 1 V. Softball- 1 V.Tennis- 11,12 
First, I'd like to thank my parents. Mom- 1 think it can 
be said that we have die weirdest relationship EVER. 
Whether it is our arguments, our long talks, or our 
fights, you always seem to win and it's not fair! and 
just FYI, I don't care how old I get, petting is just never 
going to be my thing. Dad- All of my friends know 
you as "my quiet dad". Well, I know you as my crazy 
dad. My dad, who dances around the kitchen making 
fun of my music. I appreciate all those nights diat you 
stayed up waiting for me to come home, and amaz- 


ingly, I appreciate those rides in the mornings to 
school before I could drive. (Even though you tor- 
tured me with NPR) Andy- Even though we can't 
deny the fact that we fight, we do have a lot of good 
memories. Behave yourself next year. Even though I 
won't be around to keep you in hne, I'll have 
everyone else watching for me! I love you guys. 
Katherine- I feel like you're my long-lost sister. 
You're my other half. There isn't enough space in this 
yearbook to write down every story, and experience 
that we've ever had. We've always had fun, and there 
will never be a point in my life when I won't consider 
you family. No matter where I go, I'll always make 
sure someone's taking care of you! Alyssa- We've had 
so many memories. But Loon always sticks out in my 
head the most! I had so much fun with you guys. I love 
ya Lyss Amanda B: Every time I see you, you always 
have this big smile on your face. I can't wait for our 
country concerts, and our trip! I hope we always keep 
in touch. Jeff- I feel like I've known you forever. 
You've listened to me whine about everything, you've 
given me advice, and you've always found the right 
thing to say. You're one of my good friends, and I 
hope that it always stays that way. Caitlin & Maxine- 
you guys really are the best! You two always put a 
smile on my face, and our talks have always seemed to 
make me laugh. I can't wait until I can finally use the 
KMCA next year! (Never will we tell our secret!) 
BrianG- All I have to say to you is . you're the 
man. Working with you made Wedge wood so much 
fun, and you're the person I'm turning to when I need 
a good laugh! Gunnar& Steve- Oh man. ever)- memory 
worth remembering since my freshmen year has had 
you boys in it. (Even though it also seems every time 
I got in trouble I was with you two. . .) You guys are 
two of my best friends, and even more than that. I feel 
like you're family. I know has to be mentioned. .yes I"U 
admit it openly; the chairlift story WAS probably the 
funniest, and most embarrassing experience ever! 
And Steve, you reminding me ever)- time we're with 
a new group of people . just twists die knife a litde 
deeper. Gunnar, many days left 'til 
Loon now' RyanLucas- Loser. You've always been the 
friend that I can whine to. and you'd never tell me to 
shut my mouth. Yet, you were always the first to make 
fun of me when I did something spastic. You're a 
friend that I never want to lose. Thanks for putting up 
with me every time I came to visit you guys! Maggie- 
I think you are one of the funniest girls I have ever met. 
I've had so much fun widi you this year, and I think 
we can look back on some stories this year, and laugh 
hysterically! Thanks for being my OC buddy! Jojo- 
You're awesome!! I have had so much fun with you 
over die years, and I hope they don't stop now! 
TheAmatoFam- Jean, Dr. Bob, Mark, and of course.. 
The tin)' man in the white suit: you guys are great!! To 
this da)- I appreciate you guys taking me in and 
considering me apart of the Amato Fam while my 
family went off to the Bahamas. (And Jean, even 
though you ma)- not believe it, I do forgive you for 
bringing me late to my Softball game!) I love you!! 
Jenny, Erin, Lexi, Alexia Lisa ,Ruth ,Tash, M&M. 
KSpringer, Meghan H .Colleen, MandaBess, Hailey, 
and Diana I love all you girls! Mark)- B, Christian. 
Craig. Jonney, AdamD, Laura, Christian, Scott, and 
Vicky I love you guys too, and I hope we keep in touch! 

Laura Whallon 

God: Thank you for strength and guidance, and for 
being the one true, stable part of my life. Mom and 
Dad: I love you. I couldn't have made it without you. 
Thanks for pushing me to do the best I can, and for 
telling me how much you love me. You are the 
world's greatest parents. Johnny: The best big brother 

in the whole wide world, my role model. Thanks for 
your advice, your grandpa likenese. and I love you. 
Katie: My best friend for always; think Bear Country. 
I am so proud of who you are. you have the biggest 
heart of anyone I know. I love you. Peter: Hey Buster, 
you are the best litde boy God ever created. Thanks for 
always being there to cheer me up- 1 couldn't live with 
out you! Michelle: from day one we were friends- 
thanks for laughing all the way through hs with me. 
memories like 9th grade civ, scaring Chris, and M cD's 
stops I hope I'll never forget. You are like another sister 
to me. and I love you! Amanda: we probably won the 
laughing contest long ago! Chili's, north stars, salva- 
tion army trips, you are my synshine.., and cheer 
leading, etc. Ruth: where did you get that perfume? 
you've been one of my best friends since you moved 
here in 10th grade. Twin day, home videos, cheer 
leading- you are the best back ever. Lauren: thanks for 
being my best buddy for these past two years. Our 
friendship means the world to me. and I know that 
we'll continue being friends. You are a really beautiful 
girl, and I love you. Jill: oh man, how can you be 
frustrated and excited at the same time ? ripples jeans, 
humanities, cheer leading (come to practice today), 
my circus, running after Sarah's car, and McD's- 
thanks for stepping in when I needed a friend. Emily: 
my winter cheer leading pal; I'm already missing our 
car talks. Thanks for being the friend I can count on to 
be waiting at home for me to call at 1 0, and forbeing 
the kind of friend who tells you when something's in 
your teeth. Sonia: my ballerina buddy- you are the 
sweetest girl I know-even if you make fun of m e 
constandy-some day youU leam how to beast it, just 
like me. Katie: for the venting sessions, and for letting 
me invite myself over, they will continue . . . Amanda 
Bess: thanks for our poolside chats, and US history, 
you made it bearable Diana : don't get so stressed out- 
lifes way too short. Thanks for letting me talk to your 
mom at your house! Marissa: best base partner ever- 
thanks for our chats, have fun senior year! Jason for 
your friendship, phone calls during midyears, driv- 
ing, and recharging my car battery. Jack: for a blast at 
jr. prom, you are my hero; thanks for trying to 
understand me when I talk and laugh simultaneously 
Ben: my life-long friend, thanks for homeschooling, 
church, chambers, etc. Jon: for the good times at your 
house, teaching me how to play pool, and the Thurr 
song. Elliot, Joe. Owen:I will give you free tickets to 
my circus. Alastair: thanks for semi, and be careful 
driving your lorry down the motorway, eating bis- 
cuits, while in your jumper. Danny: for showing me 
what real wall look like. David- keep going to church, 
physics rocks. To everyone else :you know who you 
are, thanks for laughing with me. and I love you all. 
Thanks to Auntie Louanne and Mrs.Ratichek for 
showing a continued interest in my life and for being 
like moms to me. To all my Teachers and Coaches: 
thanks for getting me ready for life and college. Mrs. 
Sullivan: for teaching me about life as well as English 
jr./sr.year Ms.Frank: for getting me involved in bb 
and labbb. and for always listening tome.M r. Kelly: 
for giving value to your students. Congrats 2004! 

Brendan Wilkerson 

First and foremost I would like to thank my lord and 
savior Jesus Christ who has been my strength through 
out my life. Secondly. I would like to thank my 
PARENTS who have always pushed me to do my best 
and give my all in everything I do. and KELLY. MARK 
and DANIEL, for giving me excuses to not to home- 
work. SHOUT OUTS (appearing alphabetically 
)ALASTAIR-co-pres of Superfans, deaf person impres- 
sions, calling into In Session, and mooning the PETI 
guys. Showdown rules AMANDA and DBICK-I don't, 
and never have hated either of you, BHS LIVE CREW- 

rock on, COLLEEN-my homecoming queen, thanks 
for helping me get through Spanish even though you 
and Derek never did as bad as me no matter what you 
said, , COOMBS-I don't look like the kid from Break- 
fast Club, DAN-foods2 for life, EMAC-you can't bench 
more than me, ERAB- rough Halloween at Dudley, 
boys state EMILY-close encounter with Jimmy's back- 
side, letting me drive your car with no license, FELLAS 
from the Soccer team-lace up the boots and hit the 
pitch, FISH-get out of my locker, JACK-you're quite 
the Benedict Arnold but when it comes down to it, al 
is such a narc JON and DNP-rec league champs 03, 
KATTE-had some good talks, thanks for always letting 
us chill at your place and getting me a glass for my 
sodas, mr.rivers: What grade are you in? MEGHAN- 
even though you ' re most likely to lose every masterlock 
race, we've had some pretty dank times that I was 
stoked about, its been an epic year MICHELLE-thanks 
for paying me to do stupid things, like wear only a 
sweater vest to break, your money=many snicker ice 
creams, naming me Tates, Jack Handy rules, remem- 
ber that true fans can pronounce his name right, 
MIKE-thanks for driving me everyday, you're the 
man, MB8dMIiY-coaching bases is cooler than play- 
ing ODIGGITY-I've always loved the fro, P-LOU-if I 
ever need someone to help me put tape on people's 
back I'll call you, had some good times balling and 
playing hockey RICHTER-you made the rec league 
possible, TARA and BRITTA-Paul Revere Road for life, 
Sorry to all underclassmen, past graduates and people 
I didn't specifically name but hey I'm not made of 
money and words = money, Finally I would like to 
thank all of you who have made the victories of the 
Yankees all the sweeter these last 4 years, face it the 
Yankees will always be better. Adios BHS, it's been 

William Wilson 

Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball: 1, 2 Golf: 3, 4 
First off, I would like to thank my parents for always 
being there for me and never letting me stray in the 
wrong direction. I love you guys. Second, I would 
like to thank my sister and my whole family for always 
putting up with me. What would I do without you 
A-Dawg? Third, I would like to thank Dave and Val for 
always keeping the door open. It means a lot to me. 
I would also like to diank all of my friends for being 
there for me: JDF, SPK, KW, AC, PCS, MM, MR, AM, 
SPK, man we've had a lot of good times! From the 
clicker to the TWINS to fishing on the Concord River 
to the hockey bus with KW and die whole gang to 
going to die beach to driving the golf carts. The 
memories go on and on. KW, hanging out on the 
weekends and public skating with MR was a great 
time; and I CAN skate circles around you! MM, thanks 
for your support at the hockey games and what a great 
time at UMass. SS and AM, "What's said in the car, 
stays in the car!" AC, all those great times this past 
summer and the prom. Then the night at my house 
with JDF, RL, KW, JC, and diat Crystal girl, where we 
got in a ton of trouble and managed to get out of it! 
You know what I mean. I will never forget all those 
great times. I would also like to thank all of my 
coaches and teachers over the years for believing in my 
abilities and never giving up on me when I was in a 
slump. Last, but not least, I would like to thank RL for 
all of those great times that we had together. You're 
the best! I will never forget you. Look if I forgot 
anyone, I am sorry, and I hope that college is going to 
be as much fun for everyone else as it is for me. These 
are the best days of our lives. . .everyone live it up! 

Joseph Wissler 

Thanks to mom and dad For being cool and not bad 

Thanks to dave For being able to shave Thanks to mike 
For not being like "yikes!" Thanks to pat For wearing 
his hat Thanks to eryka For always being there-yka 
Thanks to ivy For being funny-e Thanks to nadia For 
not being named Claudia Thanks to ben Your cooler 
than a sten Thank you nick For not being a d — k 
Thanks to jake For knowing how to bake Thanks to 
laurie For not being boring Thanks to laura Remem- 
ber, TORA TORA TORA! And and and and UC 

David Woolrich 

Ahh yes, the thank you section. . .First off I want to 
thank my Parents for always supporting me, even 
when my grades weren't that great and my attitude 
towards school was less than great, I wouldn't have 
made it with out you. To Brian and Steph (no not that 
one) , thanks for sticking up for me and being a nifty 
pair. To Darryl, Good Tymes my man thanks 4 being 
there. To Nadia thanks for traveling down ADD lane 
with me you've always being there, Thanks. Mike ahh 
yea, surprised we haven't killed our selves, Lol. To 
Cody, thanks for teaching me how to walk. To Ashley, 
STRIKE 3! Lol,J/p Of course To Steph, Thank you for 
every thing, you have been so great to me, I couldn't 
fit what I have to say about u on this, its just to much 
to say, I love ya kid<3. To all those I forgot thanks, 
my final word of the senior year. . ."MOO" 
"K OFF" 


Above: Firefighters battle intense wildfires in southern California in October. 2003. 
Right: Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein speaks to officials in Baghdad on Sunday, 
December 14, 2003 after being found hiding in a dirt hole in Tikrit, eight months after the fall 
of Baghdad. 

/what we saw) 


Above: A line of 1 5 rifles and helmets are set 
up at the stadium in the Rifles US Base, near 
the Al-Asad Iraqi village on November 6 in 
memory of 1 5 soldiers killed when their CH-47 
Chinook helicopter went down in Fallujah. 

Above: The silhouette of a darkened New York City in the 
middle of the biggest blackout in US and Canadian history. 
The massive outage in August 2003 affected cities from 
Toronto to New York to Detroit, stranding people in sub- 
ways, buildings, and cutting off essential communications 
and power systems. 

Left: President George W. Bush visits troops at Baghdad 
International Airport on Thanksgiving 2003. This surprise 
visit was met with praise from the troops in Iraq and the 
American public back home. 



Below: Iraqis celebrate in the streets 
after word of Saddam Hussein's cap- 
ture reached Baghdad on December 
14, 2003. 

Left: Democratic Presidential hopefuls 
gather in Boston's Faneuil Hall for an 
"America Rocks the Vote" teen-oriented 
debate in November of 2003. From left to 
right: CT Sen. Joseph Lieberman. fmr. 
VT Gov. Howard Dean, fmr. Sen. Carol 
Mosley Braun, SC Sen. John Edwards, 
ret. Army Gen. Wesley Clark, MA Sen. 
John Kerry, Rev. Al Sharpton, and OH 
Rep. Dennis Kucinich. 

Below: President Bush poses with 
newly-elected California Governor 
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became 
the governor after a lengthy and contro- 
versial recall election with former gover- 
nor Gray Davis. 

Right: In October of 2003, Staten Island 
Ferry "Andrew J. Barberi" crashed into 
its dock on Staten Island, killing several 
passengers and leaving many questions 
for the vessel's captain and crew. Seen 
here, NTSB investigators comb the 

Below: American soldiers from the 1st 
Battalion, 22nd infantry regiment, 4th 
Infantry division in Tikrit, Iraq on Thurs- 
day, September 1 1 , 2003, as they reflect 
on the events two years before. 

Right: Boston residents clear 
snow from their cars in the city's 
Beacon Hill neighborhood after 
an early winter storm dumped two 
to three feet of snow in the region 
on December 6 and 7, 2003. 

Several weeks later, the city cel- 
ebrated the completion of the 
Central Artery Tunnel project, 
a.k.a. "The Big Dig", when the 
southbound I-93 tunnel opened 
to traffic. Now, officials must dis- 
mantle the former elevated high- 
way and create new buildings and 
parks on the land. 




From castles to 
princes, May all 
your dreams 
come true... 
Love, Mom, Dad 
Ben, Nick, Olga, 
and Boomer 




"We know what we 
are but know not 
what we may be" 




to the 

OiatA of 2D04 

from the members of the 


May you carry your ioy of 
learning wherever life 
takes you. 






We are proud of you and all of your 

We know you can achieve anything 

your heart desires. 
Remember, the best is yet to come. 

Mom, Dad, Emily and Julie 

Congratulations Sonia! 

We are so proud of you and your 

accomplishments ! 

Love Mom, Dad, and Sheila 



We are so proud of yu. You are 
a wonderful, strong, beautiful 
woman. May all your dreams 
come true and your life be filled 
with love and laughter. 
Congratulations Baby Girl! 
Love Always, 
Dad and Mom 



Congratulations to a 
great guy! 
We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Erin, & 


»0 I r»4> 


We could never express the 
joy and laughter you have 
brought to our family. It's 
been fun watching you grow 
into the wonderful son we 
love so much, 
Love Mom, Dad, Candice 

Michelle, ^ 
We are so proud of you. ™ 
You are our gift from 

Love, Mom & Dad 










PO. BOX 266 


BEDFORD, MA 01730-1409 


Always keep that sweet, wide-eyed, funny little boy inside 

fD) Quality Service 
\J\J Since 1981 

you, as you travel along the many roads of life. 




Mom, Dad, 

Tim, KC, and Lily '# 4 

Consulting Resources Corporation 


781) 863-1222 • resOconsultmgresoorces net • FAX (781) 863-1441 

Cong»" atu| ation 

Good Luck! 


"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears 
a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or 
far away." — H. D.Thoreau ^^jQ 

Oongmtuiatiom ccrib best wiihea to the 
<£laii of 2004 



I.A.F.F. — Local 2310 


Th« Udford Hag pmlli 


to the 
Class of 2004! 

lO I'M. 



Marissa DeLuca Class of 2004! 

You have grown from a delightful little girl to a 
beautiful, thoughtful young woman. We are proud 
of all your accomplishments at school and at work 
(Cafe' Luigi's). Always keep your fun loving spirit 
and Enjoy every minute of your life- Stay focused on 
your dreams and you will be assured a 
glorious future! 

Mom + Dad Alica + Jason 
Nick, Stephanie & Damian 

Jessica Watro, 

Your positive outlook and joy of 
life have blessed our family. We are 
very proud of your accomplish- 
ments. As you take on the future 
challenges of life, we are confident 
that you will find happiness and 

Mom, Dad, Stacey, and Garfield 


Congratulations Class of 


from All of Us at 

^ Bedford High School 

^ Official Yearbook Photographer 




Christopher Sullivan 

Chris, you have filled all of our days with fun, happiness, laughter, compassion, 
and enormous pride. Now, it is time for us to share you with the world... Lucky 

With love forever and ever- Dad, Mom, and Jackie 







Jeremiah 29: 1 1 "For I know the plans I have for you", 
declares the Lord, " plans to give you hope and a future." 

We love you son and big brother! Mom, Dad and Josiah 


Dear Mingli 

// ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

l\ * 

We are so proud of you, and wish you the 

best of everything. 


Mom, Dad, and Minghan 

Scooby. Chard. Ricardo Little Ricky. 
We are so proud of you and all the success 
You have had throughout your life 
Watching you grow from a little boy into a 
Man has been awesomel We have loved 
Watching you play sports (especially baseball) 
And listening to you play your guitar (you rockl) 
You are a great person and we wish for you 
Much happiness and love in your life 

Mom. Dad and Keith 
Scout. Jack and Tessie 


You smiled on your first day of kindergarten and 

since. Be 
who you are 
watch with 
you continue 
Enjoy these 

proud of 
and we will 
wonder as 
to grow, 

Love Mom, Dad, Christopher, & Thomas 

We Ate ptond of yonf Independence 

6r yont ItAtJ work. Can '+ waH {o 

fee wilAi's nex+l We wlf(i yon aI! +ke 
loVe AnJ (tApplneff in {he fvotU. 

Love Mor», Pa J <V Mike 

HATE laughing girl 

what joy you 
bring to us 
we love your 
for life 

you look for 
the deep, 
the bright, 
the joyful, 
the challenges, 
the adventure 
that living life 
with your eyes 

and your arms 



We're so proud of you 
Mom, Dad, and Lydia 


Thank you for bringing so much 
excitement, love and laughter into 
our family. You're a great kid. We 
love you and are proud of your 
accomplishments . 

Peace and God Bless 
Dad, Mom, Lisa and Carl 



I say "yuck!" you say nothing. 

Our one-of-a-kind Doodalee Doo! 
We Love you! Mom and Alii 

Jason Haynes 





You have reached a new milestone and we are all so proud 
of you. There is a whole world of experiences waiting 
for you with challenges, opportunities, and new friends. 
Enjoy this time, make the most of it, and remember we 
will always be here for you. All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Man, Mike A Chris 



You have brains in your 

You have feet in your 

You can steer yourself 
any direction you 


You're on your own. And you know what you kno^ 
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go. 

(Dr. Seuss) 
Cory, We're so proud of you! 
Love, Mom, Dad and 



No Dreamer is ever too small 
No Dream is ever too big 
Success is making those Dreams come true 
We wish you Success! 
We are Proud of you. 

Mom, Dad and Christopher 

and the 


John Ayvazian 


Jean Gordon 


Good Luck 
to the 
Class of 2004 


(711) 275-0575 ^» 




We are so very proud of 
you and the wonderful 
young woman that you 
have become. It would be 
difficult to find a better 
daughter, a kinder sister, 
or a truer friend. Never 
change, but continue to grow and 
always remember how much we love 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad, 
and Holly |fs 


Congratulations fellow Graduates! 

Senior Class Officers 


4g g 





gO O OO g 

g oag a 04go g 

O 040 4g 4gOO o 

a 4goggo goo4g a 

g 4 g04000g004g0 4g 
Qg gg00g004004g00 gO 
OO 0004044B04B004B00 




004000- > 2 4. ? *l W 
40B004B0Bt BO BO 4 L 
B4044B04P 00 10 1 C 
QBOBBOOria i 14 I '4 . 
9040004 O JtK ,04 


>4044 040002004200420042 
12022 020040048004200420 
30400 404420420042004200 
40200 02204200420042004 
02 04 00420042004 
40 02 04200420042 
O 40 4 004200420 
4 20 Q4 004200 
2 04 
Q Q 
Q 4 




42 042004 
Q 420042. 
Q QQ4*Q 
4 tt42VH\ 

^4 ^ 


Vice President 

Prom Committee 

Erin McGowan 
Katherine Willsky 
Kathryn Springer 
Colleen McGovern 

Sheldon Ayala 
Diana Bickford 
Amanda Besselman 
Christopher Sullivan 



You became a charmer 
at a young age with your 
sweet smile and kinde 


As you begin a new journey 
always know how proud we 
are and certain that you will 
achieve your goals. We love 
you and will always be here 
for you. 

Dad, Diane, Lance and Mitch 


We are so proud of you. 
You are wonderful young 
woman with a strong 
mind, a good heart, and 
an infectious laugh. 
You are our sunshine and 
we love you to pieces. 
Mom, Dad, Carrie and 


Dear Jacob, 

May you always have 
exciting and wonderful 
adventures in life. 


Mom, Dad, 

Devin, and Grandma 

Dear Brim, 

May your path lead you to happiness and success 
in ali that you choose. 
Know that it will ne\er lead you 
out of our hearts. 

Dad, Mom 6 Sophie 


Congratulations Alex! 

"A saint is not a man who never falls; He is a man who gets up and goes on every time he falls" 
- William Barclay 

We are proud of the young man you've become. You have accomplished so mucr 
through your hard work and determination. 

Continue to accept the challenges that lie ahead and feel the exhilaration o 


Mom, Dad and Wyatt 


As we reflect upon the adventure we've enjoyed in raising you, we note the 
great variety of experiences we shared with you that enabled us to learn about 
loving and accepting others. Towards that end. we thank YOU for being the 
wonderful, creative, intelligent, wise young woman that you are. It is our 
greatest wish that you continue to grow and broaden the world through your 
sensitivity, artistic point of view, dry sense of humor and willingness to em- 
brace life in all its facets. 
Good Luck, our love! 

Mom, Dad and Four Leggeds past and present 

^g^p Hey Buddy, 

Four years ago we dropped you of] at the curb in front of BHS- starting over in a new town 
new school, and a Yankee hat on your head 1 Now you have made a real difference as a frien< 
a leader, a student, and an athlete. We're so proud of all that you have 

accomplished and the positive influence you have 
had on everyone around you. We love you! With 
love, Mom, and Dad Jeremiah 29: 1 1 


h|You have brought us 
so much joy and 

We admire your 
boundless enthusiasm 
and optimism! 

Fill your life with love and adventure. 

Know how much 
we love you, 
Mom, Dad & Rob 


Never share your dryer with a Sumo- 
Never drink from the endless wooden box 
Always follow your dreams and know 
You have a travel buddy in me. 
Love, Dad 

Good Luck, Jillian! 

I hope you have fun in college- 

We will certainly miss you here. 

I'll be wearing my glasses upside 


Love, Alex 

Congratulations and Good Luck! 
Don't forget about the tic tac 

The Barbie song in the car, 
And camping in the backyard. 
Love Stephanie 

" To our children we can give 
two things: 

One is roots. The other is wings." 
I always liked this saying but I 
don't think I ever really under- 
stood it. ..until now. 
We're always here - and the sky 
is waiting! 
Love you, Mom 

Your children are not your dhildren, 
They are life's longing for itself. Kanil Gibran 

Your life's longing has given us the most precious 
gift, a child who is easy to love, and hug, and 
teach, and do anything with. 
Day after day of smiles and sheer joy! And 
hiding in this sweet, elegant boy were other gifts 
that unfolded year after year.... musical fingers 
that dance across a keyboard, a voice of an angel 
or almost, a sense of humor that always sur- 
prises, a terrific tennis swing, unexpected tact- 
fulness and diplomacy for our family, and the 
tenacity of a million dedicated workers. We love 

MOM and DAD 

To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this 

ecstasy, is SUCCeSS in life. Walter Pater 

Love, Jacob 



Breeder of 
Toy Poodles 


89 CONCORD RD (RT 62) 
BEDFORD. MASS. 01 730 

Inner Virions Interiors extends 
best wishes to the graduate}. 

Complete Interior Design Services 
I.inda L. Stimson, Allied, ASID 781*275*439; 


Thanks for all the laughs and the fun. 
Thanks for being a great big brother and 
wonderful son. 

Mom, Dad, Luke, Matthew, and Rosie 



What a blessing to be your family! 

Dad, Mom, John. Katie & Peter 


Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, 
clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, 
gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12 

Way To Go Ashley !! 

We're so proud of the sensitive and 
caring person you are, you make the 
world a better place. Whatever you 
decide to do in life we know it will be 
a success. Thanks for being you, our 
daughter and friend. 

Mom, Dad, Steph, Abby & Coco 




To a wonderful daughter and sister. 
We are so proud of your past 
accomplishments and wish you a 
happy and exciting life ahead. 

All our love, Mom, Dad & Kristine 

Congratulations Ryan 

From your first day of 
School until your last day, 
You have made us very 
Proud. All your accomplishments 
Have shown us the hard 
Working and dedicated person 
You have become. We wish 
You happiness and success 
In whatever you do. We love 
You very much. 


Mom, Dad, Sheena, Anthony 
& Merlin 


Congratulations Derek 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us 
Are small matters compared to what lies within us 

While we are very proud of all your 
accomplishments. We are most proud 
of the young man you have become. 

Live well, laugh often, but be true to 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Britney 



Congratulations Scott! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Sherry and Brook E. Trout 

Everyday we give thanks for having you in 
our lives. 

We love our "Pookie" 
Dad, Mom, Chris, Jason, Binx & Mac 

"the Cats" 


"Girls stick together, Love each other 


Chris Dutton 

Thanks for being the best son and little brother anyone 
could hope to have. 
We love you so much and you've made us so proud! 
There are many more challenges, thrills and adventures 
waiting for you, and we know you'll embrace all with 
your usual enthusiasm and curiosity. 

Happy Graduation! 
love Mom, Dad, Kelly, Bobby, Bill, Ted and Gaby 

Play Hard 

Work Hard 

and don't take life too seriously! 


A star was born in 1985 
C onsiderate of everyone alive 
A cceptance of all is what we taught her 
C ourageous and strong - what a wonderful daughter 
I ndividualism is her trait 
A cacia Tate you sure are great! 

In thinking, keep it simple 
In conflict, be feir and generous 
In governing, don't try to control 
In work, do what you enjoy 
In family, be completely present. 
We are so proud of you. We will always 
be here to love you & support your dreams. 
All our love, 


No sister has ever been more proud of her brother. You have so many amazing 
qualities to share with the world. I am honored and blessed to call you friend 

and little brother. 

Love forever, Jackie 




We are so proud of you! 
I Love from your family, 
I Mom, Dad, Dan, Jake. 
iMindy and Cate. 

ready for anything 
that comes your way! 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Jesse and 

Ashely, Our little girl is all grown up. 

Follow your dreams for 
; they are your road map to 
the future. As you travel 
down life's path we will 
be there for you. May 
k God bless you in all you 




Mom, Dad, Jennifer and 




Congratulations on all of your 

We are all so 
very proud 
of you! 
Mom, Dad 
and Alan 


May all your dreams come true! 
Dad, Mom, and Caidin 



We are very proud of everything you do every 
day It has been a pleasure watching you 
grow into the fine young man that you are. 
We know that you will continue to always 
make us proud! 
Mom, Dad, Michelle and Ben 



Stephanie Shamel 

Steph, may the wonder and 
enjoyment of life you 
experienced as a baby 
continue to propel you 
forward as you embark on a new exciting 

We treasure you always . 

With much love, 

Dad, Mom, Sarah, and Carrie 


Daughter, Sister, and Best Friend 
We are so proud of you. 
We have watched you grow from a little girl 
into a beautiful young woman, amazing us 

along the way. 
With your determination, compassion, and 
love of life, you can achieve any goal you set 
for yourself. 
We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, Brian, Jessie and Paisley 

p fill 1 1 


From then to now the 
years have flown. We see 
how you have grown into a lovely 
young women of whom we are very 
proud. May you con- 
tinue to grow, love 
life, and learn in your 
future. "TLW" 
Mom, Dad & Kayla 


From what we get, we ^ 
can make a living; ^ 
what we give, how- ^ 
ever, makes a life." ^ 

-Arthur Ashe 
, • We arc so proud ^ 

of the mature and 
insightful young 
man you are to- 
day. You delight us with your humor 
and athleticism, and inspire us with 
your poise, intelligence, sensitivity 
and patience. Philip, our love and 
support are always with you. 
All our love 

Mom, Dad, Danielle, Vanessa & Lily 



Vj Ct 

Bedford High School 
Class of 2004! 


Spire Corporation 
One Patriots Park 
Bedford, Massachuset 

J Today, you get a diploma. 

Tomorrow, you get a blank page. 

Best wishes to the Class of 2004. 
May your journey be full of life's riches. 


Federal Credit Union 

Defending financial freedom